Mutants: Genetic Gladiators: Dracus Nobilis

Mutants: Genetic Gladiators.


Destructive Tank Very Slow

1220 3.33

Zoomorph & Mythic Yes 2880 gold 7h



Attack Power Unlocks Gene
Double Dragon 453
Double Dragon + 680
Fire Breath 453
Fire Breath + 680


How to get Dracus Nobilis?. BREEDING COMBINATIONS [bronze cerberus + bronze pit lord = silver dracus nobilis]

Bronze Dracus Nobilis

Bronze Dracus Nobilis

Silver Dracus Nobilis

Silver Dracus Nobilis

Gold Dracus Nobilis

Gold Dracus Nobilis


  1. incubating a silver dracus nobilis currently and the time for incubation is 1 day 23 hours and 59 minutes to start and the combination used was bronze pit lord and bronze cerberus.

    • Thanks, the breeding pair has been added. We didn’t know you could get a Silver or Gold version by using bronze versions of other mutant species.

    • how about dracus nobilis..without star is it 19 hours?

  2. you need 2 level 15 bronze mutants with a silver star to make a silver mutant and 2 level 20 silver mutants with a gold star to make a gold mutant

  3. to get a GOLD dracus nobilis we need two lvl 10 beast with bronze star breed-two times breed!Therefore,we have two bronze kaiju kitty!Breed two bronze kaiju kitty lvl 15 with silver star we get a silver kaiju kitty!Breed a lvl 20 silver pit lord with a lvl 20 silver kaiju kitty with a gold star we get a GOLD DRACUS NOBILIS or a gold medusa!Is it correct???????

    • You don’t have 100% chances of getting it, but the formula and mutant levels being used is correct.

  4. I just bred a silver Dracus Nobilis by combining a lvl 15 bronze kaiju kitty and a lvl 20 silver demon, (obviously, you can use a silver mutant in place of a bronze if the level is correct).

  5. What is the Mutant if You Breed Beast and baron lundi

  6. I got it by breeding Azuria and Medusa.

  7. i got it by valkyre and beast just 14 hours i thought 14 hours me kuchh bekarr aega but dracus nobilis

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