Mutants: Genetic Gladiators: Dracus Nobilis

Mutants: Genetic Gladiators.


Destructive Tank Very Slow

1220 3.33

Zoomorph & Mythic Yes 2880 gold 7h



Attack Power Unlocks Gene
Double Dragon 453
Double Dragon + 680
Fire Breath 453
Fire Breath + 680


How to get Dracus Nobilis?. BREEDING COMBINATIONS [bronze cerberus + bronze pit lord = silver dracus nobilis]

Bronze Dracus Nobilis
Bronze Dracus Nobilis
Silver Dracus Nobilis
Silver Dracus Nobilis
Gold Dracus Nobilis
Gold Dracus Nobilis

10 thoughts on “Mutants: Genetic Gladiators: Dracus Nobilis”

  1. incubating a silver dracus nobilis currently and the time for incubation is 1 day 23 hours and 59 minutes to start and the combination used was bronze pit lord and bronze cerberus.

    1. Thanks, the breeding pair has been added. We didn’t know you could get a Silver or Gold version by using bronze versions of other mutant species.

  2. you need 2 level 15 bronze mutants with a silver star to make a silver mutant and 2 level 20 silver mutants with a gold star to make a gold mutant

  3. to get a GOLD dracus nobilis we need two lvl 10 beast with bronze star breed-two times breed!Therefore,we have two bronze kaiju kitty!Breed two bronze kaiju kitty lvl 15 with silver star we get a silver kaiju kitty!Breed a lvl 20 silver pit lord with a lvl 20 silver kaiju kitty with a gold star we get a GOLD DRACUS NOBILIS or a gold medusa!Is it correct???????

    1. You don’t have 100% chances of getting it, but the formula and mutant levels being used is correct.

  4. I just bred a silver Dracus Nobilis by combining a lvl 15 bronze kaiju kitty and a lvl 20 silver demon, (obviously, you can use a silver mutant in place of a bronze if the level is correct).

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