Mutants Genetic Gladiators Guide: All Breeding Combinations

Below you will find the complete list of breeding combination formulas for Mutants: Genetic Gladiators. If you are wondering how to get certain Mutant, just take a look at the table below, which lists the complete splicing formulas for Mutants currently available. Take notice though, that the gene combinations are located in the middle, while the Mutant breeding pairs, which also indicate how to obtain a certain monster, are located to the right.


MutantGene CombinationMutant Combination
DemonMythicShop [500k]
Techno TaoistMythic + Cyber Demon + Robot
Grim ReapressMythic + Necro Demon + Zombie
Leech Lord + Valkyrie
GandolphusMythic + Saber Demon + Warrior
MedusaMythic + Zoomorph Demon + Beast
C'thligMythic + Galatic Demon + Alien
Pit LordMythic + Mytic Demon + Demon
AlienGalacticAlien + Alien
Alien + Astro Surfer
Planet CleanerGalactic + Cyber Alien + Colossus
Alien + Android
Robot + Astro Surfer
Tutti Gooey Galactic + Necro Alien + Zombie
Bounty BugGalactic + Saber Warrior + Alien
XenosGalactic + Zoomorph Alien + Beast
Astro Surfer Galactic + Galactic Alien + Alien
NebulonGalactic + Mythic Alien + Demon
ZomborgNecro + Cyber Leech Lord + Android
Leech LordNecro + Necro Zombie + Zombie
Dire DespotNecro + Saber Zombie + Warrior
Undead DragonNecro + Zoomorph Leech Lord + Beast
Ghostmonaut Necro + Galactic Zombie + Alien
Baron Lundi Necro + Mythic Demon + Leech Lord
BeastZoomorphShop [25,000C]
Reptoid Zoomorph + Cyber Beast + Robot
Arachno Zoomorph + CyberNO LONGER AVAILABLE
CerberusZoomorph + Necro Beast + Leech Lord
Dead Bot + Rakshasa
Reptoid + Leech Lord
Rakshasa Zoomorph + Saber Beast + Honey Bunny
Kaiju KittyZoomorph + Zoomorph Honey Bunny + Beast
Parasite QueenZoomorph + Galactic Alien + Beast
Dracus NobilisZoomorph + Mythic Pit Lord + Kaiju Kitty
Baron Lundi + Medusa
Valkyrie + Beast
Valkyrie + Beetle Bot
Robot CyberShop [500 credits]
Android Cyber + CyberRobot + Robot
Dead Bot Cyber + NecroZombie + Robot
Stealth Bot Cyber + SaberZomborg + Enforcer
Nordic Knightmare + Android
Enforcer + Warrior
Beetle Bot Cyber + ZoomorphBeast + Dead Bot
Deus MachinaCyber + MythicValkyrie + Android
EnforcerSaber + Cyber Warrior + Robot
Blade BansheeSaber + Necro Enforcer + Undead Dragon
BushiSaber + Necro Zomborg + Stealth Bot
Nordic KnightmareSaber + Saber Warrior + Warrior
Enforcer + Dire Despot
Honey BunnySaber + Zoomorph Beast + Warrior
Martian MarauderSaber + Galactic Alien + Warrior
ValkyrieSaber + Mythic Warrior + Demon
Buck MauriceSaber + SaberSHOP ONLY
LeohartZoomorph + saberN/A
TerrorDollNecro + CyberBushi + Stealth Bot
Undead Dragon + Reptoid
ZombatZoomorph + Necro[PvP - Season 4]
CancerniaZoomorph + NecroShop Only
ColossusCyber + GalacticRobot + Alien
SireniaGalactic + Necro[PvP Season 5]
Cosmo KongZoomorph + GalacticSHOP ONLY
LichlockNecro + Mythic[PvP Season 6]
Captain WrenchfurySaber + CyberTerrorDoll + Bushi [Correct Parents]
VirgonMythic + CyberSHOP ONLY
BehemothGalactic & Saber[PvP Season 7]
SentryCyber + GalacticShop Only
ShellshockGalactic & Zoomorph[PvP Season 8]
Captain PeaceMythic & SaberShop Only
DarkseerCyber & Necro[correct parents] Bushi + Captain Wrenchfury
LibraroCyber & GalacticSHOP ONLY
SupernovusGalactic & GalacticPvP Season 9
MonocerousCyber & ZoomorphShop [5m Silver]
Mr. MarvelousGalactic + MythicMutant Reactor Reward
Captain Bag 'O' BonesNecro & SaberCaptain Wrenchfury + Darkseer
Nordic Knightmare + Undead Dragon
Prince ScorpionMythic & NecroShop [3000 Gold]
Jack 'O' LanternNecroShop [500 Gold]
MekaliPvP Season 11
ThorSaber & MythicShop []
InterceptrixSaber & Cyber[Specific Parents] Captain Bag 'O' Bones + Terror Doll AND Deus Machina + Gandolphus
Master SplitterZoomorph & ZoomorphPvP Season 12 [Expert]
Master OidaGalactic & GalacticShop [6million coins]
SagittariusSaber & ZoomorphShop [1500 gold]
AzuriaMythic & GalacticPvP Season 13
GargantusSaber & ZoomorphReward Completed Gothic Collection
Sathyr ShamanPvP Season 14
HorusSaber & Zoomorph[Specific Parents] Dracus Nobilis + Pit Lord or Cosmo Kong + C'thlig
SnowmageMythicShop [500 gold]
RetributionMythic & MythicPvP Season 15
CaprikaGalactic & NecroShop [1500 gold]
DezingerCyber & SaberShop [6 million credits]
Ivory HanzoMythic + ZoomorphJapan Reactor Collection Reward
DevourerPlanet Cleaner + Zomborg
Haggis The BearPvP Season 16
AquapunzelGalactic + MythicShop [1500 gold]
CobraKaiZoomorph + NecroShop [7 million silver]
HumongousNecro + GalacticPvP Season 17
Captain GuardianSaber + GalacticShop [1500 gold]
AnubisMythic + Necro?
RagnarSaber + NecroShop [2500 gold]
BloodberryMythic + MythicShop []
Triple-BNecro & CyberShop [2500 gold]
Cursed RaiderNecro & NecroShop [2000 gold]
RammerheadNecro & MythicShop [1500 gold]
SlashogZoomorph & GalacticPvP Season 21
MantidroidShop []
BattletoadZoomorph & SaberShop []
CezanneZoomorph & SaberShop []
Cursed RaiderZoomorphShop []
TauriderCyber & MythicShop []
AzogSaber & MythicShop []
Wicked WitchMythic & NecroJackpot
GeminiumSaber & Galactic Shop []
AutonorushCyber & MythicShop []
Micky KruegerNecro & SaberShop []
InvadronCyber & GalacticJackpot
General ChaosSaber & CyberPvP Season 19
Exo FishGalactic & CyberShop []
Scare BearNecro & ZoomorphShop
XenarachCyber & NecroPvP Expert Bracket
PsychoboarZenomorph & ZenomorphNot Available
Star TrooperShop Pack, Jackpot
CaterpillarZoomorph & MythicsNot Available
OriazMythic & Saber
Zoomorph & MythicShop []

489 thoughts on “Mutants Genetic Gladiators Guide: All Breeding Combinations”

    1. This is not correct. PvP Mutants are not breedable, at least not the regular version. Of course, Silver and Gold versions can be obtained if you have the original one.

    2. The Lichlock formula certainly not good for those trying to get a Lichlock for the first time, and by the way, it was a reward for Season 6 Arena, and is no longer available.

    3. 2bh I think it would be better if you can buy ones like the pvps in the shop after the tournament is finished just to make the game not look so empty on the mutopedia list.

    4. It was obviously a recipe to further upgrade the existing lichlock, no one ever said it was to breed a lichlock.

    5. quickgamer / September 11, 2013

      The Lichlock formula certainly not good for those trying to get a Lichlock for the first time, and by the way, it was a reward for Season 6 Arena, and is no longer available.
      Obviously it wasn’t a recipe to breed a lichlock, but to upgrade since you need to use him as a parent… Certainly not good, indeed.

    6. what do i get i breeded planet cleaner and tuti gooey they breed for around 40 hours anyone knows what will come out???

  1. None of the Zodiac Mutants have an elite version. Good to know for all those trying to get a bronze, silver or gold version,

  2. I put the stealth fighter bat and the bushi mutant in the breeding building and guess what?…..I got an enforcer….are you guys sure the combinations listed are correct?

    1. yes, but even when using “correct parents” you can obtain a different mutant than they one expected.

  3. The last MGG update lets you use unique mutants such as Leohart, and when combined, will yield a mutant with better-than-normal-stats

  4. any suggestions on breeding combinations for Rakshasa monster? I have tried about 15 times and get Bunny every time. any help would be appreciated

    1. its rare mutants its not easy to hatch rakasha,,, but i got twice of rakasha….. try beast and enforcer

    2. emelito, Beetle Bot is CYBER and ZOOMORPH, and Cerberus is ZOOMORPH and NECRO. Without a SABER Gene Mutant is impossible to get Rakshasa.

    3. Exact opposite I can’t breed anything but rakshasa I still don’t have honey bunny but I have three rakshasa try breeding beast or reptiod with Nordic knightmare

  5. do we have the choice to breed to lv30 mutants with a gold star instead of wasting bronze and silver stars on lv 10 and lv 20 mutants? what are the requirements for breeding star mutants? Also, will the newly made mutant be lv 1? What if i want to breed 2 lv10 enforcers with a bronze star, will the new mutant be lv1 or lv10 enforcer or maybe some other mutant combination? Wanna know this in advance so i’ll know how to spend coins and gold wisely

    1. The only way to get a silver mutant is by having the bronze version first and using it in the breeding combination. same goes for the golden version, you need silver first to create it. The mutant that comes as a result will be level 1, not any higher.

    1. the Dead Bot is a common mutant, and really easy to get and hatch. Combine a robot + zombie to get it, you won’t have to try more than a couple of times. The Beetle Bot is harder to obtain though.

  6. I was looking at the Mutopedia and there is a mutant on the cyber side called “Captain Wrenchfury” and I don’t know if it’s breedable or should be purchased on the store.

    1. Captain Wrenchfury was released on August 22 and today, they released another Zodiac mutant, Virgon. Both will have their profiles with information updated during the next few hours.

  7. So, I have 2 mutants at level 10 for exemple, and I use 1 bronze star, the new mutant wil be a bronze star mutant level 1. But, what happens if I do this process but with 2 bronze stars instead of 1, do I get a Silver mutant, like 2 bronze=1 silver? because with 1 bronze star you get it 10% stronger, with silver you get 20% stronger, so..putting 2 bronze stars in the fusion would technically turn into the same percentage of a silver star, right?

    1. NO. 1rths of all silver star is 35% not 20 second .you need 2 mutants level 15 to cross breed 1 silver mutant .No epsepcions if the mutant is or not Elite

    1. You can get a Warrior or a Robot by combining other Warrior or Robots as parents, and sometimes they also come up as a result from other pairs.

    2. Nope, other pairs will not give you the original even if during the “spin” it seems like its possible. The only way is for a single gene to be bred with another mutant containing the same gene for a chance of that happening e.g. beast + any other mutant with a zoomorph gene

  8. Is it me……. or did i seriously decide to start out choosing zombie and robot for my first breed… and get a rare freaking zomborg? it was my first breed…

  9. How can I create a bronze version of basic mutants such as zombie, robot etc? I know that breeding 2 level 10 mutants with a bronze star creates bronze mutants, but when I fused 2 zombies I only got an leech lord.

    1. There’s no 100% guarantee you will get a bronze zombie EVEN if you combine 2 level 10 zombies. Our best advice is, try until you make it.

    2. what i did was breed two lvl 10 aliens to get a astro surfer but i got a bronze alien instead

  10. So, I have a lvl 7 Alien, a lvl 6 Astro Surfer and a Colossus lvl 8. My question is, Should I keep the Alien or sell it?

    Can I make all the alien hybrid with Astro Surfer?

    1. Keep it, it might work great with upcoming Mutants. We don’t understand what you mean by “all Alien Hybrid”

    2. By “All Alien Hybrid”, I mean, instead of breeding all the combinations with the Alien, like Warrior + ALien, do this but with the Astro Surfer.

      Ex: Astro Surfer + Warrior.

      Because Astro Surfer is double Galactic, and apparently Stronger than the ALien.

  11. A friend of mine said he obtained a Leohart crossing a beast and a worrior? Is he fooling around or could have really happened?

    1. Leohart is not breedable, it can only be obtained at the shop, and will become unavailable in about 24 hours. It costs about 3.1k gold.

  12. Are you sure that the Android and Leech Lord are really gunna yield a Zomborg I mean I have tried it 4 times, once was reversed but I keep getting deadbots, deadbots deadbots botsdead OHOOOH it’s frustrating

    1. For many players, that is the formula that worked. However, there seems to be different combination patterns for different groups of players.

    2. Yes I have heard from others a few combinations that worked. I gave up or gave in and just used gold to switch out the deadbot for him. I pray later mutants will not give me as much grief as Zomborg did.

    1. Lichlock were a PvP reward. Currently, you can only breed Silver and Gold versions if you had won the regular one during the PvP Season 6.

  13. how do you get silver/gold versions of the pvp reward monsters if you just get the normal one? since there is no breedable options i’m confused.

    1. Once you get the regular version and then level it up to 10 and mate it with another mutant of level 10 or above, you get the chances of obtaining the silver type of that PvP mutant.

  14. Hello quick gamer i was wondering why i did not get a bronze alien even though breed two lvl 10 aliens 4 times and i still did not get the bronze alian I just got a bronze astro surfer???

    1. Do you already got the regular Astro Surfer? FROM MY EXPERIENCE(not corroborated) I never get a “new” mutant with a star. I GUESS you can’t get a bronze version if you don’t own the basic one.

    2. Nope, I got a bronze Baron Lundi, Techno Taoist, Xenos, Bushi, Medusa, Gandolfus, Stealth Bot, Astro Surfer, Nebulon, Blade Banshee… You get the picture… without owning them previously.

    1. r u out of ur mind? the nordic knightmare had 2 same genes well the mutant produced will be either honey bunny enforcer or still nordic knightmare Kaiju kitty is created by to same zoomorph genes

    2. In theory it can be done if saber gene comes from knight and zoomorph from kitty, actually u will get raksasha or honey bunny

      From my breed raksasha = enforcer+beast

    1. oops srry the combination I just 1st commented is for my bronze beetle bot lol the real answer is dire despot and leech lord with the chance f 46% to 50%

  15. sometimes for 2 genes mutants the 2nd ones gene-(either same gene)or randomly 1 of the 2 of its different genes will come first to the genes of the mutant produced or created of the 2 mutants u breed

  16. I got correct parents when i bred the following

    behemoth and parasite queen=behemoth

    nebulon and lichlock=lichlock

    original lichlock and behemoth were won in their respective pvp seasons

  17. hey friends and quick gamer why did my friend said that he got valkyrie mutant when he is in level of 5 and I saw his mutatans:genetic gladiator it is true, but he did not know how did he get it but when he watch his inventory he saw the valkyrie mutant , why did get this if his level is level 5?? plss answer this question plsssss!!!

  18. i breed planet cleaner and leech lord a few minutes ago and the breeding time is 1day 22 hours what mutant did i get??? i am so excited what will come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jay, don’t get too excited for the incubation time. You are breeding two mutants that are hybrids, so this is enough to stretch the waiting time quite a bit and finally unveil yet another Leech Lord or another common mutant you already have, don’t expect to get some very rare mutant just because of the time.


    1. The Sentry is not breedable through other mutants, it’s a legendary mutant. However, once you buy the first Sentry at the shop, you can create another one by breeding it with an Alien.

  20. im breeding terror doll and bushi isnt work to captain wrenchfury always get stealt bot and enforcer -_-
    but im try breeding behemoth and valkyrie im get behemoth again

    1. “correct parents”. There are a few rare mutants that have a specific breeding combination that highly increases the chances of obtaining it. The list above details which ones have it.

  21. hi i just tried breeding Bushi+ captain wrenchfury but it didnt give me a Darkseer / but it gave me a Dire despot
    are you guys sure that bushi + captain wrenchfury is a darkseer?
    or did u guys makes up the order

    1. We didn’t actually get Darkseer, it was a user who left the formula. Search the comments and ask him directly.

    1. No, unfortunately this Mutant is the only one so far that doesn’t have Elite versions of itself, you will notice that if you try to breed it, there are no star slots available.

    1. Demon is the basic Mythic Mutant, the one you can get at the shop for 500K silver coins and that allows you to get multiple other mutants with the mythic gene when bred with another mutants.

  22. Astro surfer… First try… wooooot
    then the fun was cut out when the planet cleaner recipe arrived…
    seriously i tried ALL the different combinations for like 10 times and still can’t get the Rare planet cleaner… is there any other way to breed it with other parents?

    1. Try using rare parent if i recall right i got him with alien and stealthbot or zomborg i was trying to get something else to be honist and it poped on 1st try

  23. hi any idea on how to get stealth bot i tried all you breeding tips atleast all of them together 50 times and i keep getting enforcer

    1. Enforcer + Warrior… it works for me… you can have the stealth bot, the nordic knightmare or the enforcer…

    2. I used Robot + Nordic Knightmare, and used 1 gold to accelerate before 5 minutes from breeding completion.

  24. five times tried getting zomborg with leech lord and android, but always deadbot, while others get it in few tries. I gave up on it now, because I already have an Alien gene…

    May I ask which alien mutants are good to make lvl10??

  25. Guys sorry if this not the right spot to write, but there is no forum or nothing for this game. im plaing this for 10 days and i still dont understand the PVP Aren schedule.
    I mean when i try to have a fight and i have the Attack and the Defense of my pvp enemy.
    I dont understand what that 2 scheme try to tell me.

    Like Attack means whici is the most type of damage the enemy will have, and Defense?
    I dont get if Defense means what i should bring to have more defense or what i should bring as a type of damage to do more damage.
    So if the scheme of Defense is pointing a lot of YellowCyber, he tells me that my enemy will be weak from that? (probably then ZoompargBrown and SaberRed), or something else?

    Sorry for the questione i hope i’ve made it understandeble. lol

    1. the offense is showing what they have available in there lab the defense shows you the genes of the enemies he has in defense the three you will be fighting so its best to pick ones that can beat the gene that its pointing too most ex. if pointing to cyber use necro

  26. @quickgamer i think the best way to get the mutant Tutti Gooey is to crossbreed behemoth and the undead dragon… i mean i tried it two times and still get it.. its like you have 80% chance to get Tutti Gooey with behemoth and undead dragon

    1. The easiest way to breed Tutti Gooey is to breed Parasite Queen and Dead Bot . Breeding usually takes 10 hours , incubation takes 21 hours .

  27. @quickgamer is there another combination to get bushi? i tried it so many time and still i dont get it :( please help me and thank you!!!!

    1. hey the formula works fine i tried it in the 1st try and it worked it said it in the retrieve button bellow that its correct parents and its color is blue instead of yellow

  28. Hey im trying to get the Planter Cleaner and i breaded Robot+Alien it gave me a Colossus,and I tried Alien+Robot and still gave me a Colossus,and now Im breeding Behemoth+Beetle Bot Behemoth is Galactic and Saber and Beetle Bot is Cyber and Zoomorph will i get it ?

  29. Hey thanks to Simon B. he’s right the Correct parents for Darkseer is Captain wrench Fury + Bushi = Darkseer.I tried it and i already got darkseer in one try. Hope this info works on other players too of the game.

  30. Hi quickgamer how do you get undead dragon cause i tried your formula Leech Lord and beast but it doesnt work on me I got cerberus why does it comes with other mutant even i tried to use the correct formula on what you post on this.

    1. Xenos is cool at all even its attack dmg is weak but its pretty strong if lvled up to higher lvl

    1. no only gold although you can buy the three starter mutants in credits though you still have to incubate them they are zombie robot and warrior

  31. Hi Everyone (not just the Qg team) I would like to say thanks for all the help and support you gave me i think its molded me into a decent mutants player with decent mutants shame that my mutants would be level 30 by now if i could afford to buy the level thing from 16-30 any tips on how to buy that fast or aka get credits fast?

    If you ever want yo tag you know were I am!

    Thanks again.

    Yours Sincerly Lewis H

    1. you level up your behemoth to level 10 then you breed it with a bronze star using a mutant with one of the same genes you do this for silver and gold as well.

  32. everybody see the upcoming mutants i think the pirate is breedable or pvp season 10 reward it’s look awesome i wish his attack like this attack catamysmal life tank speed low

  33. monocerus is a legendary mutant so from past experieces it probably is not breedable demon is not listed up there by the way and supernovus is galactic and galactic

  34. Does it matter what mutant you pick 1st for the breeding?

    For example C’thlig and Nebulon are both Mythic+Galactic (Demon+Alien) but C’thlig is stated as Demon+Alien, where as Nebulon is Alien+Demon.

    So what i’m asking is; if i pick demon as 1st parent and alien as 2nd its guaranteed to be C’thlig, but if i pick alien 1st and demon as 2nd parent it’s a Nebulon? Or is the breeding completely random regardless parent order?

  35. @ QG to what you just said. when breeding correct parents it does matter u have to pick it the way as it or it wouldnt work

  36. By breeding a lvl11 normal mutant with a lvl15 bronze mutant, using a bronze star, do tou get a bronze mutant or you lose the star?

  37. Hey for Captian Bag o Bones I have seen the picture saying that the Nordic Nightmare and Undead Dragon are his correct parents in that order.

  38. Why if i breed the monocerus with an androide and i use a bronze star… i obtain the same starless monocerus and the star back in my inventory?? anyone else had this problem?

  39. Has anybody found the “correct parent” combos for making a zombat (yes I have a PVP one) and also one for C’thlig? I have attempted the C’thlig numerous times with using an Astro Surfer combined with the following: Techno Taoist, Grim Reapress, and Demon. Any suggestions as well as actual “correct” answers are appreciated.

    1. its so rare.. i waste 3 silver star to get that silver wrenchfury xD

      now i can breed gold capt bag o bones ^_^
      darkseer + capt. wrenchfury

  40. I’ve got 160 mutants. I always breed the ones that have the greatest chances of giving me a mutant I don’t already have. Here’s a list of the mutants I get lots of. I don’t think you should ever breed specifically to get these because you’ll get plenty without trying:

    1.) deadbots: got 6 or 7
    2.) ghostmonauts: got around 10
    3.) beetlebots: got 5
    4.)cerburus: got over a dozen
    5.) colossus: got 5 or 6
    6.) Parasite Queen: got around 6

    Some of the Mutants that I think are a superior combo of speed and attack power over their most likely enemies, especially for lower level players: Enforcer, Dire despot, cerberus

  41. I dont have any bronze silver gold mutants only on bronze silver and gold and i wanna test it out if it works and thanks for the tip

    1. yes you can.. use this combi
      behemoth + alien
      astro + behemoth
      but first you must have behemoth,
      and can only get on pve or pvp

  42. yes.. im breeding shell shock and supernovus get cosmo kong ( correct parents ) but thats need 4 fail and the five is success..

  43. Just a simple questions for me to clear things up, If I breed 2 level 20+ gold star mutants does that give me a chance to get a gold star mutant or do I need to breed 2 silver star mutant using a gold star to get a gold star mutant?

  44. i just unlocked the recipe for mekali (useful only to those that already have one) techno taoist + mekali, good for enhance her

  45. After many times i tried Leech Lord and Beast for an Undead Dragon i can say that this recipe doesn’t work at all! Master Split and Leech Lord worked with the first attempt and only 2 hours of waiting time for the cross-mutation!

    1. Correct Parents to get Master Splitter Bronze, Silver, Gold ETC… and jeez not like they are ripping off characters like Yoda or anything of the sorts…

  46. Hi, i put Pit Lord lvl 10 and Astro Surfer lvl 15 and i put a bronze star. this will take 1 day and 20 hours, does anyone nows which one is comming?

    1. No. Breeding time does not correspond to the mutant you will receive. It’s a function of the mutants involved in the breeding.

      Higher tier mutants bump up the breeding time (Galactic, Mythic, etc.). Also, if the mutants are of combined genes, it bumps up the time as well.

    1. Well You can Breed Horus by Dracus Noblis + PitLord thats it but it will take you i think 3 days or 2 days :) Goodluck its a lot of waiting time and its not 100% you will get it but its the correct parents

  47. Does anyone to know how to breed the mighty horus and the reptoid I keep getting a beetle bot when I breed robot and beast and I already have beetle bot

  48. how to do the silver monocerus? i try with a milion of utant but nothing the reslt of cross breeding is ever beetle bot i try with eforcer with beetle bot with android with dead bot with another monocerus but nothing:8 can u help me

  49. been trying to get a bronze stealth bot for awhile now (I’ve actually burned through almost 30 bronze stars trying to get one) and I was wondering if there is a certain breeding combo that has the highest success rate to get it or is it all random?

    1. its about LUCK. others get Stealth Bot by cross breeding Mean Gene [Cyber + WArrior]

      – just try and try until you get it 😀

  50. Alien + Daemon = Nebulon Daemon + Supernovus = Nebulon Enforcer + Warrior = Enforcer
    Alien + Tuttie Gooey = Ghostmonaut Daemon + Alien = Nebulon, ¿C'thlig? Medusa + Baron Lundi = Cerberus

    Blade Banshee + Supernovus = Tutti Gooey
    Daemon + Robot = Techno Taoist, Deus Machina Mekali + Pit Lord = Mekali
    Daemon + Daemon = Pit Lord Daemon + Nordic Knightmare = Valkyrie Reptoide + Kaiju Kitty = Beetle Bot
    Robot + Techno Taoist = Techno Taoist Reptoid + Undead Dragon = Zomborg Valkyrie + Android = Techno Taoïst, ¿Deus Machina?
    Xenos + Beast = Parasite Queen Leech Lord + Blade Banshee = Leech Lord Pit Lord + Nordic Knightmare = Valkyrie

    Daemon + Beast = Medusa

    Pit Lord + Warrior = Valkyrie

    Daemon + Gandolphus = Pit Lord

    Daemon + Enforcer = Techno Taoist

    Beast + Kaiju Kitty = Kaiju Kitty

    Daemon + Daemon = Pit Lord

    Daemon + Mauricio = Valkyrie

    Alien + Mauricio =

    Nordic Knightmare+ Dracus Nobilis = Gandolphus

    Leech Lord + Beast = Cerberus

    Kaiju Kitty + Kaiju Kitty = Kaiju Kitty

    Alien + Enforcer = Colossus
    Parasite Queen + Medusa = Kaiju Kitty Android + Beast = Robot + Android = Android
    Android + Alien = Android + Daemon = Techno Taoïst Stealth Bot + Zomborg = Dire Despot
    Warrior + Alien = 2 x Bounty Bug Alien + Alien = Astro Surfer Android + Kaiju Kitty = Beetle Bot
    Crypt Wraith + Rakshasa = Cerverus Nordic Nightmare + Android = Enforcer, ¿Stealth Bot? Undead Dragon + Reptoid = Zomborg, ¿TerrorDoll?
    Colossus + Xenos = Colossus Medusa + Daemon = Robot + Astro Surfer = Planet Cleaner
    Rakshasa + Reptoid = Honey Bunny Robot + Robot = Robot + Beast = Beetle Bot
    Shell Shock + Colossus = Colossus Robot + Kaiju Kitty = Reptoïd Robot + Beetle Bot = Beetle Bot
    Zomby + Beast = Beast + Astro Surfer = Parasite Queen Beast + Zomby = Undead Dragon
    Baron Lundi + Tuttie Gooey = Baron Lundi Beast + Supernovus = Enforcer + Warrior = Nordic Knightmare, ¿Stealth Bot?
    Nordic Knightmare + Undead Dragon = Honey Bunny Demon + Zombie = Baron Lundi Planet Cleaner + Parasite Queen = Parasite Queen
    Robot + Daemon = Techno Taoïst Zomborg + Stealth Bot = Deus Machina + Gandolphus =
    Dracus Nobilis + Pit Lord = ¿Horus? Enforcer + Medusa = Rakshasa
    Nordic Knightmare + Undead Dragon = Medusa + Valkyrie = Honney Bunny

    1. For Retribution, correct parents are Azuria and Retribution. For Mekeli, it’s Mekeli+Azuria.

      I don’t about Dezinger.

  51. Anyone knows whats the Correct Parents for Azuria.. i want to upgrade mine xD i try Azuria+Nebulon but i got Astro Surfer and Nebulon again xD

    – i want to add Satyr Shaman + Medusa = Satyr Shaman [Correct Parents]

    1. i hope i will get my Bronze Azuria now … cant wait to upgrade it in Silver :)

      – its 16hrs breeding time using Azuria + Demon … wish me LUCK! :))

  52. Wondering if placement on a specific side of the breeding center makes a difference in the mutant you get. Meaning; If I want an interceptrix, does it matter if I place Gandolphus on the left and Deus Machina on the right or not? Put another way, does which side I place a specific mutant on in the breeding center affect the type I get? Just curious.

  53. Guys If I want to breed an elite bronze version of Alien for example Alien + Astro Surfer

    Do I need a bronze star ? or only the two lvl 10 mutants ?

    How do I breed an elite version of a certain mutant ?

    for example I want a bronze planet cleaner , is there a combination to get it ? or I just put the the two corresponding genes with a bronze star and hope I get planet cleaner not Colossus ?

    1. to make a bronze you need 2 level 10 mutants of the right gene. Also you have to combine them in the right order. Like if the main gene is alien, you need an alien on the left and a robot on the right for the planet cleaner. Also some recipes are only made with certain mutants, but that is usually listed somewhere around here, or you just have to experiment.

  54. it says on the devourer individual info page to use a planet cleaner and zomborg. is it possible to use my planet cleaner and a bronze deadbot or does it have to be those specific parents?

  55. I’m doing something wrong. every time I try to Obtain reptoid, I get beetle bot. What should I do?

    (Sorry for any errors in the text, my English is not very good.)

  56. Some updates for all!
    The guy you called WRAITH, calls CRYPT WRAITH with necro/necro genes
    Snowmage isn´t breedable – there are no elite versions


  57. i have normal cezane and i am trying to get it bronze i keep breeding it with a warrior but no look any tips

    1. I try Cezane and Warrior/Nordic 5 times – no match – got only Bunny and Rakshasa

  58. why i breed this all Zomborg + Enforcer
    Nordic Knightmare + Android
    Enforcer + Warrior i did not get the stealth bot why?

  59. How can i breed cosmo kong silver i tried kaiju,alien,beast,parasitequeen,xenos but i got the bronze version with master oida

  60. Comment:got grim reaperess from girl power far

    grim reapress+alien=nebulos
    grim reapress+beast=medusa
    grim reapress+reptoid=?

    1. U can obtain it with kaiju + demon it has a great chance to pop but dracus doesnt have correct parents

  61. I noticed that some mutants have 4 star slots, what it after gold and how do I breed a monster with that star level?

    1. The 4th one is for mutant reactor one u cannot breed it. It can only be obtained from mutant reactor only

  62. Im cross-breeding a dead bot and an enforcer. what do i get and i also applied a bronze star. teel me if ya know man

  63. Since oriax has the same gene structure as a Valkyrie, will it be going to be okay if I use oriax as a sub for that! I’m trying to breed a dracus nobilis but I fail everytime, any suggestions on how to breed a dracus nobilis anyone?

  64. Leech Lord(bronze) + Ragnar = Bronze Ragnar
    Leech lord(Silver) + Ragnar(bronze) = Silver Ragnar
    Leech Lord(gold) + Ragnar(silver) = Gold Ragnar
    if leech lord and ragnar have the same stars, leech lord will come out

  65. Hey guys,, need your help.. i really conpius about how to get bushi mutants? I had cross breed steal bot + zomborg but what i got from this cross breed is zomborg again?? Why..

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