Murder in Provence Guide: Chapter 6 Puzzle Answers

Here are the right answers for Murder in Provence Puzzles for Chapter 6.


  • underwater wreckage
  • Right Answer.

  • who are the 3 guards
  • Right Answer. blue cap, polka dot scarf, 5’7″

  • oil slick
  • Right Answer. 4

  • The Admirers
  • Right Answer. 8

  • how long does it take them to swim
  • Right Answer. 175 min

  • keyboard riddle
  • Right Answer. FREJUS

  • how much money and weapons
  • Right Answer. 48 & 25

  • cute camera mans name
  • Right Answer. JE AN

  • Right Answer.

  • The description of (A,B,C)
  • Right Answer.

  • the one where you have to figure out the tips.
  • Right Answer. 3rd and 5th answers

  • how many minutes will it take them to swim to the dingy
  • Right Answer. 175

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51 thoughts on “Murder in Provence Guide: Chapter 6 Puzzle Answers”

  1. On the riddle question in chapter 6 called description of (ABC) I tried 2 times with your answer and it says it is wrong.

    1. So, no luck with this answer? My wife is stuck in this one, can anyone lens a hand? Thanks in advance!

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