Murder in Provence Guide: Chapter 7 Puzzle Answers

Here are the right answers for Murder in Provence Puzzles for Chapter 7.


  • A Leak
  • Right Answer. 2 hrs 30 min

  • how many Jane do u see
  • Right Answer. 6

  • The Fortress
  • Right Answer. 15 pierres

  • how much water used in the shower puzzle?
  • Right Answer. 0.6

  • Savings what street light saves the most money?
  • Right Answer.

  • Jane’s shopping list
  • Right Answer. 1-3-6-10

  • island madness
  • Right Answer. 1 2 5 & 6

  • Right Answer.

    Right Answer. 237.5L 2:30HR

  • what color light bulb?
  • Right Answer. Green

  • number of stones needed to complete the base of the fortress?
  • Right Answer. 15

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45 thoughts on “Murder in Provence Guide: Chapter 7 Puzzle Answers”

  1. I’m have been playing Murder in Provence, i’m on Chapter 7 and trying to get the last star, at the rate i’m goning it will be next year before I do it. I haven’t counted the times I’ve played to get the last star but it’s a lot and has barley filled in a corner of the star, i’m getting very frustrated and will quit play until it changed.

  2. who made this game i have to use almost all my energy to get half a star it doesnt matter how fast i solve the puzzle barely moves thats bs

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