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Murder in Provence Guide: Chapter 8 Puzzle Answers

Here are the right answers for Murder in Provence Puzzles for Chapter 8.


  • statues in the garden
  • Right Answer. 1st, 3rd and 11th pic

  • garden
  • Right Answer. cucmber/pickle

  • Name 3 items that were on the set
  • Right Answer. Jasmine- skateboard and blue flowers.

  • what 2 items are closest to the candy packet
  • Right Answer. 2nd and 12th picture

  • movie set
  • Right Answer. 5,9, 10.

  • musical notes
  • Right Answer. 2 5

  • where the black boxes go
  • Right Answer. 1- boxes 2,3. Row 2- boxes 1,4. Row 3- boxes 2,3.

  • the block game
  • Right Answer. puzzle 12 it is ‘top right’.

  • name of a French city
  • Right Answer. Cannes

Please leave your question below if any of the riddles/puzzles are not listed, we’ll provide you with the right solution/answer in a couple of hours. Give us the exact name of the puzzle to be solved.


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  1. Hi,
    What is the answer to Riddle in Chapter 8

    • jessica has drawn a picture and then made a number of symmetrical images of the drawing in front of a mirror…find original picture from the ones on the right????

  2. Kathie,
    Answer is, bottom left!

  3. Which spider is the twin?

    • Arachnids is box #9.

  4. Books=AH

  5. need answer to janes dream in chapter 8

  6. the puzzle “mystery symbol” the correct answer is the 3rd box .

  7. What is the answer to the puzzle spot the 7 differences in chapter 8?


  8. the correct asnwer on fashionable puzzle is 2

  9. Coded Message:
    1st line: 2nd and 3rd boxes are black
    middle line: 1st and last boxes are black
    3rd line is like the first: the 2nd and 3rd boxes are black.

    • this is wrong

  10. Quelles sont les statues que Jessica possède dans le chapître 8 ? merci pour la réponse, je suis bloquée.

  11. bloquée pour trouver les réponses des énigmes du chapître 8. si vous en avez, merci de les donner à bientôt.

  12. whats the answer to spot the seven difference in chapter 8

    • no gun, wig, small target, necklace above ID sign, knife, belt on girl, bottom of cup

  13. Help needed…. What is the solution for the mystery symbols ?

    • The answer to the mystery symbol is the one that looks like two number 8′s together

  14. The answer to the spider puzzle is #9.

  15. could u please give numbers to soot the differance

  16. File correct answer is AH

  17. in the puzzle differences chapter 8 what are they

  18. answer on how many birds u see is 22

  19. Answer to game of sympols is number 3

  20. answer to the puzzle beautiful garden please

    • pickle

  21. what is the answer to the puzzle in level 8 (riddle)

  22. ned answer to puzzle (file) in level 8

  23. need the answer to fashionable in level 8 please

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