Knights & Dragons Guide: Guilds

The latest Knights and Dragons update added a great new feature, Guilds. We’ve created a guide to help you understand how guilds work and to post any possible issues related to it.

First of all, joining a Guild allows you to get armor bonuses, rewards, achievements and events that otherwise you would not be able to have if you played alone.

Creating a Guild

Creating a guild costs gold and a certain level is necessary to do it (it was available by default to us, but we suppose there’s a pop up telling the exact level you need to do it.) The guild name and starting element bonus cannot be changed later.

  • First of all, pick a name for your guild
  • Next, choose an element. This element will be the one that boosts players that join the guild, as long as they have the armor equipped on their main character.
  • There will be a way to adquire all other elements as bonuses, but is not implemented just yet.
  • Finally, pick an emblem for your guild.

Joining A Guild

Below you can find the several methods to join an existing guild (as opposed to creating your own.)

  • Tap on the “Guild” button on the bottom right corner of the screen. Then tap on “Join a Guild”, a list of all available guilds will show up.
  • If you want to join a specific guild and you know its name, simply enter it in the guild search bar
  • Also, you may receive a guild invitation through the Message Center.
  • Finally, by checking a player’s profile, you can also find the guild that player is on and request to join it.

A Guild can set a certain requirement to accept your request, there are 3 in total;

  • Anyone Can Join: any type of player can request to join and other guild members of any rank can invite other players. However, only High Commanders can accept the request.
  • Invite Only: nobody can request to join the guild, but players that are already members can send invites to other players.
  • Closed: not suggested for guilds with very few members. No invitation request can be sent in or out.

Guild Experience and Level

Being in a guild is not merely to obtain an armor bonus. Your individual performance also affects the guild level. You will notice that there are guild quests, and when these objectives are completed the bar starts filling. Once the bar is fully filled, the guild will gain a level.

Now, why does a Guild need to level?. Basically to increase the members cap and have more rankings.

You can leave the guild from the “My Guild” menu, on the main tab. You will also notice there are. There’s actually a guild structure which you can see in the screenshot below. [Guild Master, Guild Champion, Guild Sentinel, High Commanders, Commanders]

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277 thoughts on “Knights & Dragons Guide: Guilds”

  1. Higher level guilds need to have more questing activities. The same 2 or three is a bit redundant. We could have other quests such as collecting materials or enhancing armor. Need to also have more member capacity. Would love to see the ability to trade shields for materials, stones, gems, enhancement levels etc

    1. N1ght Ra1d3rz
      -lvl 23
      -12 bonuses purchased
      -27 guardians (lvl 3-7 mainly and a few lvl 1s)
      -Will not be kicked for lack of contribution unless there’s inactivity
      N1ght Ra1d3rz

    2. Join Dark Lord Slayers
      lvl 26 and looking for members for the Guild Wars.
      Contributions not required (not discouraged either haha) just activity
      All bonuses purchased up to +5%
      Always have guardians lvled to 4 at least


    3. Xbb-NXM-RZY level 60 high level gear. also join BigBang a level 31 guild with 7% bonus on all gear types unlocked. we have 1 spot open to anyone who wants to join!!

    4. Level 28 two spaces open strong guild level 30+ and please give gold (you won’t get kicked out if you don’t) work hard and get promoted. Add me to be considered for this guild XBB NVP DMC

    5. Guild Name: Nova
      Guild Level: 22
      Guild Element: Fire
      Guild Members:18/23
      Guild Members element bonus:4% on all elements (increases you attack in all parts of game)
      Guild ranking:last war with only 4 fighting Top 1500 ribbion winner and armor

      Guild Master: Boker (Lvl 118) xbc pqh xgb ( all lvl 70 armor)
      Guild Champion: Gillano (Lvl 47)
      Guild Sentinel: Johnathan (Lvl 59) Tank only defeated a few times in guild wars (Friend him and see if you can beat hiM)
      Guild Gardians:Alway have them

      We are looking for people who are easy to get along with and are active (i.e. play regularly).
      Being a high level is a bonus but not a necessity. Feel free to send a guild join request or add me as a friend xbc pqh xgb

    6. Tired of being in a guild where other players aren’t as addicted as you?
      We are a highly addicted, around the clock, gem spending, highly communicative guild!
      If you like how this sounds, PLEASE APPLY TO OUR GUILD!

      Guild Level: 46
      Elemental Bonuses: 31

      Player level 100+
      Main Character Stats 1600+/1600+
      Fully Expanded Land Slots
      Most Recent Guild Wars Activity, Over 100 combined Win-Losses
      Use of Line APP (If you don’t use it now, no problem, add the free app afterwards)
      Must be highly addicted and play daily! We don’t want casual gamers!
      Gem spending highly recommended! (We have some hefty spenders in the group)

      To apply:
      email – [email][/email]
      line userID prototype4o8

    7. UPDATE for Lord shadow

      Strong guild only level 70+ must be active and donate if you don’t you will be kicked out. we will DOMINATE. Promotion and demotion IS possible loyalty will be rewarded. Plenty of spots ADD ME TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS GUILD

    8. DutchAssasins is now recruiting…level 10+ active in guild wars .. have many gaurdians and all bonuses growing

    9. HEART BREAKERS, on Android, is looking for one lucky recruit to maintain a full roster. We recently kicked out inactives to have a better chance of placing higher this upcoming war.

      The guild has taken a turn for the better and is now very active.We are a level 35 guild with all bonuses at 6%, water at 7%. Our current level requirement is 50+. We also require LINE to communicate.

      If you are interested in joining: add me in game WITHOUT a guild attachment (WBB-CWR-MHP). Or contact me through LINE; jinjusticelg

    10. I’ve been a part of the beast mode gods, extremes and the regulars. I just made a new guild called “Pure Insanity”, I know how to run and work guilds and I will take anyone to the top.

    11. Shadows of War is Recruiting Active Members!


      Rank: Top 125 guild, looking to become top 100 in the next Guild War
      Level: 47 and moving up fast
      Element Bonuses: Water 7%, the rest are 6%
      Guild Master: level 198 with Epic Armors
      Guild Sentinel: level 152 with Epic Armors
      Guild Champion: level 146 with Epic Armors


      *Our guild contains members from all over the world – very beneficial during guild wars!
      *We are a fun, social guild – very active on Line!
      *Leadership is committed to member growth and support!
      *High Commander slots are earned through guild war performance, so everyone has a chance!
      *Above all, our guild is filled with awesome people – I dare you to find a better guild family! 


      -Must be a fun, active teamplayer
      -Must be level 80 or higher and actively leveling
      -During 3 day wars a 15k minimum war point total is required
      -Must download and use Line Chat

      Talk to one of our line recruiters at Line ID: Nessa.d93, Letarta or Dragz1235

    12. IOS

      we are looking for lv70+ with legendary armor or better please.

      all bonuses at 4% we are lv17

      we just need more active players to get better rankings booted all non actives and we have room for 12 new players

    13. We’re looking for 3 more players who want to join our guild.
      It’s a new guild with 100 + players!!
      Our first war we ended 433 with only 17 players.
      Looking for active players only!Lvl 90+ or higher and a solid donater.
      We ask only a 500K a week , everything else you want to donate is extra and welcome offcourse

      Gem using is NOT required but will be appreciated :)

      Only 3 spots left !!! Hurry up , war is beginning in 18 hours! :)

      Happy gaming android users!

      Look us up , the name is : Eruption
      English/Dutch based

    14. Hi all, we are the try out guild for SNL (a top 5 guild on IOS). Add campknight or snlfchris on “line” to join. 30k. Minimum going for top 100.

      Guild name: SNL Fire

    15. Blood Riders


      New guild that just ranked #244 in the last war! We’re looking for a couple more active members to complete our team – and are gunning for top 100.

      Guild lv 20 5% all element bonuses Sentinel lv 110 all 5star armors We do not require gold contribution, but instead stress activity and communication

      Above all we have a perfect balance of real life responsibility and kicking ass when it comes time :) we run as a family unit, all voices are heard in a council style team.

      LINE: Circe91 KnD: khaleesi XBP-CFN-BCV

    16. Join the level 36 guild: “Strategic Defiance” on android now. Last war we ended in top 500, this war we’re aiming for top 250. We are recruiting active players. Element bonusses:

      Fire 7%, Earth 7%, Spirit 6%, Water 6%, Wind 6%.

      55 guardians at the moment for war.

      Room left for 10 more members. We got members from all around the world so there will always be someone online 😉

      If you want to join contact defiantsuicide (Guild Master) or coyd88 (High Commander/recruiter) on line or just apply for the guild :)

    17. Android Guild

      language: english guild level: 38 and growing quickly all bonuses: 6% members: 16/29 leadership roles: 6/12

      Lineapp is required if interested you can message me on line zigzagsiren803 or my Knights and dragons code is wbn ghn xxv

      we do not require gem purchase we do require a small donation each week and fight once in the war which the guild will agree on a day and a time! We have 7 very active players which seem to get along really well with each other! We have place any where between 450 and 1300 in the war we are trying to recruit good active players who are willing to communicate with each there and i believe we can get even further than we have!

      thank you guild master Jesshope

      wbn ghn xxv


    18. android guild Forever Kings

      looking for active players lvl 40+

      there are some gold requirements but they are easily met.

      to join message impulse on LINE app with a screenshot of your 6 knights.

      we hope to see you in our guild soon

  2. Guild Name: Believe The Hype
    Guild Level: 6
    Guild Element: Spirit
    Guild Members: 6/15
    Guild Members Level: 90+

    Guild Master: EHsian (Lvl 119)
    Guild Champion: Hightim3z BTH (Lvl 110)
    Guild Sentinel: Lord Itamar (Lvl 105)

    We are looking for people who are easy to get along with and are active (i.e. play regularly). Being a high level is a bonus but not a necessity. Feel free to send a guild join request or add me as a friend XBB VFF HDF

    1. Save me a spot bro lol. I’ve been playing for a bit and although I’m only lvl 60 I can guarantee 70 by Friday and 100 by the end of the month. I truly love the idea of helping out a team.

      Ps. If you have ps3 hmu on dcuo T4 villain TYtheLIGHTSLINGER

  3. So far, seems cool, but the lag is so horrendous, I can’t even see the profiles of the guilds. How does a guild level up? One guild that invited me is already full

  4. I cant even restart the game after the game has been updated. I already reinstalled it and restarted my device. Any tips?

  5. All these new guild messages popping up are starting to clutter the general message board, and I bet it will only get worse. I was wondering if creating a guild sub thread and moving all that information there would be helpful

  6. Is everyone experiencing guild page related lag? Every time I open it up, my entire KnD gets laggy, and I have to restart the entire app. If I refrain from going to the guild page, I still can reasonably navigate everything else. Oh Wise One, next update to fix this problem?

  7. Guild name: knights of blood
    Wanted: active players
    Requirements: 1) above lvl 40
    2)read guild chat often
    3) communicate
    4) have fun
    So what r u waiting for sent ur request now
    Guild quote: glory belongs to only those with power!!!

  8. Join
    Guild- The Spirit Guild
    Members-03/15 and More Members Can be Added Every time Leveled Up
    Level 6 and Level up when Can

    Join Guild

  9. Guild – Shadow Guardians
    Element – fire
    Newly created – already lvl 4
    2 spots open right now – more open every time we level up
    Active players will be promoted!
    Send request and we will add you!

    1. Update: Shadow Guardians is at lvl 19 now
      Lvl 40+ active players required
      Send request even if we are full! New positions open as we level up

  10. Guild: Canucks
    Level Requirement: 40+
    Element: Spirit

    Members: 9/17

    We’re currently seeking both active and casual gamers to join us!
    We are invite-only, so add me as friend, Gman:(XBC-CYM-PZD)for an invite!

    We’re looking forward to seeing you in-game.

  11. New Leauge/Guild TheDevilsSyndicate.
    We are Looking For active 50+ players that dnt mind chatting and discussing the game and other things from time to time. Join if you like to level up a little but quicker and if you want some tips and tricks to the game.

  12. Please look up and join my guild: gangsta squad Currently level 10 guild with only 4 members, looking to become biggest and best guild, all high level players so far just need more to be the best

  13. Looking for members 11+ for active members for our guild Renegade Knights. guild is lvl 8 at this time guild master lvl 109 and a few other 100+ in guild. Must be active. sorry for the first post haha

  14. looking for members, fast acting only for my guild fireemblem, please look it up, I want to level up fast. thanks

  15. XBB-PQV-HGY level 86 looking for friends

    Join my guild level 50 + named bloody oath ! Come join us and smash out the levels !

  16. you will want to join this guild we are active and will grow quick and become very powerful. THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE I am level 61 and growing i will take all into our guild as long as you want to be active and have fun taking over the world together

  17. Join my guild ( dragon knights guild ) currently level 2
    Requirements very active players
    Preferably players above level 30 but anyone can join

  18. Lv 101
    Need guild members 11+
    Guild Lv 2+
    Active members (no freeloaders)
    Search Guild: Crimson Knight
    Fire boost
    Send guild request
    Also add me
    Noobs welcome to add for epic boss help

  19. My level is now 29

    Name: JeriX

    Code: XBB-WYW-FCV

    Guild: JeriX < i had no other ideas lol

    Guild lvl: 7

    Pls Join and friend me! Everyone is welcomed to join!!!^_^

  20. Got a lvl17 guild and steadily leveling up thanks to our active members, we’re looking for cool, nice active people who play for fun to join our last open spots.

    Gname: Simplicity
    Glvl: 17 atm
    Air boost

    Feel free to send a grequest or have me add you via friends XBC QNC PCW

  21. Guild name: Rushbot
    Guild level: 12
    Guild members: 8/18
    Level to join: 11+

    Guild master: ZeroGravity add: XBC-HXQ-VQW

    Hope you want to join our team!

  22. Guild name: STM5
    Guild level: 19
    Guild members: 14/21
    Level to join: 11+
    Guild master: Chris (level 77)
    Guild master code: XBB – RPV – GCM

    We have many active players in our guild and are very generous in contributing.

  23. Benevolence is a level 15 guild looking for more active players to fill our ranks. We are currently 12/19 members. We have +2% to all elements and have 5 of our guardians levelling. We are all working hard to get ready for guild wars so come join if your a team player

  24. Guild Name: Ganjabis Guild
    Guild Level: 13
    Guild Element: All elements
    Guild Members: 10/19
    Guild Members Level: +11 but increasing to +30 or +40 when guild wars start.
    Guild Master: dougy (Lvl 63)
    Looking for players who play daily and will take part in guild activities. Feel free to join!

  25. Arcanists

    Level 80+
    Guild level: 6
    Members 1/15 Just me atm :)
    Guild bonus: Spirit
    Guild bank 450k all by me
    2 Guardians (1 level 1 and 1 level 2)

    feel free asking to join!

  26. I think you should be able to challenge the guild master for dominance. In my guild, the guild master has a lower everything then me except for tournament wins.

  27. Guild Name: Pale Riders
    Guild Master: lvl 85 (me)
    Guild level: 7
    Anyone can join
    Current roster is 4:16
    4 guardians: 1 lvl 3 and 3 level 1
    +2 to Water and earth (fire is next)

    If you play often I’ll promote you very quickly so you can invite and make guild purchases. Plenty of open slots right now. Ideally I’d like members who are done building city so gold is not a big issue, but I’m patient and will let you get there. No one kicked out.

    Join us!

    1. I’m a VERY active player, level 115 now, and I started a guild by myself which is level 11 or 12 now with 3 elemental bonuses which I’ve done alone. I am curious about joining another guild since I can’t seem to recruit anyone.

      Do you know if I will get to start over on the contribution bonus Armor boosts at 100,000 if I were to disband my guild?

      I also see Rainbow Room (friended players there) with active and $ spenders making the guild pretty impressive, but saw another guild with ALL elemental bonuses maxed out already!!! Cheaters?

  28. Hi everybody :)
    Guld Name : Rockafella
    Guild’s Requirements : Be a lvl 30+ player, Anyone Can Join
    My Requirement 😉 : Be a daily player

    Prepare to be a part of a new adventure, as a team, friendship and advices are must have to enter !

    Add and enter the guild to discover it all !

    SYS everybody

  29. Guild name: Tygers Paladins
    Guild level: 14
    Guild members: 14/18
    Level to join: 11+

    Hope you want to join our team!
    Spots are filling quickly !

  30. Dragonknightz is officially recruiting new members. We are a level 20 and rising guild with active and kind members. Search Dragonknightz in the guild search to request an invite.

  31. I don’t have an option for a guild. I had an I phone with this game and I was in a guild. I now have a android and loaded this game on it and I don’t have a guild option. Does android versions of this game not have the guild option?

  32. guild name: Awkward Turtle
    guild level: 16
    guild perk: Water
    guild requirements: level 11, anyone can join

    we have an active guild master (myself). I am on daily and help out tremendously with leveling up. with some help we will be a HUGE success!

  33. Guild Name: All Spartans
    Lvl: 9
    members 13/16

    Guild Master Troy

    Open to all, but looking for active players. Thanks

  34. guild name: fireemblem
    guild level:14
    Guild memebers:17/19
    level to join: 11+

    guild master: julien xbb-rnb-yqr

    our guild is boost 5% in fire and 4% for all other elements. in need of active players thank

  35. Guild Name: dark slash
    Guild Level: 18
    Guild Element: Spirit
    Guild Members: 17/21
    We are looking for people who enjoy the game and need a layed back guild. We have people from level 101-17. Theres no level requirement . Feel free to send a guild join request or add me as a friend XBB-RHG-FPP

  36. Guild : Never Give Up
    Guild level: 6
    Guild members: 2/15 (both me)
    Level to Join: 50+
    Guild master code: XBD-FFM-DHC

    fire n spirit 2%+

  37. Guild: Shifting Stones
    Guild Level: 21

    Earth & Undecided (awaiting first war)

    Requirements: 30+ and actively contributes

    Earth Bonus: 6%
    Water Bonus: 4%
    Spirit Bonus: 2%
    Fire Bonus: 2%
    Wind Bonus: 2%

    Guild Master’s Code: XBC-FWR-DQC

    Go ahead and submit a request to join; everybody is doing it. We are mostly level 40-60.

  38. Where is even this new menu? I have searched all over my android KnD app and I cannot find for the love of God anything Guilds related! Please help, I feel like I’ve been missing out! :S Oh, and if you can please add me using my code: WBB DND DWR. Cheers

  39. Guild: Ironlake
    Guild Level: 16
    Members: 6/20

    Requirements: Be active (No level req.)
    Earth Bonus: 2%
    Water Bonus: 2%
    Spirit Bonus: 2%
    Fire Bonus: 2%
    Wind Bonus: 2%

  40. Guild: Bumpdibomp
    Lvl: 8
    members: 7/16

    need more active members.
    no lower lvl, just activity needed.

    pls join and or add me as friend: XBD – CGM – YGQ

  41. Hey come join
    Fallen Angel Knights
    right now we are lvl 15 and want more active players. and unlike some of the other guilds on this post we accept 11+

  42. Esoteric Level 25 guild LFM active members level 40+ willing to donate what they can and participate in guild quests. +5% all elements. Inactive members and leeches get kicked. Look us up to apply or add me as a friend: XBB – RXC – PZC.

  43. lvl55 I play everyday looking for active members to join boss finishers so be a boss and finish the wanna be’s off just be active and let’s be number one is are goal

  44. Guild Name: Tigerfamily
    Guild Level: 3
    Guild Element: Water
    Guild Members: 6/12
    Guild Members Level: 40+
    Requirement: Active player. Willing to contribute and strengthen our guild

  45. Hi guys, loving the update,

    Please join my guild


    level 5 currently with 5 members between levels 55-80

    Already bonus damage and guardian

    Accepting level 50+ or very active 40+

    We are all girls here so far so you have to be nice and help contribute our path to the top :)

    Hope to see you soon thanks


  46. want to join a existing guild look no further this is the guild for you we are looking for active players to help us build our guild come join us guild name strongest survive

  47. I’m not a very experienced player (only level 27) but I play every day. I am very active in my guild but no one seems to use the chat function and although I have the second most MVPs and medals I still have not been promoted.

    If anyone has an open spot in their guild, please add me and send an invite. I promise I will contribute as much as I can.

    My friend code is WBC FRR VNR


  48. Join Our Guild. Name Millennium looking for Active players we are level 7 and growing fast.

    Our Bonus 2% on Air and 4% on everything else. I have run a guild before on other games.

  49. Join Whirlwind Warriors
    Lvl 12 ( so far)
    13 out of 18 ( so far)
    Boost knights with wind ( mostly)and spirit
    10,000,000+ gold in guild bank
    Need people above lvl 20 and above
    Join us us, on iOS

  50. Achroma.
    Level 21 Guild, Looking for active members
    Right now Placed at Rank 35 in the Guild War.
    Element Wind.
    Boosted Armors All up to 4%
    Guild Master: Me. King.
    Guild Champion Ventti.
    Guild Sentinel Doom.
    19/22 members Soon to be 12/22

    Until the guild war is over i cannot add any members to the the guild i believe… So Add me. XBB-MMQ-HDY IOS Devices.

  51. Guild names: THE DRAGONBORNZ
    Guild levels: 11
    Guild element: Fire but welcomes all
    Guild members: 7/18
    Guild members levels: 20+

    Looking for level 40+ active players willing to fight and contribute to the guild to help them reach the TOP!!!!!!!

  52. Lucifers Rejects Level 11
    Want active people for guild wars. Not expecting high level, just people who will at the very least try. Will accept all requests. I’m a level 41. On everyday. Just want people who love the game as much as I do.

    ***Looking for a new good Sentinel***

    and will promote active people to high commander roles.

  53. Guild name: “winter is coming”
    Recruiting: level 30+
    Bonuses: 11+
    Guardians: 7 with various levels

    We have very active, daily, strong players so feel free to look us up and send us a request to join. We will reply to your request immediately. Lower level than the requirement should also give us a try, as long as you remain active and contribute, then we do reconsider!

  54. Join our guild. We have lots of fun playing. Guild name is qcownage. Level 21. Level 40 players and up. XBB-NWX-VFM. Add me as friend. Happy gaming!

  55. Join knights of blood. We require active players above lvl 40, both stats at least 800, our daily donation is 50k. We are lvl 25 and have 20 bonuses. If u do not meet the lvl& stats requirements u can join knights of blood 2(affiliated) and be promoted later on. So what are u waiting for join us today
    Guild quote: once a true knight of blood always a knight of blood

  56. Guild: Speedliner lv. 10 Suche Guild mitglieder..? sende mir Freundesanfrage, und du bekomst Guild anfrage..!!

  57. Guild name: SOS
    Guild Rank: 22nd
    Guild Members: 29/30
    Guild Level: 45

    Looking for members who are active with plus armors !

  58. Join our Guild We are level 17 with 19 players. We have all Elements at 4% Bonus. If you are a Daily Player and Donate Daily we have officer positions open to the right players. Would increase your knights buy 10% with Attack and Defense.
    Search Millennium and request to Join.

  59. Need players have three and we are already lv 11 guild and donaite around a 1000000 a week each join WHOLESALE WOOP SSA if u want to be in a guild with all active players

  60. Join our guild the myrmidons
    we’re level 15 (almost 16)
    You have to be 50+
    we’re strong daily players
    we need more members, we have 8 out of 19 now

  61. hello, we are looking for some more members in our guild Elysian(Android) you have to be lv 50 or higher :)
    if you had read this plz write in guild chat that you find my comment :)
    thx and i promise this is the best guild ever

    1. hey i just sent a request my old guild wasnt doing anything so i’m looking for a new one please accept me i will donate and help out as much as i can

  62. Hi I just started playing a couple months ago I’m lvl 53 and lvl 1-3 times everyday my main stats r both over 1000 and I’m currently in a non active guild I ALONE got our guild 6000 points in last blitz guild wars which was good enuf for rank 950 I can donate over 1 mill a week and am looking for a strong active guild who competes for top ranks in guild wars. Thanks to any one reading my post and I’m looking forward to my new guild

    1. tylerF if u see this which probably u wont but anyway join .501st Legion. has currently at lvl 51 has purchased 29 lvls of element bonus. placed 553 rd in the last guild war we will develop u into a pro player.line not needed and not used gems need not be spent.atleast 200k a week we only kick players out of the guild if thaey r not active do not contribute or do not follow rules

  63. New Guild’s Forming!

    BBQ Pork
    Lvl 30+ guild
    Active players only!
    Non-Active will be kicked out!
    Buy out your rank, help guild grow!

  64. Bad Touch Guild

    Currently recruiting daily active players lvl 40+. For iOS

    We have a guild website that explains or mission and what we expect during guild wars.

    Daily, weekly and monthly high commander spots as well as permanent slots.

    Participating in chat is a must especially during guild wars.

    Guild 2 weeks old and lvl 18 with armor bonuses on all elements.

    Currently 20/21 members but more slots will open shortly.

    Contact Guild leader Lady Bad Touch at dkbadtouch at for more info.


  65. Necromancer an IOS guild with highly active players is looking for other highly active players to add to its roster.
    We are friendly and love to share knowledge in our lively chat room.

    5 percent bonus on all elements
    Members: 18/24

    Requirements: – Must be active with quests and contributions
    – Level 50+
    – Willing to work on your level progression
    – Know how to have FUN

    Lock – XBD-NPD-QPX

    My level 101 (all epic boss + gear)

  66. xX420Xx Level 18 Guild is recruiting active players willing to team up and contribute what they can to help guild grow strong with players. look us up and ask for invite to the guild.

  67. Guild: Shadow Guardians

    Level: 31

    Req lvl: 40+

    We are looking for guild members to help fight off the darkness that covers this land.

    IOS only

  68. {}}}”Winter is Coming” lvl 20+ guild, ranked 772 in FFB{{{}
    *RECRUITING LVL 30+ daily active players*—>15/22 members

    We are a diverse, tight knit group and even though our guild is newly created, we have active members. During the last guild war FFB, we were ranked 772, and our goal is 200 for the next war. If you are are a daily/active player and interest in joining, look us up and send us a request. In addition, you can add me WBB-CNN-BYM (Ryan, level 92 android) for a guild invitation, and I can help you in your battles as well, as I have many powerful legendary armors.

    !!!More Guild Wars are coming soon, so join us and get in on the action and rewards!!!


    Elemental Bonuses: 13 levels of element bonuses purchased

    Guardians: 8/20 with levels ranging from 5-10

    Guild Bank: ~8 mils

    ******7 Empty Slots left in Roster, so hurry and join!******


  69. Guild name- raraohlaguild

    This guild is level 23 and has very nice elemental bonuses. We ranked 815th in this last guild war due to lack of participation, (5 people). Therefor I have been weeding out those who no longer contribute, leaving room for some new guild mates. Qualities we are looking for is simple, play actively, minimum once in 24 hours, help out when u can, prepare for guild wars and participate in guild wars when they are here. I am level 90, the guild sentinal, and a big time contributor. Not looking for any hero’s, just someone to do their part. Apply directly through guild, or add me as a friend then apply, friend code WBB-RQG-GGP

  70. Android guild-

    LEGIONder verdammten (lagion of the d@mned in english)
    6 slots open in the roster just got rid of 3 players yesterday who weren’t donating, didn’t participate in the war, and inactive in guild chat. Serious players only, will make exceptions for levels as low as 45 but prefer levels 50 and hired. Placed 550 in the FBB and we have 11 element boosts available

  71. Ios
    Guild : Luck
    Looking for active 30+ players, currently 8/19 filled. 10 elemental bonuses purchased and looking forward to you! Contact me XBD-YPW-WQH

  72. Alea caelestia is level 24 10% bonuses for armors and we are currently ranked 150 in the current guild war must be plus 50 to join guild only two open spots left and week and only a month old
    Xbf fhh vbd. We use line instead of guild chat to coordinate attacks in guilds wars

  73. Guild “Winter Is Coming” recruiting level 50+
    Ranked 225 in last guild war event. We have very active, strong, daily members(level 60-100). Look us up and sent us a request to join, we will reply immediately. We need active players who will contribute and help the guild grow. Guild bonuses: 13 elements and growing PS. Feel free to add us we can help you in battle. Add me for access to guild page WBB-CNN-BYM, am level 100.

  74. my guild strongest survive is reshuffling we have room for 7 active players for the upcoming guild wars we placed 540 in the last event due to lack of participation from players so we are recruiting 7 new players required lv40 plays daily especially for the wars not much to contribute so don’t waist time looking and a good guild is right here look up strongest survive and apply now

  75. Guild has been updated.

    Guild: Shadow Guardians.

    Lvl Req: 50+

    This guild was meant to have epic battles with the dark prince and overcome any guilds who oppose us, conquering wars and crushing dark and ancient powers beneath our feet.

    Info: Friendly and active guild, will promote active and contributive players. Join us and learn the power of the Shadow Guardians.

  76. Looking for active players to join our guild:

    Leaders of Kaj. (Earth)
    Lvl 30+ req.

    All elements upgraded to +5% and three at +6%.

  77. The Defiant is looking for new Android members!

    We are a fun, *friendly* level 22 guild.

    We welcome casual and serious players, but please be level 30 or higher.

    1. Haha I see you Lucy :)

      We’re level 23 now and still have an opening for a level 30+ player. Bonuses are all at 4/5%.

      Join The Defiant on Andriod!

  78. Join ProjectX

    Quality guild, lots of active players. always do well in the guild wars etc.

    Just changed it to Lv 40 plus to join so we can compete

  79. Hi knights and dragons players
    Merkingspree is now recruiting
    all upgrades at 4 percent
    Level 18 guild
    we have some heavy contributors but were looking for more active players to better compete in guild wars
    Requirements 30 + and active

    join. Merkingspree today

  80. Hey i play every day, im level 115 nearly 116

    Level 70 Armour of Notus, Level 70 Half-Dragon Warrior’s Armour, Level 70 Jian’s Battlegear

    All bonuses +%4, Spirit %5

    Guild is only level 15 unfortunately but everyone stopped playing, so i had to kick them. (Please be kind and bring my guild back to life.) :)

    Level 11+ to join, must be active.

    3/19 places have been taken, accepting all requests.

    Guild name is ” Team Salad “. ( IOS )

  81. Hello My guild APOCALYPSE rank 19 in the world soon to be top 6 is looking for 1 player that is very active and spends his gems on guild wars 90+ hit me on my email or drop your friend code in reply.


  83. Android users –

    Are you addicted to this game? You’re not alone my friend. Our guild: SPELLBOUND is currently recruiting new players. Must be level 30+, active players, please.

    I’m currently a level 82 daily player, our guild has earned rewards in both Guild Wars.. We have 9 members so far, so please find us and join!

    My code: WBB CGW RZY

    Have fun!!

    GUILD LV -36
    PLAYERS -(27/28)

  85. Opperhoeren. Lvl 20 active endgame guild lf more lvl 80+ active players. Led by me and Sander (both 90+ soon 100+.) We speak french dutch and english.We are very active in Guildwars.feel free to join.

  86. Join The Ultimate Warriors, we’re a level 52 guild, perquisite is that you’re an active player, donate gold & take part in Guild Wars; you also need to be 40+.

    Got a level 210 Guild Master who knows everything about the game 😛


  88. Guild Name: UsAgainstTheWorld
    Guild Level: Level 16
    Members: 11/20 (we clean shop once every 2 weeks due to inactivity and lack of contributions)
    Bonus: All Elements +4%
    Requirements: 30lvl,Active, friendly,
    Guild Master: Sumo (lvl 71) 2 of 3 maxed armor
    Guild Sentinel: GoofyBanshee (lvl 52)

  89. Name: ledgend101
    Epic guild one member has epic amour leveling up fast have got lots of cash
    Level 30+ but we only need good active players
    My friend code is
    Five star amour guy is Xbg hbb vqb
    Plz join

  90. The Forgotten Elites, extremely active lv 30 guild looking to expand core group. Great bonuses. For inquiries guild master Rob WBC-WCH-PMR.

  91. join my guild:
    BadAssWarMongers: Lv 39 with over 20 element phurchases
    must be active and lv 60+ with decent armor(legendary and epic)
    Our rule:
    unlock all expansions first
    upgrade your armor so you can do good in wars
    lastly donate
    We dont have a minimum donate rule
    finish top 100 in guild wars
    we are on IOS

  92. Spirit of the Earth level 14 guild is seeking new members level 30+. We ask that if you join us you please be an active member of the guild and be working on leveling your fighters. We are also seeking a new guild champion as our previous one moved on to become our sentinal. You can add me (WBC-NVZ-CQX) or just look for us. I hope you will come join us!

  93. ios guild looking for active members. unactive members are booted after a week of no action. I am a level 59 with 3 legendary armors. im looking for 30+ level members to join my guild. we are active in every battle and need players that are active to join so that we can come to be the best guild out there. my friend code is XBG-DNZ-YWB add me.

  94. Hi all

    Friendly Auzzie Guild looking for Active player to help us progress and place well in guild wars

    Guild Name: OpStrats
    Guild Level: 24
    Guild Element: Spirit
    Guild Members: 11/24
    Guild Members element bonus: +6% on earth,water,fire,sprit,wind(increases you attack in all parts of game)
    Guild ranking:Last guild war we placed in Ribbon G with only 3 people from our guild competing
    Guild Master: TinyGiraffe (Lvl 58)his my best mate always happy to help XBB-ZBP-FXZ
    Guild Sentinel: Ace(ME) (Lvl 89)I have 4 epics and starmetal im always playing lvling and more then happy to help where i can :)

    We are looking for people who play regularly and are easy to get along with we have many postitions in the guild to be filled and you can always rank up and go higher if you have any questions please email me or send me a friend request XBB-ZBB-CMF


    Top 50 Guild Looking to Recruit Players LVL 120+

    Tired of being in a guild where other players just don’t really care for the game?
    We are a highly addicted, around the clock, gem spending, highly communicative guild!
    If you like how this sounds, PLEASE APPLY TO OUR GUILD!

    My Level: 167
    Guild Level: 52 (34 player slots)
    Elemental Bonuses: 32

    Player level 120+
    Main Character Stats 1600+/1600+
    Fully Expanded Land Slots
    Use of Line APP (If you don’t use it now, no problem, add the free app afterwards)
    Gem spending highly recommended!

    To apply:
    Change your name to “ADD MM [nickname]”
    Leave your guild! I will not be able to invite/accept you unless you leave your current guild first! **IMPORTANT**

  96. Hey gamers!
    We have a new, great growing guild lvl 26! Named Maelstrom (Msm)It’s only existing for 2 weeks.
    We have active members lvl 70+ and we will do great during war.
    We have one place left, anyone wanna join, please add us on line messenger:
    Joosa.elia, blooodymary or msm.princess. this is a place where we talk about war, but also have a chat for fun
    Hope to hear from u soon.

  97. Guild: Treasure Hunters
    Guild Level: 28
    Guild Members: 19/26
    Guild Members element bonus: +6% on earth and sprit 5% on air, water, fire(increases attack strength in all parts of game)
    Guild Master: Amso WBB-MHW-DNC

  98. Level 24 Guil open for recruitment – Lingering

    For active memebers
    Level 50+ players
    Boosts: All at level 5 (working on leveling up)

    Im a guild champion at level 103, I play everyday whenever I can.
    You can alsk add me as a friends – WBC-PGD-HMC

    Again, Lingering Guild

  99. LINGERING Guild open for recruitment

    For active members
    Level 50+ players
    Boosts: All at level 5 (working on leveling up)

    Im a guild champion at level 103, I play everyday whenever I can.
    You can alsk add me as a friends – WBC-PGD-HMC




    -20LEVELS BONUS -70/70GUARDIANS LV(2/4) -lvl 111 SENTINEL (att 2550, def 2159,lvl)

    -lvl 271 GUILD MASTER





  101. Are you looking for a new guild on IOS? Are you tired of immature members, or ranking low in guild wars? If any of these are you, then come join Knights of Blood. We are a tightly bound, family guild, focused on helping eachother both lvl up, and obtain powerful armors. Currently lvl 42, with 26 tiers of element bonuses purchased, we are quickly climbing the chart! To join, we have only a few requirements:
    1: you must be lvl 75 or higher.
    2: your armor must be over 1.4k for both stats. (For non balanced stats, the sum of attack and defence must be (2.8k).
    3: you must be able to contribute at least 75k per day (525k per week).
    4: you must be active, willing to commit, dedicated to the guild, and give your all in participation. We disapprove greatly of mercenary members and guild jumpers.
    5: lastly, have fun and enjoy the family!

    To apply, message Stormraiderx, Overlord Arthas, Simon (Sween200), or SkySheep :3, on Line (free message app)

  102. Hi everyone i am from the guild “The Dark Angels” on the ios platform. we are looking to recruit some new lively members. as long as you are active on the game and will be active in the guild and guild chats then you will be accepted to the guild. we dont ask much just that you help out in guild wars, contributing a little to the guild and that youre active. I am the guild sentinel ZDrive lvl 115, guild champion is Death Stalker lvl 131 and guild master is Jake lvl 95. The guild itself is level 33 our bonuses are all 6+.

  103. ANDRIOD

    TOP 500 Guild Every War.Goal Is Rank 100 in the World.



    Dragon Fighterz

    My Code: Wbb-Pfy-Mpf

    Guild Lv:43

    Sentinel LV:189

    Champion LV:164

    All Armor Boost is at 6%


    lv 70+

    Active daily and for all wars.

    Giving Cash Would Be Nice.

    4 star/epic boss armors and/or epic armor

    please have armor max or close to max

    24/30 members but we will makes more space if more people want to join

    add me on KnD.

    Also can be contacted though the line app . Line Name : NakedOldGuy Im Awake 18 Hours a day,

  104. Knights of Oblivion

    Looking for active members for guild wars

    All bonuses are 7+

    All guardians are 4+

    Add XBB PDY CXC if interested

  105. Hey guys plz join my Apple iOS guild called “The Air Mazaz” all bonuses are at 4 or 5 it started as an air guild we contribute millions per day (you don’t have to though) please join :)

  106. Andriod Guild “Bro Ashleys Here” is looking for members that contribute atleast 10k+ points in guild wars.

    Gem dropping isn’t mandatory yet, but alot of our members do it.

    60++ lvl 37 guild MUST BE highly active or you WILL be kicked. very easy to be promoted or demoted based on guild wars activity! Ranks change after wars

    Please respond here or add GM Jillibeans who dropped 300 gems last war alone WBD – CDN – GWN

    1. Im interested in joining your guild. My code is WBF-HVV-RZF. I love the game and i have very serious about it. Lvl 60 btw. Hope to talk to you soon!

  107. any who is in need of a good just starting out guild send a request to The Chills and we’ll look you over to see if youre good enough to join!

  108. Hi All,

    FireFight Guild is recruiting for active players Lvl 50+. We’d like members to participate in Guild Wars when possible and contribute to Guild Bank so we can level bonuses for everyone. Currently we have +8 for Fire, Water, Spirit and +7 for Earth, Wind.
    We provide support for members to help them power level to 100+.

    Send a message to Menudo in LINE to apply.

  109. Join our friendly guild!

    Level 23 Guild

    Active members, friendly always on LINE chatting about everything.

    Don’t need to be a high level just above level 30 and active.

    We do the best to develop our people as we develop our guild.

    Getting decent prizes from wars but looking to do even better

  110. Lvl 60 looking for a GOOD guild. Must be competitive. Very active and play alot. I enjoy the game so im serious about it. My code is WBF-HVV-RZF.

  111. Falcon Nest is a level 12 guild for Android. We currently have 10 levels of element bonuses and are accepting anyone level 11+. We’re hoping to find active/casual players who enjoy having fun in gchat (we’re a rowdy,inappropriate bunch lol) and just want someplace to hangout while they level/gear up. All of our members are very knowledgeable/helpful with plenty of leadership experience (GM led last guild to rank 174 in the Guild Wars), so come chill with us while we help you become a strong contender. =)

    ~Tina WBB-NMZ-QZQ

  112. Lvl50 Guild Wardevilz on android is recruiting Lvl60 plus members.

    Elemental bonusses: 7%fire-7%water-7%air-8%spirit-8%earth

    Try to stay active and participate on guildwars.

    U can look us up: WarDevilz or friend code me WBF – VWX – CNG

  113. Join the golds, we are looking for active players but won’t be kicked if not always active,we are growing quickly and need new members to join plz

  114. Hello there,

    I’m in the guild EXCALIBUR; We are currently ranked 401 in this guild war. We are looking for new, active and good people.

    The recruirements are
    – lvl 80+
    – very active (daily would be appreciated or once in the two days.)
    – gemming is not recuired but it’s optional. We got some gemmers in the guidl including me. Our guild is lvl 50 for the moment and all bonusses stand on 7%. Almost 8% for air. If anyone is interested add my code WBG-HMX-XZM. I hope to see you guys soon!

  115. Looking for IOS users who are active players to join Raise the Dead Guild.

    Our guild has element boosts of 6% and 7%

    We are looking for players who are 30+

    Willing to participate in all guild wars

    Willing to donate money on a regular bases

    We have no GEM requirements, but do ask players download Line to communicate. If you are interested in joining please add me on line Deadcheyenne and sent a guild request.

  116. Strongest Survive
    Level 73
    Level 7%bonus except for wind at 6%
    Requirements-must be active during gw earning 20,000+points in 3 days events.have 3 maxed legendary + armors or epics .contribute 500, 000+ weekly.must have line app for guild communication
    If interested messages me on line I’d ssdamion with screenshot of top 3 armors and last gw points

  117. IOS Knights and Dragons
    Join guild ‘Narguls’ we placed #75 in last war on 10th January
    To apply add line ID ‘Louizzle’ and tell me what you’re like during wars
    We have no level requirements but do need ACTIVE members
    Guild wars will ALLWAYS get you a LEGENDARY armour in our guild

    1. I am interested in joining your guild I’m level 51 with mostly legendary armor and I am very active and would love to help out in guild wars and contribute to the guild. My code is XBH-YNP-ZVN. Thank you for your time.

  118. Android Guild Funky Monkeys is recruiting!

    Our guild is:

    Level: 36

    Members: 21/28

    Requirement: lvl 11+

    Bonuses: All Elements +6%

    All that we require is that stay active, contribute gold where you can and have fun. We do quite well in each guild war and wish to further our rank with your help! Please feel free to add me with friend code WBF-NDG-YRH or apply through the guild search, Thank you!

  119. Our guilt level is 69 and we ranked in the 150 top guilts , we are looking for active players and but in effort to winning guilt wars. We are accepting lv80+ our guilt name is the azule knights .

  120. Guild= zero 1, looking for new members beginners are very welcome and advise will be given if ur new to the game all leadership roles are up for grabs

  121. Join Freakazoidz. Very competitive android guild lvl 69 which just finished #135 in the guild war. Looking for active players who can follow some war rules which we have in place. If interested search and add Freakazoidz on Knights and Dragons or add mountaindew2711 on line.

  122. Join Freakazoidz. Very competitive android guild lvl 69 which just finished #135 in the guild war. Looking for active players who can follow some war rules which we have in place. If interested search and add Freakazoidz on Knights and Dragons or add mountaindew2711 or jared.myers89 on line.

  123. Guild heart breakers currently looking to fill a few spots recently we placed 70th in last 3 day war but are always moving forward. Guild current level is 52 and getting stronger every day. Only looking for high leveled and serious players contact tskillz123 using the line app if interested.

  124. Guild name: charriot of apallo
    Wanted: active players
    Requirements: 1) above lvl 40
    2)read guild chat often
    3) communicate
    4) have fun
    So what r u waiting for sent ur request now. Adults and kids are welcome.

  125. Guild= zero 1, brand new guild looking for active members all leadership roles up for grabs, all level players welcome and game advise will be given if you are new to the game and need a bit of help so come and join the fun and let’s get the top

  126. BadAssWarMongers sub guild is Recruiting!!!!! the guild name is Warloards. We are open to all everybody, the guild is currently in rebuilding stage because we thought why not put it in use since we have a sub guild. Warloards currently have 10 space opening and we welcome anyone. the only rules is stay active and participate in events :) about BadAssWarMongers, we are a usual top 50 guild if anyone participates in the war( placed 40 and 35 previous to war of conjuror) we only placed 56 in the war of conjuror because guild sent had some RL issues to deal with, he’s one of our powerhouse( he usually do more than 200k) :( If you join the sub guild and lead to sub guild into a good placement, we might call you up and have a shot on getting a legendary plus or an epic(if we go for it) we are on IOS, warloards are going for top 300 as a start since it’s in a rebuilding process, so plz show a helping hand and revive the guild :)

    BTW we encourage you to download line for communication for the guild :)

  127. iOS guild looking for active new members level 30+. Currently in the top 900 in Guild Wars, with only 6 or 7 members participating. Join Few Of Many.

  128. Are you in a guild already, trying hard and carrying a bunch of free loaders, or are looking for a strong guild to grow with? If you answered yes to either of these then join Sirnation and put your efforts into a guild proven to win! Average ranks of about 100 in guild wars, level 59 guild with 23 elemental upgrades! We have 15 new spots open, so apply now and your sure to get in, but if you don’t pull your weight and earn your keep, you’ll be removed just as easily. Join Sirnation today

  129. Guild: The Infernal Knights
    Platform: Android
    Membership: 11+

    The Infernal Knights are recruiting! Come join a new guild that is quickly leveling up. Seeking active players only.

  130. The Dark Immortals
    New guild looking for active members! Lvl 15 Atk/Def Bonuses: 2% Air 4% Earth 4% Water 5% Spirit 6% Fire

    I’m looking to fill the roster before the next guild war starts. The first five new recruits to join will be given a High Commander position. Search The Dark Immortals and join now!

  131. Order of Pain is looking to add new members. We are a level 21 Android guild with 2% and 3% elemental bonuses currently with more being added as funds are available. We are looking for people who are actively levelling up and interested in participating in guild wars. Search for Order of Pain, or send me a friend request at WBH-CVQ-ZCY

  132. Friend Code: WBB-PMC-HQF   –   Android System
    Top Guild:  Bulls on Parade

    Second Guild:  Bull Pen

    Third Guild and Fourth Guilds: BoP Branding Room & Bustin Bull Balls

    Rank:  Guild Master for Bulls on Parade

    Line ID:  TwiztedFizter

    Our guild is always looking for good active players, we place high in all wars.

    We are max level, have all element bonuses at 8%+.  We are very active and work well with each other through the line app. We keep record of performance and promote and demote accordingly. We have a good guild full of people who are very helpful and patient with early players. Line app is required in all of our guilds.

    Bulls on Parade Guild Requirements:

    Level 100+

    All Expansions open with Training Grounds

    Maxed out Epics

    Dropping Gems in war is both welcome and will be required in the future.

    We are a Rank 25-75 guild in participation wars.  We pick wars to gem as a guild, so be prepared to drop down to our other guilds when these wars come up if you aren’t willing to drop big gems.

    Contact TwiztedFizter or JoWood07 via Line app to apply to this guild.

    The Bull Pen is our second guild for players to grow in levels to meet the requirements of the top guild.  Contact me via Line if you are interested.

    Bull Pen Guild Requirements:

    Level 80+

    All Expansions open with Training Grounds

    At Least three Maxed 4 star+ Armors

    The Bull Pen typically ranks in the 50-250 rank

    Contact slasher7 or ronjoey via Line app to apply to this guild.

    The BoP Branding Room and Bustin Bull Balls are our training guilds for players to learn quickly to meet the requirements of the Bull Pen.

    Guild Requirements:

    Level 11+

    Very High Activity and the will to learn.

    These guilds typically ranks in the 100-750 rank

    Contact Killinyou or Melissa.Cardenas via Line app to apply to these guilds.

  133. Hey guys,
    The legion of Kaos is recruiting! Active members only please, line chat is required. Accepting any and Al active players it’s been six months since I started, haven’t spent more than $100 dollars on it and only that to get the achievement, I have multiple legendary plus armors maxed out personally, we know how to help you lvl your armors in the fastest waypossible, plus as a requirement, we have a very special technique for guild wars that will get you top 50 plus guaranteed! Just join us and be active and our one requirement add a guild! 😉

  134. If you are looking for an active guild than Death Corp is the guild for you! We are an android guild who place in the 400s on average in the ranking, and last war we only had 20 people! So we need to add more man power to become one of the top guilds on Android.

    If you wanna join our requirements our. 1: must contribute the weekly minimum of 300k. 2: if not level 100 must level once a week until you reach level 100. 3: must be 80+ level to join. 4: only the GM, Guild Champion, Guild Sentinel, and who ever else is given permission can start a war. We have a schedule for wars, and if one is started early than it could cost in a rank in the war. If you start a war w/o permission it will result in a kick. 5: must be active in war.

    (Optional) have a kik, it is a more effective way of communicating rather than using game chat. My kik id if you want to contact me is: CaptainMcKillin and my friend code is WBF-RWC-GMN. Also the GM’s kik id is Digital_Malice and his friend code is WBB-YDP-BWZ. We are looking forward to winning with you!

  135. iOS. Guild looking for very active players we are level 75 only 4 positions available. The Beer Avengers. Apply or contact me line: metallicool

  136. iOS Guild ‘Deadlift Crew’ recruiting!


    – At least level 50

    – Have at least 1 EPIC or EPIC BOSS armour

    – Are very active in leveling and especially guild wars.

    The Guild

    We are a fire based guild, with a master lvl 120 wearing 3 maxed epics, and 20 very active members.

    In wars we usually finish ribbon E (500-250), but this time, due to several inactive members we ended up ribbon F. Since members were kicked

    we now have 5 spots free. We strive to be higher in the leaderboards.

    * Other info

    – We have 3 elements +6% and 2 elements +7%

    – We are a new guild, leveling very fast and reaching higher Ribbons almost everytime

    – We don’t have line, but chat actively ingame

    Join DC! You won’t regret it.

  137. Lvl 11 guild looking for daily members and we ask to all member to contribute 100 000$ a week. We have six places, we are 3 lvl 90+ (soon 100!) and 2 others who upgrade fast! We want some active players who want to be a part of our growning team! Add me and I’ll invite you! WBH-NFR-VDC (Android)

  138. looking for active people 50+ lvl we have some above 100 players with epics and gemspenders no further requirings

    rising ground is the name of the guild

  139. Briar Hearth- Lvl 23 guild looking for active players 5% Fire bonus, all others 4%- no requirenent to join- just play and have fun- look us up or add me to join WBH-WCM-QPX

  140. IOS Version
    “Cream of the Crop” is looking for Members
    We are working to be a band of the Best!
    Our Guild LVL is 53.
    I’m the Guild Master and I’m LVL 211
    Our Guild Sentinel is Matrim75 and he’s LVL 145
    We are looking for player that will be a help to our Guild during Guild Wars and also Contribute to help our guild grow to become a top ten guild during Guild Wars. Right now we have 7 spots open out of 34. We have been doing clean up after every Guild war to get rid of players that don’t put in there equal share of work in the Guild.
    Friend Code for me is XBC-YYG-QWP
    Matrim75 is XBB-XBV-CWV
    My Line ID: Cold187
    We always Rank under 300! We were ranked 137 last guild war!
    Please Contact me on line to be added to the Guild. Also we have a Guild Chat room on Line and also an officer chat room on Line. We are looking for High LVL players 50 and higher. Low lvl please apply if you are an active player multiple times daily and plan to keep playing as I believe in giving everybody a chance! So of our best members joined use around lvl 20 and now over lvl 100!

  141. Android Guild

    Ninjas in Pyjamas (24/29 atm) – Recruiting Active Members

    Level 50+

    Guild Level 39 – 25 Levels of Element Bonus (all bonuses at 7%)

    Work hard, party hard! Active players will be promoted.

    War participation is crucial! Freeriders will be kicked!

    Fast growing guild, that ended this last guild war at #238

    No contribution demands.

    Add me ingame (HubrO): [ WBC – XBY – GQB ] Line ID: Julejizzen

  142. Looking for recruits! For both android and iOS versions!!! Guild on android is ali321 and the guild on iOS is shadow militia. . Please join us on our quest to become a top ranking guild on both platforms

  143. Guild name: LOOTSHIP

    Guild Level : 9

    Device: Android

    Guild Master: LS Jarome

    Guild Sentil: LS Hydro

    Guild Champion: Slanger230

    Guild just greated and trying to get top 10

    If you want to join Requiments: Level 100+ must be active and friendly you don’t need to be gem spender if you are under level 100 you must have 2 or more epic armors

    If your intrested please contact LineID: Hydroo

  144. TRB (Android Guild)
    LVL 75 (MAX)
    Guild Bonuses nearly maxed
    TRB is a free gem guild with a long tradition and familiar atmosphere. Nobody is required to spend gems on gw and we mainly use free gems. Activity is more important. Our war rankings ranged between 300 and 26. We currently have a lot of free spots to fill so dont hesitate to ask if you want to join.
    -5k points per day of war (15k in a 3-day-war)
    -300k gold weekly
    -Line app
    Contact: matt85 or rod320 on Line

  145. Zojuist is er een Nederlandse guild gestart.

    We zijn met een groep van 6 zeer active vrienden een nieuwe guild begonnen omdat bij onze oude guild de leaders gestopt waren. Wij zijn op zoek naar active Nederlandse spelers met een minimale lvl van 40.

    Wij hopen dat wij jou zo snel mogelijk kunnen verwelkomen!


  146. iOS phones.
    My guild – Second Coming – is recruiting new members, level 40+. All elemental bonuses are 5+ or better. We consistently do well in wars (ranked 370 last war). Must be active during wars. Add me to join XBN-DRP-CHN

  147. Looking for 10 members to complete our lvl 20 guild team. You have to be an active player and contribute at least 100 000$ a week. Those who don’t follow this simply rules will be kicked out. Just add me as friend and I’ll invite you : WBH-NFR-VDC. YOU CAN’T ALREADY BE A MEMBER OF A GUILD BECAUSE I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO INVITE!!! Thank you, welcome!

  148. Hey all!!
    Come be a part of “join best guild” all active players are welcome Lvl 50 minimum at the moment. Soon to be 75-100 minimum. Join now while you have a chance. Advancing quickly. 4 spots left after just filling 1. SEE YOU SOON!

  149. Andriod: Bacon Slayers


    23-35 spaces

    Level Req.70 an above

    500K-Weekly For Armor Boost.

    ARMOR Boost :Earth/Wind/Spirit-7% Fire/Water-8%

    Looking For Mostly USA or European Players

    Who can Read&Write in English.

    Message Me: oldnakedguy on Line If You Wanna Join


  150. Hello we are a new guild and looking for active and fun members.
    Were a non gem guild. but this may change in the future.

    Only thing were asking for is that your an active player. Its still a new guild but if youre interested in becoming one of the guild founders and maybe an leadership role then pleaze join.
    Our guild is all about having fun.

    Guild Master: tunux (lvl 215) WBC-CCF-YWV

    Level requirement: 11+

    Line ID: tunux

    Guild name: In Team We Trust

    Operating system: Android

    Add me on Line App messenger if u want to join us.

    See you there!!!

  151. Join The Plastics!
    On Wednesdays we wear pink. :)
    First five members will be automatically be promoted to high commanders or higher (depending on your level and armor).

  152. IOS guild named Demonic Dragons

    All bonuses at 5% We are looking for players around the level of 50+

    We have a small number of people that participate but we score high Looking for active players

    Rank usually in the 500-1000 range (with three only really active people) we can do much more with 20

    Gem spending not required

    In war we require 4.5kpoints in a one day war and 12k in a 3 day war

    To become a high commander you need to either score greatly in a war(you will be expected of 40% more of the minimum in future wars to maintain status) Or collect a large amout of MVPs (7-10 depending on level and experience lower level players will need 7)

    Financial aid to guild is required 50+-500K 60+-600k 70+700k 80+800k And so on

    To apply to join just look up the guild and ask to join

  153. Hello iOS players! “The M Trip” wants you! Lol! if you play for fun and not a total geek then this guild is for you! “The M Trip” only demands: at least lvl 50, 250k contribution per week, activity of course and winning spirit!

  154. Android
    We are The Changeling. The shifting shadows. The flickering fire. The turning tides.

    Looking to join a fast-growing, active community? You need only apply! Currently Level 20 with 5% element bonuses (6% air and fire), and we are glad to welcome newbies and experienced players alike. Our principle is that by combining ranks like this, we build strong players for the future. Be warned: inactive players will get kicked. We want to keep our community vibrant.

    Search ‘The Changeling’ in the guild searchbar to get started today!


    Guild Name: Menrule

    Guild Level: 46

    Guild Level Requirement: Level 30+

    Elemental Bonuses: a few 7% and the rest 6%

    Guild master, Sentinel, and Champion all have epics and epic+ maxed. Over level 100

    For contact information, use the app called “Line.” Enter in my User ID – saber2319. I am happy to answer any and all questions.

    About our guild:
    The majority of our guild lives in America. We currently have 16/32 total members in our guild and maintain rank 750 in guild wars. We are in need of more participants to reach this guilds full potential. I know if we fill up to 32 active members, we will become top 250 EASY. Contributing is totally up to you on how much you want to put in weekly. There is no limit, but we would love to get enough from everybody for guild purchases and elemental bonuses. Our guild heavily uses line. We have a “War Room” chat and a separate “Menrule” chat for random conversations. Everyone is friendly and we have a blast just talking to one another! We have some very experienced players that know lots of juicy tips for leveling up faster and other topics.

    My friend code is WBM-GNR-BPC. I am Level 153. Add me on line and in-game and I would be happy to introduce you to the family! 

  156. FD Mark USA – GM of FLAMING DRAGONS (Android)

    Guild level – 75 (max), 6 bonus upgrades until all are maxed

    I’ve just been promoted to Guild Master of Flaming Dragons. We have had several members leave before i took over & are now looking to replenish the ranks.

    We need ACTIVE GUILD WAR fighters, level 80+ (you should really strive for 100 to max out char stats)

    No War Point, gem or gold requirement – Contribute as you can & help with Guild Wars

    Here’s your chance to get into a good guild with strong stats, apply now – FLAMING DRAGONS

  157. GLOBUS ORMOUNDE is looking for new members for our guild.
    Guild Master: Borret Guild Sentinel: Koji (XBB-HGH-RXV)
    Device: iOS
    Requirement: LV 50+
    We have 7% water, fire, spirit, and air bonus with a 6% bonus for earth (and going strong for 7%).
    We placed #704 (Ribbon F), #642 (Ribbon E), and #490 (Ribbon E) in the March 2014 Guild Wars. We just placed #305 in the April Guild War. We are looking for active members who want to and are able to participate in guild wars and want to improve the guild.
    If you are interested, please add my friend code XBB-HGH-RXV, and I will add you to the guild. Or search GLOBUS ORMOUNDE and join.
    No requirements for contributions, but they are appreciated. Participation is a MUST. Approximate time of each war declaration is posted in guild chat for easy group participation.

  158. GUILD NAME: Dragon Balls

    Level Requirements: 11+ (Anyone can Join)



    All 5%, Air 4%

    See you soon


    (Guild Sentinel)

  159. I am recruiting for two established Android guilds:

    The first guild is Bunch of Jerks and is for experienced players who spend gems, it is a level 75 (maxed) guild with element bonuses at 8-9%. This guild was previously a regular top 25 competitor and finished as high as #3 in an epic guild war. We finished 33rd in last epic war (with only 10 players) and we are recruiting players that want to help us grow into a top 25 team once again. Here are the minimum requirements:

    LINE app
    Level 70+
    Ability to score 50k minimum in epic wars and 10k in blitz wars
    Screenshots of armor, castle and previous war scores

    The second guild is Sky Seekers and is for all players, it is a level 49 guild with element bonuses at 7%. We finished 625th in last epic war and 581st in the last blitz war. We are recruiting active players that want to help us grow into a top 250 team. Here are the minimum requirements:

    LINE app
    Level 50+
    Be active in wars

    Anyone interested, please contact melly_mel33 on LINE messenger

  160. IOS GUILD

    Name: The Great Bombers

    Additional info: We are a new, but fast growing guild looking for strong active members. First people to join get high commander positions.

    Contact on line: “gunslinger2″ or “WarBomb”

  161. The guild Is Remembered one Looking for experienced players who can play atleast 2 hours a day, it is a level 52 guild with element bonuses at 8-9%. We finished Average in epic wars (with only 6 active players) and we are recruiting players that want to help us grow into a top 50. Here are the minimum requirements:

    LINE app
    Level 55+
    Be active in wars!
    Message User ID killerbape

    Iphone/ipad IOS!!!!

    notfor andriod players

  162. iOS guild: Black Bomb We are a small, relatively new guild but we hope to grow. We need members who contribute and are active during wars. REQS: Must have line, 50+ with 500k contribution a week. For good contributors and higher levels (80+) we have 4 HC spots open, 13 total member spots open. Boosts are 6/6/6/6/6 Contact nathan.kinne on line for requests. We want to get under 500 in the upcoming wars. Come be apart of our fast-growing guild.

  163. Want an active guild with great rewards? N1ght Str1k3rz is for you. We are a maxed android guild looking for active members. We are a top 10 gateway guild and are brothers to N1ght Ra1d3rz. We are mainly top 25 and are always top 50. Our requirements are: *Be level 100+ *Be active daily *Get 50k war points in epic wars * Have at least 1 epic and 2 eb+ or better ( This is to prevent top 25 guilds from farming you and making sure you can actually win battles) * Donate 500k Gold a week *Have Line
    We have members from many countries so you will always find a time to fight. We reward hard work and dedication and love to have fun. Join for great rewards and if your good enough, you can even move up to the top 10 guild N1ght Ra1d3rz.
    The requirements for DR are: * Be level 50+ *Donate 50k Gold a week *Be active *Score 3k in Epic wars *Have Line

  164. join ios guild SAGE HILL ALLIANCE

    we are a brand new guild and work together to achieve high rankings. We are a fun guild and FAIR TO EVERYONE.

    our boost is currently: 2%, 2%, 2%, 2%, and 0%

    Gm is lvl 102 and has green kal maxed, 2x northerners level 70, sky majesty level 30, nian wargear+ maxed, redstone battlegear+ maxed

    GS is lvl 147 and has sandstorm+ maxed

    GC and HC spots open

    we are currently level 2 ( we just created it)

    I believe we can become a powerful guild if we work together

    Requirement 50+ 2/3 epic boss+ maxed or nearly maxed, 1/2 epics maxed

    Once again we are SAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. Top 100 guild “The Blood Cubs” (on IOS) are now recruting!!!!

    We are looking for active players who are looking for a good home to come and join our diverse family. We are accepting individuals of any level, that wish to learn from members of “The Blood Tigers” in what makes us great in what we do. As well as receiving advice and tips on how you too can soon roll with the rest of us Tigers. We are a fun loving guild that enjoys competing, developing and growing with each other.

    Cubs requirements:
    Active individual of any level
    Preferably at least 2 epics or 2 epic boss + armours, or a mixture of both. Exceptions will be made for promising/outstanding individuals.
    Must be able to reach 12k+ in 3 day wars
    4k in 24 hour wars.

    We do not have a gem requirement.

    To join us, you MUST have the app line by navar japan. Completely unnegotiable

    If you met any of these requirements we are hoping and looking forward to seeing you apply!!!

    Contact yinnyang or tbteric on line to make an application.

  166. Top 25 guild, “The Blood Tigers” (ios guild) is now recruiting!!!!!

    We are looking for active players who are looking for a good home to come and join our diverse family. We are a fun loving guild that enjoys competing with each other to reach and obtain new heights.

    The requirements to join Tigers are: A level 100+ account At least 4 maxed epics or 4 maxed epic boss + armors, or a mixture of both Must be able to reach a min of 15k+ in 3 day wars 6-8k in 24 hour wars.

    We do not have a gem requirement.

    To join us, you MUST have the app line by navar japan. Completely unnegotiable

    If you met any of these requirements we are hoping and looking forward to seeing you apply!!!

    If you do not meet these conditions please apply to “The Blood Cubs”

    Contact yinnyang or tbteric on line to make an application.

  167. Android guild: Sanitarium

    Guild Master: Larodar (WBH-WFP-RVC)

    Description: Looking for active players for our guild. Sanitarium is a friendly, yet strong guild. Aiming for top 250 and BETTER in the future guild wars!

    Level requirement: 50+

    Gemming requirements: NONE, although highly appreciated :)

    Gold requirement: None, but any contribution is appreciated!

    If you want to join a friendly society/guild, with very active players throw Sanitarium a request!

    LINE: We use the Line app. For more info add user ID: Larodaar

    We’re giving away up to 30$ gift cards to the most active guild war player EACH guild war!

  168. Please join our guild. Currently only three people are active in the wars and we are now getting near the top 1000, we need many new and very active members.
    Guild name – ELEMENTAL BOOST
    Line app id’s: SnowShade23, gfk71
    gfk71 is the guild master
    With more members we are sure that we can average in the top 100 during guild wars.

  169. We are the khaos family of guilds. our main guild can place anywhere we want and our subs place based off your participation. we are looking for good hearted and fun people. your level and strength do not matter as long as you do not cause problems. you must have line messenger to join us. add my line ID _indigo_ if you are interested. do not contact us if you are only looking for good placement in guild wars. we will not tolerate any leeching scamming or idiots.

  170. FD Mark USA – Guild Master of FLAMING DRAGONS (Android)

    Guild level – 75 (max), 4 bonus upgrades until all are maxed

    We are looking to replenish the ranks with strong, active Guild War fighters to join the team.

    Level cap is currently set at 60, though 100+ is highly recommended and suggested (max health at 100).

    No War Point, gem or gold requirement – Contribute as you can & be especially active during Guild Wars.

    We use LINE during wars and for general chat, along with in-game chat.

    Here’s your chance to get into a great, friend guild with strong stats, strong bonuses & a great team! Apply now! – FLAMING DRAGONS

  171. XBP DYG NHY. lvl 97 whit full set of legendary to the max lvl and join my gulild I’m locking for guild champion and guild sentinel guild lvll 5 whit sprite bonus 3% guild name is ZeRo Graviity.

  172. Looking to recruit active players
    Search – Angel Fury
    Guild level – 8
    Guild Master – Night Fury Level 114
    No guild sentinel or champion at the moment. Both positions open for strong active players.
    Promotions based on contributions and activity
    Requirements – Daily player, contribute at least 50k a week, participate in all guild objectives, at least 5k in 1 day guild war events and 10k in 3 day events, no level requirement, but higher level the better, view guild chat at least once a day for updates
    Guardians – 1 Crimson Dragon Level 3
    Element Bonuses – Water Level 1, Spirit Level 1

    Just want active members that want to be part of a team and help make the guild be stronger.

    Add Code – WBHYYRVHN

  173. Hey guys, my friend code is: xbm-mcg-wfc

    I literally play hourly and need some more friends to help with epic bosses. Also, if you are looking to join an active clan that started a couple weeks ago from the ground and building into a great/strong guild, send me a guild request! We have a few spaces open! Thanks!

  174. level 127

    WBD – GYN – PNV

    50 slots available

    also looking for players who is willing to join the guild

    Dragon Balls

  175. ANDROID

    Name: Mechanical Animals
    Lvl: 17
    We are the one and only recruiting guild for The Pandemic. They currently finished #17 we accept all members willing to fight and be active. If you show good standing and Good points you have a shot at the pandemic. We again are the recruiting guild. So show your worth!

    Add me on line for more info: brothervoid2

  176. Hi all,

    We are looking for new members to join our guild.

    Our Guild Stats

    Guild Name: Europe Time Zone
    Guild Level: 29
    Guild Element: Fire
    Guild Members: 20/26

    Guild element bonuses: 22 levels of element bonuses purchased
    Air +7%, Water +7%, spirit +6%, earth +6%, fire +6%

    in the Last War
    Our guild’s rank: #995 – Rewards: Ribbon G

    Participate a every war (even in only one battle)
    Be an active player (We are checking in member profile in the progression summary to see all the Epic-Bosses fought against).
    Contribute at least 10,000 gold a week to the guild bank.
    We are looking for people who are easy to get along with and are active (i.e. play regularly).
    Player level 30+
    Fully Expanded Land Slots

    Feel free to send a guild join request
    or add me as a friend WBG DRG WCG

  177. iOS Guild NovaWolf Pack 2 a sub guild of NovaWolf Pack is currently recruiting active and friendly Pack members

    Guild Master – K9
    Guild Sentinal – Arc
    Guild Champion – Grams

    Looking for active players who would like to join our Pack

    We are a highly active guild looking for some new pack members to add to our pack. Every Guild Wars a few Pack 2 members go to the Main Guild for the rewards.

    Requirements –

    Level – 60+ If you are not level 60 already, we will take below level 60 but you will need to put the effort into getting your level up.

    Armors – 3 recent EB armors and or epic armor. Upgrading your armor is the most important thing! (Will work with you on your armor if you are willing to put the effort into it.)

    Gold Contributions – 100,000 per week.

    15,000 points or 36 fights for a 3day Guild Wars but it’s always better to do more than the minimums

    5,000 points or 12 fights for 24hr Blitz but it’s always better to do more than the minimums

    Gemming – Only the free ones you can acquire within the game.

    Communication – MUST have line app and communicate during the wars and help other pack members if you know the answer to any questions

    Age – those able to conduct themselves in a mature manner in our community.

    Wars – We have members from all over the world, so we have around the clock battles during wars.

    All new Pack members must spend some time in our training Pack.

    We have a very strong core and are looking for a few more Pack members that meet the requirements to fill out our pack.

    To Contact Us – Line app required and contact either arc4u or k9chris if one does not respond please message the other one.

  178. Android Guild

    Guild Name- MQTP

    Guild Level- Maxed

    Guild Bonuses- Maxed (except 9% for earth)

    Requirements as of 6/5/2014

    Level 90+

    The free app “Line” must be downloaded. We use it for communication and information.

    We have no gemming requirement.

    We Require at least 5,000 points or 36 attacks for a three day war. We also understand that life is more important and if you cannot meet this requirement some weekends we ask that you let High Commanders know.

    We do not have armor requirements but may decline you if you do not at least have Epic Boss + armors.

    Information About the Guild

    We are a fun loving bunch who enjoys playing together and many of us have played together for a long time. We have many veterans who occasionally make top ten or top 25 runs in guild wars and return back to us. We have recently grown in numbers and are looking to be a top 100 guild consistently. Our top rank was 26.

    High Commander spots are given by war contribution and activity/helpfulness in chat.

    If you are an active player who can follow our guild rules, be friendly and helpful to others, this guild may be the guild for you!

    Please contact BLV9513, mqtpcollin, or mqtpteagen on line to apply

  179. Looking for active players

    Guild level :45
    Guild bonuses:28

    Contribute help in wars n quest anybody welcome. To stay n become an HC you must make 2500 points at least in every guild war we have … add me and join my guild Wbb cwb wbf

  180. Hi all,
    We, the Europe Time Zone guild members, are looking for new members to join our guild.

    We have 2 spots available for active members during war.

    People who are easy to get along with and who are active (i.e. play regularly).
    Feel free to send a guild join request or you can add me as your friend.
    I am level 291 & I have one Epic armor (Northerner’s Battlegear).
    My Code is : WBG DRG WCG – My LINE UserID: eli953

    Our Guild Stats
    Name: Europe Time Zone, Level: 32, Members: 25/27,
    OS: Android, Guild Element: Fire, Language: English,

    Element Bonuses: 22 levels of element bonuses purchased
    Air +7%, Water +7%, spirit +6%, earth +6%, fire +6%

    • War Ranks: Man vs Monster – #991
    • War of Destitution – #995
    • The World’s End War – #992
    in the last ”World’s End War” our guild’s rank: #992 – Rewards: Ribbon G

    • Communication – using Line Application is recommended
    • Level – 30+
    • Armor – A minimum of 1 Legendary armor (Legendary Plus or Epic & are welcome).
    • Age – We expect players to be professional and mature.
    • Gems – Are NOT required, but are welcome and appreciated
    • Land Slots – All Fully Expanded & upgraded to level two
    No real requirements other then activity & contribution.
    • Contribute to guild Bank – at least 10,000 gold a week
    • War Activity – Participate a every war, even in only one battle. You can always attack the opposing guild’s Castle Gate.
    • Game Activity – Be an active player. If we feel that one member stopped playing the game, we will check in member profile, the progression summary to see if he fought against the Recent Epic-Bosses.
    we are looking for other guilds to make Alliances and Coalitions.

  181. [ IOS ]


    Looking for members, anyone really can join but you have to be level 30 +

    Our last rank in the previous Guild War was: 1396.

    We are currently (as a guild) level 20. We currently have 12 members out of 22.

    Gems: They are not required to be used during the guild war. But if you do, you’ll be notice by our guild master RedruM. She’ll most likely make you a higher Commander.

    Gold: Donate frequently, 75-100K of gold Everyday/ 650-700K gold Weekly.

    We just started as a guild like last week, so our bonus armor isnt that high but if we get more people to donate and join the guild we would rack up gold for the armor pretty quickly.

    Also if you think you can be a good sentinel, please request to join our guild because we are currently looking for one at the moment.

    Once again, anyone level 30 + is welcomed.

    Search up ChaoticeXile in the guilds! Hope to see people join![ IOS ]


    Looking for members, anyone really can join but you have to be level 30 +

    Our last rank in the previous Guild War was: 1396.

    We are currently (as a guild) level 20. We currently have 12 members out of 22.

    Gems: They are not required to be used during the guild war. But if you do, you’ll be notice by our guild master RedruM. She’ll most likely make you a higher Commander.

    Gold: Donate frequently, 75-100K of gold Everyday/ 650-700K gold Weekly.

    We just started as a guild like last week, so our bonus armor isnt that high but if we get more people to donate and join the guild we would rack up gold for the armor pretty quickly.

    Also if you think you can be a good sentinel, please request to join our guild because we are currently looking for one at the moment.

    Once again, anyone level 30 + is welcomed.

    Search up ChaoticeXile in the guilds! Hope to see people join!

  182. Guild Name: The Black Panthers (Android)
    Guild Level: 19
    Guild Members: 13/21
    Guild Level Requirement: 30+
    Elemental Bonuses: All elements are 5%
    3 day wars: Minimum of 10k points (Any active player can do this)
    1 day wars: Minimum of 4k points
    LINE IS A REQUIREMENT – My line ID is genothegreatone
    We are a fairly new guild and ranked #578 during the last 3-day war. Most of the active members of the guild are members of the military. We are recruiting active players to participate during guild wars. Our goal is to be a top 100 guild!
    To Apply for membership contact the following on line: genothegreatone or joshthesentinel
    ***not looking to merge my guild into another guild!!!***

  183. Guild Name: The Black Panthers (Android)
    Guild Level: 20
    Guild Members: 1122
    Guild Level Requirement: 30+
    Elemental Bonuses: All elements are 5%
    3 day wars: Minimum of 10k points per day Any active player can do this)
    1 day wars: Minimum of 4k points
    Contributions: Minimum 100K gold/week
    Gems: Not required to gem during wars, but is highly appreciated
    Promotions: Based on performance during 3-day guild wars
    LINE IS A REQUIREMENT – My line ID is genothegreatone
    We are a fairly new guild and ranked #293 during the last 3-day war (Solstice Slamdown). Most of the active members of the guild are members of the military. We are recruiting active players to participate during guild wars. Our goal is to be a top 100 guild!
    To Apply for membership contact the following on LINE: genothegreatone or joshthesentinel
    ***not looking to merge my guild into another guild, you merge your guild into mine!!!***

  184. Hello GuYs :) today I made a new guild named (Epic For Glory) I want some strong members…. there will be a competition for the strongest member at the end of each 2-3 wars and be will picked up by the top 25 guild so hurry and join now, 7 spots are free…….. Android System

  185. Join Destructeur!! We’re prolly one of the most laid back guilds on android K&D and you’ll see that just from our Line chat lol. We boast being top 500 and have gotten top 250 without even having a full active guild. We would like to easily make top 100 with a few more active members! We currently have six open slots to fill!. With that being said, we require lvl 50, 75k minimum contribution per week, and play 8 fights per day on war days! Too damn easy! If you meet the requirements add andywh on Line (free chat app) and we’ll get you in the guild! Lets easily take top 100!

  186. Also for Destructeur, the guild is level 59. All elements are 9% boosted minus air which is 8%
    We are a top notch guild looking for active members to make an easy top 100! We have multiple members over top 100, yet we only require lvl 50 minimum. We help our members out and add each other to get eb+ every week. Add andywh on Line to apply!

  187. An interesting dialogue is value comment. I feel that it is best to write extra on this subject, it won’t be a taboo subject but generally persons are not sufficient to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers eddcddebdefg

  188. Guild: [b]Dark Legion Gaming[/b] (DLG) Android

    Game master: [b]destruction[/b]

    line: [b]d3struction[/b]

    do not join this guild,

    [b]I repeat, do not join DARK LEGION GAMING[/b]

    when you quit, or when destruction finds a reason to kick you out, he will make sure that you cannot get into the top guilds!!!
    Destruction will also kick you out LAST 1 MIN AT 10:59 AM TO MAKE SURE YOU CANNOT PARTICIPATE IN THE NEXT WAR!!

    he will lie and tell the other guild masters that you have cheated and leech during wars!!!

    this is a warning to all KnD players, if you want the best of yourself and your KnD future, DO NOT JOIN “DARK LEGION GAMING”
    Also guilds called
    Blood Roses
    Imperial Knights[/b]
    THEY ARE THE TOP 100 GUILDS AND THEIR MASTER ONLY LISTENS TO DLG, THEY BELIEVE ALL HE SAYS ABOUT YOU BEING A LEECHER AND CHEATER, they will also kick you out without giving you a chance to explain or show them the proof that you are not what the lying DLG master says!!!

  189. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!

    Dark Legion Gaming (DLG) Game master: destruction
    Blood Roses the guild master says he’s “nice” but he is a wicked person
    Imperial Knights
    These guilds are guilds that will ruin your game life and will contact your new guild’s master in line and tell them that you cheat and leech and that they should kick you out of the guild. They will hunt you down wherever you go! Other guild masters do not listen to you and will only believe them! Because he’ll think they are the top 100 guilds and they won’t lie! TRUTH IS THEY’RE A BUNCH OF BIG FRAUDS if you have them as a friend, DELETE AND BLACKLIST THESE PEOPLE.
    They are black hearted people who spend their free time ruining people’s game life!
    This is a warning to all KnD players, if you want the best of yourself and your KnD game future, DO NOT JOIN THESE GUILDS

  190. iOS guild

    Starter out guild needs active members who contribute gold reach the requirement in guild wars.
    Guild level:28
    Compulsory requirements:line,aromors three star and a above.
    Line I’d:awesomedudeepic

  191. Soorya,

    I will considder to join you.
    I will look at it this weekend.
    I’m a High Commander atlevel 138 – 7 4* wh are level 70 – no epic armors for the moment.
    My guild is doing nothing for the moment. No participating in anything.
    for the moment I have more than 7 million to donate.
    I hav just one quetion: How do you intall Line? that I don’t have for the moment.
    My name in the game is Inaya (my daughters name).

  192. Raid Central is Recruiting (android)
    Let me tell you a little bit about the guild real fast! So Raid Central is a very active guild level 22 with 10/23 people due to inactive members. We placed in the top 1554 in this weeks Raid and usually always place 1500 and below. The last raid we placed within the top 500, but due to absence of people we fell behind in the ranks this week.
    So with that being said! Lets get to the Guild Requirements.
    – Must have Line
    – 50+
    How to get a hold of an officer within the guild, Message; dlee1994 on line send me a picture of your characters gear and your character name that way i can invite you to the guild.

  193. Hi guys I have been promoted to guild master, right now it is level,earth , and air are 4% . Air and spirit are at 5%. I must admit we only got ribbon 1587 however I was the only one fighting. I am looking for players that like to play and actively play every day. I don’t spend tons of money and don’t expect anyone else to. Donating is good however,I know it takes a lot of gold to upgrade armor, so if you can’t donate every week I can handle it so long as you donate sometimes. There are open slots for high commanders. My friend code is XBQ-WMX-NMZ. The guild name is Spirit Ghosts 111. You can add me or just ask to join, there are 11 spots open.

  194. Level 140 player with 5 epics looking for a new guild that will give a GS or GC role – WBH YYR VHN
    Or add me on line : night_fury11

  195. Android
    Paladins Of War – Level 75, 31/40 members, ALL BONUSES MAXED

    Rank: 250 – 500 This just ended raid war was rank 365.

    LINE messenger a must!! “LINE: Free Calls & Messages” – GM LINE ID: 4lisamarie

    Gemming optional. War requirements are easily attained without gemming if active, or with gemming if less active.

  196. guild name: Bad Knights part of the BTNO family (Bow To No One)

    free to play only requirement is line app

    we have other guilds you can go to if you have the gems to push

    28/40 elements purchased

    if interested msg me on line, id is: dr pain

  197. recently started guild
    guild name: the scrolls
    my level:65
    looking for active members. contribution and active in guild wars. the goal of this guild will be to advance in guild wars and is main prioriry. looking for any levels as long as your going to be active. i will be the guild leader and will place people at the appropiate title based on activity with the guild, not level. thank you. i look forward to seeing those who decide to join and make this team the can.

  198. AK- Azule Knights

    • Guild level: MAXED 
    • Bonuses Air: MAX% Spirit: 9% Water: 9% Earth: 9% Fire 9%
    Looking active players so we can go for top rewards and have fun !
    ♢ The LINE App
    ♢ 2k pts for fusion war, 10k pts for epic war, and 400k pts for raid

    -Epics – NOT required

    -Gem buying – NOT required, but appreciated.

    Required when applying via LINE:

    A screen shot of your profile, friend code, top 6 armors, and points from last war.

    To Apply contact LINE ID: Rosiiexdpurplee

  199. I am recruiting for Korrupted Kings.

    To join search for Korrupted Kings then apply.

    2% Fire, Wind, and Spirit.

    Rank 1,890 in last Guild War.

    Looking for all active players.

    LINE app is not required, but is preferred.

  200. Level 15 guild 5+% on all boosts placed top 500 last war with only 2 members we are very active and currently looking to recruit more active players for are guild LINE is required and must pass an interview also must be level 70+ with at least 3 maxed EB armors if you do well and prove your self I have contacts to possibly help you get into top 1-100 guilds to interview for the guild contact GuildWarKings on LINE

  201. Demons Of The Realm

    Join us we are a strong guild but need some more players everyone lvl 40 + can join usually top 750 but with some more strong players we could easily be a top 500 guild no gems required check us out

    1. Are you still looking for members I have 2 epic armor and am a very active player have had lots of problems with inactive guilds including the one I started and am in now. I would love to be able to help you out and be in an active guild my friend code is WBZ-CPN-GRR hope to hear you

  202. MYTH DRANNOR : Wanted active members lvl70 ! friendly,let me reword that that crazy,but very game serious,Neutral guild,103 in last war,promoted on performance in wars/raids,Now we ask from you?a pug puppy and endless shinys would be good, failing that must play daily,unless you are having an eye removed or your pet budgie died,we are flexible!Line app used during wars/raids,chat 24/7,add our lovely GM Cale (yes I’m looking for a promotion :P) Line ID everiscale and hope to chat soon !

  203. Join us all lvls are welcome we have strong members if none of the leaders are on then wait a few hours and i should get on, im DR Obey the master of the guild, we are new but experienced players, the name of the guild is Demon Riders, must be willing to add DR at the beginning of your name but that is the only real rule, we fight hard and don’t give up, again it’s Demon Riders 《《《《
    Android device

  204. Pink floyd
    New guild lvl 7
    Anyone can join
    Experienced guildmaster
    Growing fast
    6 elemental bonuses purchased.

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