Mutants Genetic Gladiators Guide: Achievements

Below you will find the complete list of achievements for Mutants: Genetic Gladiators. What’s good about these achievements is that you can get free gold from completing them.


Bread and GamesWin 25 campaign fights5 Gold
Beginner's LuckWin 5 global tournament fights1 Gold
You'll Go FarWin 5 consecutive global tournament fights.5 Gold
It's AliveComplete 5 cross-breedings1 Gold
Going CheapSell 5 mean gene specimens1 Gold
Full PackOwn 10 mean gene specimens1 Gold
Out of the Gutter1 million sponsorship credits owned5 Gold
Hit the GymTrained a mean gene mutant to level 51 Gold
A step on the ladderOwn a bronze gene gene mutant5 Gold
Ouch!Inflict 10 thousand points of accumulated damage1 Gold
Pit Shop10 mutosterone tubes filled1 Gold
Reset5 CYBER gene mutants eliminated1 Gold
Back to the GRave5 necro gene mutants eliminated1 Gold
Fisticuffs5 SABER gene mutants eliminated1 Gold
For their own good5 ZOOMORPH gene mutants eliminated1 Gold
They walk among us5 GALACTIC gene mutants eliminated1 Gold
Storybook Slaughter5 MYTHIC gene mutants eliminated1 Gold
How did that happen?lose 5 campaign fights1 Gold
Try Againlose 5 global tournament fights1 Gold
LookalikeHave 5 duplicate mutants from the breeding center1 Gold
Taken too SoonHave 5 of your mutants killed1 Gold
In the CoopSpend 24 hours incubating1 Gold
Breeding EasySpend 24 hours cross-breeding1 Gold
Team SpiritLaunch 5 tag team attacks1 Gold
Gift ShopSend 10 gifts1 Gold
Invinciblewin 25 campaign fights withough losing any mutants10 Gold
UntouchableWin 25 global tournament fights without losing any mutants10 Gold
You Got SkillzWin 25 fights against higher level team without losing any Mutants10 Gold
Cutting it LoseWin 25 fights with less than 100 points on your last mutants10 Gold
Multi Talentedkill more than one mutant with a multi-attack 25 times10 Gold
On a Rollwin 25 fights in which all the enemies are killed by the same mutant10 Gold
Total Destructionkill 25 mutants before they can even attack once10 Gold

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