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Murder in Provence Guide: Chapter 9 Puzzle Answers

Here are the right answers for Murder in Provence Puzzles for Chapter 9.


  • right hoof print of a unicorn
  • Right Answer. 8th

  • Right Answer.

  • Right Answer.

  • what is the phrase that opens the door
  • Right Answer. #5

  • Right Answer.

  • Right Answer.

  • Right Answer.

  • Right Answer.


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  1. at the first puzzle “nightcap” the correct answer is 5

    • You are the best Darkprincess. Thank you

    • Dark princess,

      Do you know the answer to murder in Provence, chapter 9, a walk on the beach? Please reply. Thank you.


  2. the correct answer to puzzle “Unveiled” is orange underwear

  3. The answer to “Flasks” is CT.

    • Thanks You ;)

  4. the correct answer at the puzzle “Trapped” is the second one “Im going to become a zombie”

    • Thank you :)

  5. The answer to Pentanque is 2nd place

  6. to the puzzle “petanque” the correct answer is 2nd place

  7. In the chess competition 2nd place is the correct answer

    • sorry its the petnaque competition

  8. The answer to Impossible is …. Is the answer no

  9. to the puzzle “impossible” the correct answer is the 3rd one “will your next word be no?”

  10. the answer to puzzle “coffin” is 2 and 6

  11. Peculiar Phenomenon

    Answer is first one, second line

  12. Famous Painting

    Answer is 22

  13. the last puzzle with name “mysterious note” the correct answer is 1 , 3 and 4

  14. The answer to Be Beautiful is Bracelet, Bow, Perfume, Mascara

  15. The answer to opening the door is #2

  16. Answer to Medellion is the cross in the second row.

  17. Cuales son las 3 afirmaciones correctas en el Ășltimo puzzle del capitulo 9?

  18. what the answer to unicorn feet prints?

    • the answer to the unicorns is the second to last

  19. The answer to the password is not 5 .. unless you mean the 5th box ???

    • the answer to password is 6

  20. The Puzzle-Mysterious Note- 3 correct choices are first, third and the fourth. Page 75 is normal on the front of 76 so there no page between.

    • Thx Rita Tapia <3

  21. what is the question Audry asks Bruno in Impossible puzzle?

    • The 3rd one “No”

  22. la reponse pour ouvrir la porte c est la 2

  23. need the answer to level 9, brunos arrival. please

  24. The correct answer to PASSWORS is the #6

  25. correct answer to witch colour is orange.

  26. Cuales son las islas francesas que no pertenecen al Mediterraneo ?

  27. The answer on bruno’s arrival is 5:07

  28. The candle puzzle answer is the fifth selection

  29. whats the answer to nightcap pls

  30. The phrase to open the door is not #5

    • The answer is not 6 either

    • The answer to Password is #2

  31. What is the answer to chapter 9 murder in provence, a walk on the beach?

  32. what is answer to sea urchins chapter 9

  33. I have tried in two ocassions with 6 the system don’t validate it.

  34. Password
    the answer is 5

  35. The correct number for the next to last puzzle Password is 6… solve the puzzle, count the letters in the numbers. 1 is 3, 3 is 5 5 is 4 and 12 is 6…..

  36. Thank you

  37. What is the answer to Sea Urchins

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