Murder in Provence Guide: Chapter 8 Puzzle Answers

Here are the right answers for Murder in Provence Puzzles for Chapter 8.


  • statues in the garden
  • Right Answer. 1st, 3rd and 11th pic

  • garden
  • Right Answer. cucmber/pickle

  • Name 3 items that were on the set
  • Right Answer. Jasmine- skateboard and blue flowers.

  • what 2 items are closest to the candy packet
  • Right Answer. 2nd and 12th picture

  • movie set
  • Right Answer. 5,9, 10.

  • musical notes
  • Right Answer. 2 5

  • where the black boxes go
  • Right Answer. 1- boxes 2,3. Row 2- boxes 1,4. Row 3- boxes 2,3.

  • the block game
  • Right Answer. puzzle 12 it is ‘top right’.

  • name of a French city
  • Right Answer. Cannes

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57 thoughts on “Murder in Provence Guide: Chapter 8 Puzzle Answers”

    1. jessica has drawn a picture and then made a number of symmetrical images of the drawing in front of a mirror…find original picture from the ones on the right????

    1. It is the f 1st box in the 2nd row. They are reflections of numbers and 8 is the number missing from the sequence.

  1. Coded Message:
    1st line: 2nd and 3rd boxes are black
    middle line: 1st and last boxes are black
    3rd line is like the first: the 2nd and 3rd boxes are black.

    1. answer to seven differences in chapter 8. Love this game and hope to play for a long time

  2. Coded message: Line 1= black boxes 2&3 by clicking them in diagram
    Line 2= black boxes 1&4 by clicking them in diagram
    Line 3= black boxes 2&3 by clicking them in diagram

  3. what is the name of the French city, there are 3 answers. thank you I thought it was cannes, but it’s not. there are 3 answers and in the boxes is the letters ca, and so forth

    1. It is Cannes, Barbara. Check box CA the 2nd from the right on the top row, NN dead center on the bottom row, and finally ES on the far left of the top row..

  4. I just played completed the “name 3 items that were on the set and the answers are 1. full cup of coffee(5) 2. abacus(9) 3. toy car(10)

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