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Murder in Provence Guide: Chapter 6 Puzzle Answers

Here are the right answers for Murder in Provence Puzzles for Chapter 6.


  • underwater wreckage
  • Right Answer.

  • who are the 3 guards
  • Right Answer. blue cap, polka dot scarf, 5’7″

  • oil slick
  • Right Answer. 4

  • The Admirers
  • Right Answer. 8

  • how long does it take them to swim
  • Right Answer. 175 min

  • keyboard riddle
  • Right Answer. FREJUS

  • how much money and weapons
  • Right Answer. 48 & 25

  • cute camera mans name
  • Right Answer. JE AN

  • Right Answer.

  • The description of (A,B,C)
  • Right Answer.

  • the one where you have to figure out the tips.
  • Right Answer. 3rd and 5th answers

  • how many minutes will it take them to swim to the dingy
  • Right Answer. 175

Please leave your question below if any of the riddles/puzzles are not listed, we’ll provide you with the right solution/answer in a couple of hours. Give us the exact name of the puzzle to be solved.


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  1. whats the answer to the last riddle whats under your hand

  2. On the riddle question in chapter 6 called description of (ABC) I tried 2 times with your answer and it says it is wrong.

    • we’ll correct it in a couple of hours and replace it with the right answer.

    • Idon’t get the answer chapter 6 of ABC please help!!

    • So, no luck with this answer? My wife is stuck in this one, can anyone lens a hand? Thanks in advance!

    • I am pretty sure the ABC money bags one is 48 and 25

  3. Please help with answer to chapter 6 puzzle description ABC. Cannot continue to play till answer it. Please help!

  4. What is the answer to the last riddle what is under your hand. I have been stuck on this one for days. Please help.

    • I can’t get this one . Working on it for a week

      need help.

  5. -missing euro

    the correct answer is 3 and 5

  6. what is the number of fish

    • whut is the number of fish

  7. The answer to the last riddle under your hand is frejus.

  8. Marine treasures…..can’t figure it out which one, tried 6 times….can’t continue pls help…thank you

    • answer is. Binocular, Shark, and Diving Helmet.

  9. The answer is C.

  10. What is the answer to Marine Treasures in chapter 6 please?

  11. Who is Mr. X in chaper 6 please?

    • euro missing

    • mister x is C

  12. I need the answer to chapter 6. “Testimony”

  13. How many fish are still with them when they get to the jet sky?

    • 8 fish

  14. Who is Mr X

    • Who is Mr X?
      The answer is C

  15. I can’t figure out Mr. X.

  16. need the answer to chapter 6, puzzle big trafficers

  17. need an answer to ( who is mister x) please

  18. I can’t get the ans. to the last riddle. I’ve tried several times. thank you

  19. I can’t get the answer to the riddle that has 6 answers. please help me

  20. Answer to “Detective”: FREJUS

  21. whuts the number of fish plz

  22. Missing Euro

  23. in chapter 6 missing euro what is the correct answer??

  24. chapter 6 how many fishes were behind jane and audury when they went to jet ski.

    give me answer please

  25. whats the answer to the last riddle whats under your hand?

  26. Bitte um Hilfe:
    whats the answer to the last riddle whats under your hand

  27. whats the answer to the last riddle whats under your hand?
    pleas answer me,thanks

  28. Who is Mr X?

    • Who is Mr X
      Right Answer C

  29. The description is bluecap, dot scarf and height 1,75.

    • HELLO Paola
      My english is but.
      Wich is the answers for 3 guards
      blue cap ,scarf with puntitos y another
      Thank you

  30. marine treasure audrey and jane what are of what did they see 3 answers ?

  31. En tiremonos al agua que encontró debajo del agua restos de que alguien me puede decir cual es.

  32. chapter 6 which 2 photos are correct?

  33. what are the answers for Testimony? The pictures about the yacht.

  34. what is the answer for the question about the tip?. I just can’t get it.

  35. answer to last riddle is frejus

  36. The answer to Chapter 6 – Testimony is: Top right & bottom left

  37. How many fish are left when you get to the ski boat in chapter six.

  38. There are eight fish are following her.

  39. In the riddle where is Mr. X sitting. I have tried G,A,E,D, and H all of them are wrong.

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