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Mermaid World: ALL Singing Combinations [breeding]

Welcome to the ultimate Mermaid World Singing Combinations List. Below we give all working mermaid pairs for the Singing Summit, that have proved to worked. We also detail singing and call times. All combinations and tips given here apply to Mermaid World Stories, which so far seems to be the same game than Mermaid World, but re-released with another name for unknown reasons.


The only requisite to give you a chance above 0% of summoning the Mermaid you are looking for is by gathering two mermaids at the Singing Summit that have, at least, the traits contained in the Mermaid you are looking forward to obtain. What that means is that even if you combine Sirens that have more than the traits needed, it can still give as a result a call for the right Mermaid. But as you may already know, the combinations do not always work. In fact, the rarer the Siren, the harder to obtain.

Also, the breeding order in the Singing Summit does not affect the result. You will eventually find out that sometimes, even if you combine hard to obtain Mermaids, you can end up getting a common Mermaid, it happens.

The singing combinations chart below lists all the Mermaid pairs that have worked for us. But rest asure that some Mermaids will have to sing multiple times to obtain the one you want.


There are two requirements to get a Gilded Mermaid. The first is that both mermaids must have all their happiness requirements fullfiled, thus being ECSTATIC. The other one is using the right singing pair to call for the Gilded Mermaid, meaning.

With the exception of limited edition mermaids, All regular mermaids have their Gilded counterpart .

There is not 100% exact formula to obtain a Gilded Mermaid, even if both Sirens are ecstatic. The singing combos shown in the chart below have been proved to work, but the results may vary quite a few times before the formula actually calls for the Gilded Mermaid you were looking for.

It’s worth noticing that Gilded Mermaids can be sold for up to 10 times more than a regular Mermaid and also, the coin production rate per minute is higher than its regular Siren version.

The singing combinations do not have to be different than those used to obtain the regular version of a Mermaid than the ones used to obtain the Gilded version, again, the only difference is that both Sirens must be ECSTATIC.


If you want to create your own Singing Pair Combination to call for that elusive Mermaid, simply take a look at the individual page for the Mermaid itself, where we list the traits (besides, we give you a pletora of other info, like coin production, sell and purchase price, favorite trinkets, etc)


Attention: The internal data of table “177” is corrupted!


  1. Does anyone know how to get onyx ?

    • Hey, guys this is how you get an onyx level up to level nine (only way)(I’m on level 15 lol)

    • Onyx is one of the main mermaids. You can get her once you reach level 13

    • Yo have to buy it 900 coins is not much

    • I have carbon night and stinger singing together and it’s a 20 hour sing time, what mermaid will turn up ?

    • I am singing with midas and twinkletail, which mermaid am I getting?
      Is it the limited edition mermaid candy swirl?

    • Yeah and I’m on level 19!

    • First you have to get to level 13. Then you can buy her. Glimmer Rose is also summoned by Tigerlily and Honey Dew.

    • You buy her at level 13 you can summon her after that I think it takes 30mins

    • You will unlock her when u get to level 13.

    • I can beat that I’m 9 and I am on level 23

  2. I got Tigra by using by using Tiger + Domino.

    what’s bad is that at the beginning you need to save a lot to buy extra realms and keep singing.

  3. what is going on with the guitar trinket?. I already sent Sparkle Pinkle mermaid to the bottom around 50 times and still nothing. im beginning to think I chose the wrong siren.

    • It’s bugged, send a report using the in-game form.

    • You didn’t it is just that you may have I guess buy it.

  4. I just read a tweet from mermaid world stories that there are “secret” mermaids and that they are not listed in the store. Are they featured on this chart?

    • Diamond Swan could fit into the secret mermaids category, since it’s not listed. We have them all here I believe, with the exception of Gaia.

  5. I have been trying for at 3 months to get prism princess. Has anyone got her?

    • It’s really hard I’m trying too … :p { for like a YEAR }

    • I have a cheat of singing I will see if I have got the mermaid you want

  6. Can you unlock other singing summits or do you have to buy them for pearls that are hard to get???

    • You can unlock the other singing summit if you have 3 3-star realms and 15 hybrid mermaids

  7. I think that Onyx is one of the fate mermaids because when I got my Opal it said that she is one of three fate mermaids. I think that the third one

  8. How do you know what level you’re at. It doesn’t tell you anywhere that I can see?

    • It tells you above

  9. Does anyone know if I can log my facebook out of this game or change thef acebook account to another one

    • you can’t

  10. is it true that you first need to get all basic and hybrid mermaids before you can actually summon Prism Princess, been trying to months without sucesss

  11. wondering when crowdstar will finally add more realms, despite having those realm design contests going on in facebook, nothing happens in the game

    • Ikr its been soooooo long since they’ve added a new realm!!!

  12. why dont they add new realms to mermaid world?, i mean, once you get to a high level, you find yourself putting mermaids in the lounge since you reached the realm cap already.

    • I know!!!! I already have NO room unless I put in Lounge it’s so hard to place them if you don’t have much room!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait for more realms to arrive

  13. each time i try to open mermaid world in my iPad it throws a pop up window with an error message, anyone else having this problem?

    • You have to delete the app and then get it again and if you have a game centre it will have saved it has happened to me before

  14. How do you get Isis mermaid anyone ???????

    • I got her by singing with tigra and electra

    • What mermaid do you get when you sing coco + isis??????

  15. How can you get Honey Dew?? I tried the combos but I don’t have Luau and for Luau it says that I need Honey Dew?! I don’t have enough pearls. I just got Lotus and I’m really trying to get Honey Dew and Luau

    • I got luau with a happy aqua and ecstatic lotus

    • Citrine + Kelp
      luau + citrine
      marigold + kelp
      charming violet + kelp

  16. Happy Halloween Mermaids I can’t figure out how to get Honey Dew or Luau I’m gonna try the combos and see if it works I’ll respond maybe next week

  17. I got Honey Dew without the combos! I think I used Lotus and Tiger Lily idk. Now I’m trying to get Luau!

  18. Blue Belle and I equals Sunkiss Mermaid! So excited to see some of my mermaid friends!

  19. I think Opal and Glimmer Rose equals Marigold. Anywho! I’m going to collect more mermaids

  20. Thanks for the Seafoam Mermaid combos I got it right! I did Kelp + Opal a bunch of times and then I did Sunkiss and Crystalline then I did Kelp and Opal once more and it worked!

  21. How do you summon Onyx

    • How you summon a onyx is keep exploring it gives you xp so you can move level by level then buy her……………….. By the way I’m 8

  22. Help! I need lotus i tried both the sulusions i only gor my first gilded mermaid and tigerlily again please how do u get her

    • To get lotus use coral and kelp just keep trying and you’ll get her the same thing happened to me but i kept trying and I got her GOOD LUCK! :)

  23. Dose anyone know how to get sea dragon?????? I’ve tried all the combanations but I can’t get her

    • I finally got her using Coco and Calypso! It took me three times with that combination to get her. I had tried Onyx and seafoam literally 15 to 20 times and it was not working for me! I tried other combinations to that didn’t work. I can tell you Coco and Calypso does work! But I will say, this was the hardest mermaids to get so far!

    • Hi I’m only 10 and have all mermaids if your wondering sea dragon is sea foam and onyx hope this helps

    • She is so hard to get dragon

  24. I’m only 9 and I’ve got all of the mermaids and I heard that silver song and the opal mermaid is one of the secret mermaids! I’m trying to find more new mermaids that no one knows! I’m so happy!

    • Have you found one with Sparkle Pinlkle and Velvet twist that takes 20 hours to finish singing and 20 hours to arrive? Im getting whoever it is now I just dont know

  25. How do you get the opal mermaid ? :( please anybody tell me ;(

    • just buy it instore for 475coins

  26. Does anyone have the gilded onyx or opal? I’ve been trying for days now and it’s driving m nuts! has anyone had the 15 min time period? because all I keep getting is 30 mins!!!!

    • I have the gilded opal and I got it on the 3rd try

    • It takes the same amount of time to get them which is 39 minutes but just a heads up whenever you get the gilded mermaids DON’T DELETE your original!!!!!!! If you do you have to try singing for her till you get her again because that’s what happened to me so every time that I get a gilded mermaid I just sell her.

    • I meant 30 minutes not 39 minutes sorry I guess even celebrities to make the same mistakes as you guys even though we should be the role models lol.

  27. I have lots of mermaids. You see, I got this game a LONG time ago, and I do understand that people have a lot of trouble getting mermaids, especially (did I spell that right?) the Prism Princess. However, I have her (got her on my first try) but, which may sound weird, it took me THREE WEEKS to get, deep breath, Sweetwater! My friend has this game, and she has Sweetwater, and she is sooooooooooooooooooo pretty, but I COULDENT get her. I tried EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE AND NO LUCK. So in the end, i told my friend to do it for me, and guess what? IT WORKED! Oh yeah, we totally need more realms! :)

    • How did you get the Prism Princess?

  28. Luau+Citrine=Citrine

  29. does anyone know how to get the Prism Princess?

  30. FYI u do NOT need to have ecstatic mermaids to end up w gilded mermaids….I’ve gotten several while trying for the birthstone mermaids, which I can’t seem to ever get….anyway, I ended up w quite a few gilded and I was not Using ecstatic mermaid combos…..(the intro on this page states that the pairs MUST be ecstatic in order to obtain the gilded)

  31. How to get crystalline?

  32. Do you need an ecstatic domino and an ecstatic Isis to get gilded temptress

  33. Does anyone know how to get Esmeralda? She just came out today and based on her description it seems like there are three mermaids that can get her. (Emerald, Sea Dragon & Blue Nova) Description says: “An Emerald colored Sea Dragon swims extremely fast like a Nova, so no one can catch her when playing hide and seek.” I’m trying with Sea Dragon and Blue Nova now. Singing time is 11:59, so I’m hopeful.

  34. I just got the celestial mermaid by using opal and aqua.

  35. How do you get the Summer mermaid?

  36. I’d love to know how to get Ruby! I don’t see her on the list. Any ideas?

    • silversong+fotuna swirls might get u ruby

  37. I had to restart but I wished I kept going. I was on unlocking either Tigra or Domino but idk. So I’m gonna keep summoning and everything at least until I get almost all the Gilded. Thanks a lot for this guide it totally helps me figure out how to get mermaids! ;)

    -WaterMay Toontown :D

  38. I put a celestia and a carbon night toghter and got a blue nova! It was my first try too! :)

  39. Does anyone know when the omnom mermaid will come back? I want her so badly but I started playing just some weeks ago :c

    • I don’t think so

  40. What mermaid you get with Isis and glimmer rose it goes for 6 hours I am not sure I really wanna know ???????

  41. When will the new “common” mermaids be added to the list? I have Essence, but only by chance… I would like to know how to get the others too

    • Calypso x Coco will get Sunshine. (I thought I accudentally summoned Cthuhlu, then matched the profile)

  42. How do u get Fae??? I tried Tropicana and limelight but I got essence 2 times

  43. I have a sparkle pinkle and velvet twist mermaid singing and the time is 20 hours what mermaid is it?

  44. Are we able to summon the Zodiac mermaids or are they only for purchase with pearls? i’m guessing if they are summonable it would only be during that signs availability?

    • Add me

  45. You can summon zodiac mermaids because I’ve done it but I cant tell you how

  46. There’s a new “bird” Mermaid! Crow. You might want to set that one up too on your list! Thanks!

  47. To get the secret mermaid codes go to mermaid world wiki and seriously if u haven’t seen them u will be amazed

  48. I crossed celestia and carbon night and idk what I’m going to get because it says it takes 20 hours

    • Nvm you get blue nova. I got it on the first try

  49. How do you get an essence mermaid?

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