Mutants Genetic Gladiators Guide: Mutant Reactor [+Collection List]

Mutants Genetic Gladiators. The Mutant Reactor is a new feature launched along the game version This building contains 3 sets of Mutant Collections, with 6 in each one of them. The mutants that can be obtained are unique versions of those already released. You need to use Tokens so you can spin the Mutant Reactor and obtain them. So far we do not know if you always get one, or just have chances of doing so.


Mutants Genetic Gladiators - Mutant Reactor

  • The mutants you can get from collections are unique, meaning that even for regular versions, the appereance changes when compared to the regular ones. The stats, both for HP, Speed and attack power change as well.
  • Once you get the first 5 mutants in the collection, you obtain the sixth one for free.
  • You can also spin the reactor by using Gold.
  • All mutants in the collection are unique versions of already existing ones, with the exception of Marvelous, which is a brand new mutant you can get from the Super Heroes collection.
  • The building is located in the middle the platform, right beneath the main platform.
  • Gargantus is the reward mutant for the Gothic collection once you complete it.


So where do you get Tokens to spin the reactor?. You play Events and PvP matches to get chips. . Same thing applies to PvP, you won’t get Tokens until the next tournament begins.

  • Colloseum Nu Roma Event: 1 Token when completing level 20, 1 Token when completing level 100
  • PvP Event: Hast not yet started.

The amount of Tokens needed to spin the reactors changes depending on the collection;

  • Girl Power: 1 token
  • Steam Punk: 2 tokens
  • Super Heroes: 3 tokens
  • Gothic:
  • Japan:

Girl Power Collection.

Girl Power

The Steampunk Collection.


Mutants Super Heroes.

Mutants Super Heroes

Gothic Collection.

Gothic Collection - Mutants Genetic Gladiators

Japan Collection.

Japan Collection - Mutants Genetic Gladiators

24 thoughts on “Mutants Genetic Gladiators Guide: Mutant Reactor [+Collection List]”

  1. You post that you only need 6 tokens to spin the reactor,when it actually differs from your choice of collection. Girl Power = 6 tokens needed,Steam Punk collection = 12 tokens needed,and Super Heroes collection = 18 tokens needed.(but it is not yet guaranteed that you will only receive each mutant once during try attempts,so each collection may need more than the initial amount.)

  2. Can these mutants be upgraded to bronze, silver and gold or do they change skin to the respective mutants such as bronze android skin etc?

    1. I bred the Android from the Mutant Reactor with a Dead Bot, both ten or above, and a bronze star, and got a standard looking Bronze Android, no signs of the advanced skin. So, while it may be possible with other parents, it’s not looking likely.

    2. Hmm! However, I did try (without clicking submit) adding a bronze star to my android ten / deadbot 12, and it was allowed! The basics count as at least a bronze!

    1. The Mutant Reactor Building is rigth in the middle of all roofs. It’s a circular building with 3 interrogation signs on top. Zoom out to locate it easier.

    1. Both the mutants your breeding should be level 10. If silver, both should be 15. If gold, both should be 20. I wish I helped. Add me too! My name is Christian Jezer Revalde.

  3. Meh. Never mind, my bad. I don’t know if they do or not. They definitely have bronze damage, but no clue if they count for making silvers, or even golds.

  4. I’ve got three of the “girl power” mutant… first, fourth and fifth ones with my three first try. But my two other try gave me the android (first girl)… So you’ll need 5 token for the complete colection… only if you’re lucky….

    Obviously I’m not. Am I the only one ?

    1. I had 5 tokens. got an android, a Grim Repress, and Three Honey Bunny(s). I think I’m the most unlucky person in the game.
      So, be careful… or.. careless… nothing to do with that, just pure luck.

  5. My first two tries on the Mutant Reactor were in GirlPower and both spins gave me a Honey Bunny. Did one SteamPunk spin for Captain WrenchFury and and then two SuperHero spins for Captain Peace and Colossus.
    Now, with the new Gothic group replacing GirlPower, I’ve been concentrating on them. So far, I’ve gotten Rakshasa (the demon looking one), Medusa, Baron Lundi and Alien. I used my Reactor Token from the PVP that just ended this morning hoping to get the Martian Maruader, but got another Rakshasa instead. So close!!!

    1. Hi greg

      My name is bhavya patunjal. I am on level 12 … are misunderstood or maybe you are unaware of the fact that mutant reactors are available even on level 1 you just have to look around the area … can also zoom out to make it easy..if this helped you please let me know and also please add me as an allie in the game you can easily find me bcoz my name is quite unique…..thank you

  6. I haven’t been playing the game too awful long, but I got a couple of the mutants from the Gothic, but where do they go once I won them? I can’t find them? Thanks for the help.

  7. I haven’t been playing the game too awful long, but I got a couple of the mutants from the Gothic, but where do they go once I won them? I can’t find them? Thanks for the help.

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