Knights & Dragons Enhancement Armor Strategy Guide

Knights and Dragons enhancement feature (Fusion Building) is actually the most strategic action in the game, even more than regular battles and PvP Arenas. This is because you not only end up with stronger Armor sets but if you do it properly, you can spend a lot less Gold to max out an Armor level.

Once you enter the enhancement window, you must first select the Armor to be enhanced, through the icon located in the middle. Then proceed to select up to four other Armor sets that will get added/fused to the armor in the middle, increasing its level.

[box type=”shadow”]We’ve got the complete list of Dragons & Knights armors and combination formulas, including cap levels for each one along with their default attack and defense stats. for fusion armors, just follow the link and bookmark the page.[/box]

The box that shows up after the enhancement process is finished will display the old and the new level reached, the enhancement points obtained and finally, the old and new attack and defense points (you can choose to equip it there or leave it for later)

Knights and Dragon Enhancement Tips

  • All Armor sets in the game can be upgraded/leveled up. The max level can be 30, 50 or 70 depending on the type of armor (check out our list to see them)
  • You will see the Armor graphics change as it levels up, from a very simple armor to a very complex one.
  • When maxing out an Basic Armor you might end up with a stronger set than a non-upgraded Mono Armor.
  • The number of attack and defense points added per new level always keep the same rate. + Armors add more points per level than regular armors.
  • The maximum amount of armors you can use to enhance another one is 4.
  • The higher the Armor (to be enhanced) Level the more Gold PER ARMOR USED will be required. You always start at 150 gold per armor at level 1.
  • It’s always less expensive to use ALL 4 SLOTS per enhancement that leave them empty. This is because the targeted armor could likely level up, increasing the gold cost per slot once again. Always have 4 armors when enhancing.
  • The max amount of enhancement points you can obtain per level depends on the type of armor being targeted. Basic Armors have a limit of 6 enhancement points. Mono Elements (level 30 cap) have a 10 threshold. Dual Element Armors (level 50 cap) have a 24 point threshold for Tier 1 and 50 points for Tier 2.
  • Crafting Time for early armor sets
    • Basic Armors: 5minutes
    • Mono Element Armors: 30 minutes
    • Dual Element Armors: 2 hours
  • Initially, just a single Armorsmith building will be enough, since Gold production is very slow at the beginning, but at later stages of the game, you will need multiple of these buildings to craft all the neccesary armor to keep enhancing Armors for your Knights, which indeed will be 6 instead of just 1 or 2.

Armor+ Version Notes

  • Almost all craftable armorsets have a + version besides the regular version of it. How do you unlock them?. Simple, just level up any given regular version until it hits the cap where it becomes available. Depending on the max level cap, the + versions get unlocked at different levels
    • Level 30 Cap: level up armor up to level 10
    • Level 50 Cap: level up armor up to level 15
    • Level 70 Cap: level up armor up to level 20
  • The + version has better default stats for attack and defense and also gets more points added per level.
  • Make no mistakes, the armor set you leveled up with the intention of unlocking the + version will stay exactly the same, meaning it won’t become the plus version. The + version needs to be crafted from scratch.

Some Extra Tips When Enhancing

  • Always used armors that share the same elements of the targeted armor to be enhanced, otherwise you will not obtain as many enhancement points. If the targeted gear has fire + water, and you use an armor set with spirit, you won’t take advantage of it as if you would use one that has fire or water within its elements.
  • You obtain 1 bonus enhancement point per extra level of each armor being added to the armor to be enhanced. For instance, if you add one Basic Spirit Armor Level 4, besides the points awarded for being a matching element, you get 3 extra enhancement points

What’s The Fastest Way To Level Up?

The fastest way to progress through the game (we mean finishing areas and defeating their bosses to keep completing quests) is to fully upgrade Basic Armor Sets

You need 194 enhancement points to take a Basic Armor to level 30 and that requires a total of 48700 gold, considering you are always using the four slots and basic armors without being upgraded.

Level1: 150 x 4 = 600
Level6: 400 x 4 = 1600
Level11: 800 x 4 = 3200
Level15: 1200 x 4 = 4800
Level19: 1600 x 4 = 6400
Level22: 1900 x 4 = 7600
Level24: 2250 x4 = 9000
Level27: 3000 x 4 = 12000
Level29: 3500 x 1= 3500

Notice this is the best method for beginners to use enhancement. However, there might be other options and better armor combinations that require less gold and end up with a stronger armor. We have a list of material drop locations just in case you need it.

[box type=”shadow”]Your thoughts are welcomed. Please share your own strategy to level up armors using the less amount of gold possible.[/box]

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    2. How to make the Armor+ Version plz told me, I dont understand
      Level 30 Cap: level up armor up to level 10
      Level 50 Cap: level up armor up to level 15
      Level 70 Cap: level up armor up to level 20

      thank you

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    2. It doesn’t have to be stonescale and seafoam i got it with basic water and basic earth. Mono armor just gives you better chances at rare armor.

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  3. Really good starting guide for beginners. I always grab the “Big Monster” Nemisis Item (3x damage) so feel free to add me.


  4. super helpful stuff here thanks! add me too: xbb-pxh-hcp … does having an higher level enhanced armor make the combination armor result any different? for example i have lvl 1 armors or lvl 10 armors does it matter which i combine? …

    1. I have a question about the formula above, re 5x level 1 armour equals level 6. Then you have level 11? If I do 5x level 6, I get level 14. So are you using level 1 in middle and 4x level 6 armours? Or is it because I’m using + version armour?
      Also, what is the best (quickest) way to level up a rare armour? Is it level 1 to level 6, then level 6 to level 14, then level 14 to xx etc then combining them with the rare armour? Or are you just adding the level 6 armours to the rare armour?

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  6. Little confused about the maxing basic armors. Is it only enhance the other armors since it would be worth more points or does it raise the max level on other armors?

    1. No, it does not raise level on other armors. When you enhance gear by adding leveled-up armors, you level up the targeted armor as well, but the level cap remains.

    2. Ok thanks. Last question. To unlock the level 70 version do I level up the regular version to 20 or do I make the + version first then get that one to 20?

    3. Not all armors can be leveled to 70, that cap is only for rare armors and epic boss armors. The + version has a cap of 50.

    4. Well actually better question. Each time it reaches another level do I have to recraft it or can I keep going?

      Ex. Just got an upgrade at level 15 on a + version. Do I keep leveling that one to 20? Or do I have to recraft a new one?


    5. You can keep leveling it until you reach the cap, which is indicated right next to each armor’s icon. You DO have to create new armors to get them added to the set you are levelling though.

    6. What defines rare? Been leveling up Crius since that is one of the ones I use the most and when I got it to 20 there was no upgrade; only at 15. Does that mean Crius max level is 50 or am I doing something wrong?

    7. exactly, Crius level cap is 50. What defines it as rare is that the elements are obtained from level bosses [you will notice that craftable legendary sets come from epic bosses instead]

  7. Now how do I get ++ versions? I leveled up my crius + to 50 and never got a ++ version unlocked. What gives? Do I need to take the regular version to 50?

  8. Hi. If i were to enhance my monk vestment, whats the cheapest and quickest way to do it? Enhancing 4 basic armors to level 30 then enhancing them to the monk vestment? Or just using level 1 basic armor?


    1. No, never enhance basic armors just to later add them to another armor, it’s a waste of gold and time. Simply used level 1 basic armors or uncommon armors to enhance the monk vestment.

  9. Does using a + armor to enhance have better results than a not plus armor? I may have wasted money enhancing my basic sets :p
    Add me XBB-QQG-VGN

    1. Using + armor as enhancing material does not appear to have any benefit over the non+ version of the same armor as material. Wasted some time and money to test it, but got exactly the same results with both.

  10. Sorry, I feel stupid but I have not yet understood the meaning of increasing the level in basic armors… If I have a rare armor, is it better tu enhance it with 10basic armors lv1 or with 1basic armor lv10 (its just an example…) ??
    Because tha basic armors are really useless in battle, even if they are high leveled… So the only way they can be useful is by useng them as enhancing material… Am i wrong?

    My code: XBB-HRN-VQF
    thanks 😉

    1. much better to use basic armors level 1 than anything else, its a waster of gold and time to level up armors, basically because you are spending quite a lot of time and more gold for almost the same end result.

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  12. I just raised my Admiral’s Battleworn Regalia armor to level 20, but it is till only giving me the option to craft the normal version, not the “plus” version. Is this broken? Did they change the requirement?

    1. I raised it to 25, and it is STILL not giving me the option to craft the “plus” version. (And all of the other 70-max armors that I’ve done have given that ability after raising to 20, except for Sky Guardian which doesn’t seem to have a craftable version at all.)

    2. It turns out they changed it to 35. (!!!) That’s a lot of armor and gold to pump into something you’re going to throw away. :( And it’s retroactive to the older epic boss armors, too — I made a Mountainvine Shroud this week, and it didn’t make the plus version available at 20 either.

    Level 42 leveling fast but need strong players to help with bosses…
    Thanks for this nice tuto, handy and answered quite some questions on the best strategy to use…
    Have fun guys

  14. I’ve seen a number of players adding their level to their names. The FAQ says you can’t change your name, but that’s clearly wrong. I still can’t find a way to change name, though. Is it some sort of hack?

  15. hey every1 i just got the epic boss atmor this week and then faught the boss till i got the materials to make a 2nd…so i lvled up the 1st armor to 20 (then 25) and went to make the 2nd armor so it will bee an armor+ but it still says it will be the regular armor if i make it…can any1 help me out plz

    1. I went through this same thing — see replies above on April 23. They raised the requirement for crafting “plus” versions of the epic boss armor to level 35! Really makes you think hard about which armors you want to build.

  16. XBB-MDR-MFQ add me level 87

    QUESTION 1: Does the level 35 requirement before unlocking plus version apply for ALL Legendary tier armors? I just crafted Half-Dragon Warrior’s Armor and I’m 11 collectibles away to craft another one.

    QUESTION 2: In regards to crafting plus versions, when summoning Weekly Bosses in Summoning Stones, does it stay there after being defeated or vanish and have tombe summoned again? (in other words, 30 gems per 2 collectibles?)

    Follow up: For summoned bosses, does the final hit have to be a Super Attack to get the collectible or it doesn’t matter?

    Thanks in advace!!! 😀

    1. I don’t spend gems unless I see it worthy enough to be spent. And I have ultra-rare plus version armors max out first ’cause they’re easier to obtain and will help me get legendary plus versions from weekly bosses WITHOUT buying Energy with gems/real money.

      So, anyone else can answer my question?

    2. I got the answer:

      ALL Legendary Armor (4-star) requires level 35 upgrade to unlock plus version while Ultra-Rare (3-star) only requires level 20.

      Do note that the armor has to exists in Armorsmith (not necessarily available to be crafted) in order to unlock that armor’s plus version.

      Summoning Stone summons the monster only for one fight. After that you have to summon it again for the required gems.

      But you don’t have to use the Super Attack as a final hit to gain the collectibles. It’s guaranteed

      Hope this helps!!! 😀

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  18. Can anyone tell me how to keep the game from crashing when I do anything to advance my character? The only thing I can seem to do without it crashing is collect gold and battle levels in the first three areas.

  19. What is the benefit of the robes? I see there are a few for gold and more for gems. I purchased one and when I equip it, it does not alter the stats, so are they just for visual effect?

  20. I think I mighty still be missing the point about maxing basic armor.. If the maxed basic armor is no good for enhancing other armor then the point is to use it for combining? If not, then what is the usefulness of maxing then basic armies then? Thanks.

    1. Just combine required elements

      e.g: steam wizard is water + fire

      I think the more rare the ingredients are, the better the result BUT combining is pure chance, there’s is no guarantee!

      Pro-tip: for starters, instead of getting combined armors, aim for in-game adventure armors then unlock their plus versions. They’re more powerful!

  21. I keep getting regular versions of armour from combining, whereas I have the + version for them unlocked. Does this mean it’s impossible to get a + version of non-craftable armors anymore or am I doing something wrong?

    1. You can’t get the + version from combining even if you already unlocked it. Once unlocked, you can only get + version from crafting. BUT you can unlock the + version from different means.

      e.g. getting the non-plus version of the armor first from tournament rewards, daily rewards, or chance chest, updraging it to unlock + version, then using collectibles to craft + version

  22. How do you get the alien armor and also i leveled my flamestory armor to lv20 and its cap is 50 it daid up top to get the +version get it to 20 why did i not unlock it yet and when will it change again?!?!

    1. It requires half the armor level. So if the max armor level is 70 than it needs to be lvl 35 or so I noticed on one of my legendaries.

      You can add me Xbb-qqf-Xyb

    2. You can’t unlock + version unless it’s one of the options to be crafted in your armorsmith. (Not necessarily available to be crafted/It’s not necessary for you to have the required collectibles to unlock + version)

      Note: ALL armors with cap lvl 50 can be unlocked its + version by upgrading non-plus version ONLY TO lvl 15. So you upgrading that armor to lvl 20 and not unlocking plus version proves what I say above

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  24. Just a few questions.

    1) The guide makes the suggestions of maxing out basic armor to level 30, saying this is the best method for progress. Do they mean doing this, and then fusioning two max level basics? Is the best way to progress to max common and uncommon armors, and then fusion them?
    I’ve just been upgrading the rarest armors I get at anyone point, which method is better?

    2) Does rarity add any enhancement points? Will a level 1 common armor contribute the same amount of enhancement points as a level 1 rare, assuming they are the same element?

    3) Is it best to use basic armors to level up armors? Or is it best to up 4 basic armors each with their own basic armors (using 16 basic armors in total), and then using that to upgrade your rare armors?

    4) Is there a spreadsheet for how many enhancement points are needed to level up an armor from one level to another. The guide says that 194 points are need to level from 1 to 30, but what about 30 and beyond. Or better yet, what are the enhancement point requirements from each level to each level (lvl 1 to lvl 2, lvl 2 to lvl 3, etc.)


    1. 1) The best way to progress in the game is NOT by acquiring combined armors NOR upgrading non-plus version armors, IT’S getting the +versions of the armors. Just spam the adventure bosses until you get the required collectible FOR 2 SETS, (one for unlocking +version and the other for the + version itself) then max-out that +version. You may start unlocking +versions from dual-element armors, but if that’s too difficult to you, start with mono-element armors (not the basic ones, always aim for BOSS collectibles)

      2) yes it does: 6 points for common (basic armors) | 10 for uncommon | 24 – rare | 50 – super rare

      I forget what ultra rare gives. Be careful though: NEVER use ultra rare to enchant other armor unless you’ve unlocked the +version of that ultra rare OR it’s impossible to unlock it’s +version

      And for obvious reasons: I never used a legendary for enchanting other armor

      Note: always use armor with the same element as the one you’re enchanting. For dual-elements, just one common element between the one you’re upgrading and the one used for upgrading will be fine as two common elements won’t give you more than what I’ve said above.

      3) two-ways to choose: enchant with low-rarity armor and you’ll upgrade your armor FAST BUT EXPENSIVE; or enchant it with high-rarity and you’ll upgrade it SLOW BUT CHEAP.

      explanation: mass-crafting basic armors is fast cause it only takes 5 mins to craft one but the actual enchanting itself is expensive because it won’t give you as much enchanting points as the high-rarity does, as the upgrading cost remains the same. Vice-versa for high-rarity.

      Another note: NEVER upgrade what you’re going to use to upgrade another armor. It’s not efficient in both time and gold. Trust me, I did the math.

      4) It’s hard to do a spreadsheet for that cause:

      a) the higher the rarity, the more enchantment points needed

      b) the higher the level of the armor that’s going to be upgraded, also the more enchantment points needed than when it was level 1

    2. In regards to using Legendary (4-Star) armors for enhancement purposes, I’d like to add my opinion.

      If you get to the point where you have more Legendary Armors than you can feasibly use, then you’ll need to pick one to ‘drop’. For example, I have Deep Dragon Mail (max A/D 778/1223), Jackalope’s Chaingarb (max A/D 1121/1103), and Slimebane Battlegear (max A/D 1290/1027) . These are all Earth/Water Legendary armors. Technically, I could use all three in a single battle, but it’s unlikely that I’d ever be in a situation where I need all three of my Knights to wear Earth/Water armor. Maybe if there’s one day an Epic Air/Fire Boss, but even then, I’ve got other Earth-based armors for that (like the Trollforge Platemail).

      So, I’ll pick the strongest overall of the three Earth/Water armors (Jackalope’s Chaingarb), and use the weakest of the three (Deep Dragon Mail) to enhance it. I don’t really need three Legendary Earth/Water armors in my inventory when I have a cap of 60 armors total. There are fifteen possible element combinations (not including Kaleidoscopic). I don’t need more than two of each combination, unless I’m really getting nitpicky and want to keep the one with the highest Attack, the one with the highest Defense, and the one with the highest combination Attack/Defense. And that’s getting a little too involved IMHO. I’ll just pick the one or two with the highest combined and keep those, and use the rest for enhancement.

    1. I have bought every capes that can be bought with gold and equipped them but i didn’t see any benefits from them aside from enhancing the appearance.

      And it didn’t really say that it does add something to your ATT/DEF so yeah.

  25. Very instructive site! I wish i had read it when i first joined the game.

    One thing i have not figured out yet is why some armors are not selectable for enhancing others or even for fusion. I have a lot of armors.. Sometime armors hat are not + for which I don’t care for the non+ version but it does not let me use it for upgrading other armors. Anyone has a clue?

    Also, feel free to add me XBC-VQV-PXG, especially if yu are a new user who just completed the tutorial. I never completed that 1st quest!

    1. Simple, your knights are wearing them. You CAN enhance an armor that is currently being worn but you CAN’T use that armor to enhance something else. You CAN’T also fuse armors which are being worn and CAN’T fuse armors with a common element.

      Side Note: to see which armors can’t be used for enhancing others, check what your 6 knights are wearing in:
      a) adventure (in ‘my knights’ under main menu
      b) arena (in ‘form your team’ under arena)
      c) epic boss battles (make epic boss appear then in ‘fight!’)

  26. i need help!! i just got a legendary armor and i replace my level 25 armor with the legendary but when i go to the fusion master, to enchant and i choose the legendary to base armor and then when i go to choose an armor to enchant, why my level 25 armor doenst appear??

    1. See my comment above…

      Note: you have to look at what your SIX (6) knights are wearing in those 3 instances (adventure, arena, and epic boss) to make sure that they’re not wearing what you want to use to enchant your legendary.

  27. I know some people have brought up about not being able to combine some armor – as it doesn’t show up as available. I have also been having this problem. I check all three areas (adventure, epic boss and PVP) none of my knights are wearing the armor(s) but it still does not show up in the fusion menu. Am I missing a step??

  28. Thanks, now that makes sense.

    i also noted that an armor may be considered in use if your characters are using it in the summoning ground. i did not figure out how to unwear it except by forcing the adventure set to all others.

    i have the impression that enhancing an armore using uncommon armors is better than using basic… Of course except the longer wait

  29. Yes! I went to the summoning stone tabs was able to remover armor from knights there! I can now use that armor for fusion!

    1. Now i just feel embarassed. I didn’t consider the summoning boss armors cause I don’t go there. (I can win the black trophy epic boss legit)
      Anyway happy enhancing/fusing 😀

  30. I noticed that some player recharge their special attack much faster.. Is there anything we can do for that? The capes pehaps?

    Also, is the any way to see our inventory of materials?

    1. I’m not so sure if capes affect the recharge rate of the Super Attack Bar but i know something else that does:
      you use your super attack as a final hit to defeat any of your 3 foes
      if you do that, it will fill a portion of the bar instead of using it and not killing them in that super attack WHICH doesn’t fill the bar

      And, as far as I know, there’s no way to see the amount of your collectibles, as of now that is.

  31. Hey hello there, anyone care to help out? im quite new to this game, i had seen all those guides. How do you guys get + version armour? how do you obtain it? can anyone explain to me clearly steps by steps? i don’t quite understand . and how do i earn fast gold in this game without spending real cash on it ? Anyone care to help out? 😀

    1. The “Burn real cash into this game” method:
      1) Buy gems using real money
      2) Buy Dark Prince Chests using gems in-game and HOPE that you’ll get a +version armor (no guarantees)

      The hard-earned +version unlocking method:
      (Note: Read all of it before you start doing it)

      1) To see which armor is capable of being +versionized, go to armorsmith and look at the carftable armors. Only those armors are able to be unlocked. (doesn’t matter if you have the required collectibles RIGHT NOW to craft them or not, just being there is enough)

      2) Have the desired non-plus version armor by crafting it OR getting it from daily rewards, tournament rewards, epic boss rewards, or chests (it’s better if you already have it) and upgrade it to a certain level:
      (IMPORTANT: You only have to upgrade that kind of armor ONCE to unlock)
      Common and Uncommon: up to level 10
      Rare and Super Rare: level 15
      Ultra Rare: level 20
      Legendary: level 35

      3) Once done, it will say “Congrats! You’ve unlock the +version of ‘insert armor name here’ in the armorsmith.” As the message suggests, from that point on, every armor of that kind that you’ll be crafting will be a +version. And no, the one that you just upgraded DID NOT turn into a +version. You have to craft the actual +version in order to get it.

      4) Collect the required collectibles to craft the +version. This is why I said that it’s better if you already have it from rewards or chests because if not, you have to collect collectibles enough for 2 sets of that armor. (One for upgrading the non-plus version as in Step 2) and the other for actually crafting the +version as in Step 4)

      Happy Crafting 😀

    2. And for gold, aim to get training fields.
      That’s the best structure in earning gold even better than monster nests

  32. When combining armor if they have the same element it won’t show up as a choice. So you can’t combine dual element armor with the same element for example: dual fire/water does not combine with dual water/spirit but can combine with dual spirit/air.

    1. Exactly

      Same rule applies for mono + dual and mono + mono. A common element between the 2 fusing armors is NOT allowed. :)

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  34. Hey Guys!

    If i enhance an Chimera Corps Uniform Earth / Spirit and wanna get max Bonus X how i must combine the Armors? 2x Earth 2x Spirit or doesent matter if the Armor hast just any Element of the Target Armor (in this Case Earth or Spirit).

    And how can i join a guild? ^^

    Thx 4 Help

    WBB – HRP – CDN

  35. Thanks for the many helpful tips above. I am still unclear on a few things. For example,

    1) How do you get new quests and do old quests ever go away? I have been playing a lot for a week or so and some quests seem totally worthless – like fusing some armors or building a monster’s nest. But I want to be completing something! I did have ‘beat people within 50 places of you in the arena’ for a while and I don’t think I completed it since I hardly ever had the chance to do that (with all the thousands of ranked players. How does the computer decide who you can play against?) But now that quest is gone. Obviously I get a new quest when I finish an old one, but will i just randomly get more with time anyway? Or with game advances? Is there a limit to how many open quests you can have (so it is worth it to just get crappy ones out of the way?)

    2) I also don’t understand the element wheel. For example, water is good against fire. What does that mean? Do you get attack bonuses if you are wearing any armor with water? Or the water knight gets a bonus? Spirit is weak against fire. What happens here? Anecdotally, it seems like the fire knight wearing monofire (say dragonflame) performs a bit better than the stats would indicate than if she is wearing say fire/water. Is this right? Do dual armors get bonuses against both anti-types? what about weaknesses?

    And could someone please add me as a friend? I still have the ‘get a friend to add you’ quest from the very beginning of the game on my list. I have tried adding others from lists like his but I think maybe you have to be on google play via android for me to add you (the WBB code).

    1. you have to do the lame quests, there is a quest on the sunken ship that requires you to have a tavern, i had to sell a dragon nest to complete that one. there are new quests for each tournament, generally 3 for each with a gem as a reward for the last quest in the series. just muscle thru them, and more will come. most of the quests are part of the campaign. ones involving the arena are seperate.

      elements that have an advantage over another give a damage bonus (120% of normal i think) so fire does extra damage to spirit and so on thru the wheel. when it comes to double element armor sets that means that that armor is wear to two types but also trumps two types. careful now, it gets more complicated as you can have armor types that have adjacent elements (ie. fire/water armor) and non adjacent elements (ie. fire/rock armor) just play and you will see.

  36. I combined Atlantean Avenger Armor Level 8 with Chimera Corps Uniform Level 8 and it yielded Vinewood Carapace Level 8. First thing is that armor table on here doesn’t show that as a combination and I’m pretty sure that is what I did. My real question is what will happen if I combine Seafoam armor Level 30 with Mystic Armor Level 30? The game warns that I am using level 30 for the combine. Will the resulting armor be Level 30 or much lower. Thanks for any info!

  37. Help…I want to add people but the codes are wrong for my Google Play account. Does anyone have a code that DOESNT start with XBB or XBC?

  38. @jerm/HJSteve – When combining armors it takes an average of the two armors used:

    In my experience when I have fused a level 30 armor with a level 1 armor the result is level 16.

    lvl 30 + lvl 30 yields level 30 result; hopefully this helps.

    starting out a very good way to get the rare + versions of the “4” – Living Flame, Atlantean Avenger, Crius, and Hydra Hunter’s mail would be to combine the uncommon versions of those armors at level 15 each.

    This will give you a chance to create a basic version of that armor starting off close to the level you need to enhance it up to so your first crafting of those armors would yield the + version since you already have a regular version via fusion; thus saving you the costs of defeating the bosses enough times to craft the first one, enhance it up to the level requirement to unlock the + version and then repeating that process to max it out.

    This will save you lots of time and gold, as well as get you much much stronger armor a whole lot faster.

  39. Greetings, all! Flux here, level 104, daily player, Primary Armors: Half-Dragon Warrior’s Armor (Lvl 70), Deep Dragon Mail (Lvl 66) & Tortoiseshell Aegis (Lvl 60). My friend code is XBB – RVF – YBM. I can’t guarantee a ‘special’ armor when you add me (it’s always random), but I can be of a lot of help in Epic Boss battles. I always make sure I’m using my best possible armor for the current Epic Boss. I’m usually crafting my Epic Boss Armor within about 12 hours of it appearing on Wednesday evening.

    My guild is called ‘Dominion’. While we only accept members at level 40+, I’ll accept all friend requests that I can. Our guild is level 30, with a +5% to Wind & Water, and a +6% to Fire, Earth & Spirit.

    Also, here are some tips:

    Certain Tier 1 Rare Armors (Single Gold Star) will add 50 XP when used to enhance a similar element armor. And you can create them by fusing Basic Armors.

    Basic Spirit + Basic Water = Wavecharmer’s Mantle
    Basic Spirit + Basic Air = Wind Monarch’s Robes
    Basic Fire + Basic Air = Flamestorm Finery
    Basic Fire + Basic Earth = Volcanic Mantle

    That’s 200 XP from a single enhancement if you use 4 of those armors on the correct armor. In my opinion, this is the best use of Fusion Stones. Granted, it costs 100,000 gold and 4 fusion stones (plus the cost of the 8 basic armors [2400 gold]), but adding 200 XP to even a high level armor will bump it up at least two levels.

    Also, is you have a lot of basic armor crafting materials, start making the Basic Armors. Not only does it help for certain Guild Quests, but you can fuse them to the Mono-Element Uncommon Armors to prepare them for use to enhance your higher level armors. For each level above 1st level that an armor has, it adds +1 XP when it’s used to enhance. So, take a Stonescale Plate Mail, enhance it with Basic Earth Armors, and get it to about Level 19 (Enhance it four times with four Basic Earths, and it will be Level 19. That’s worth 28 XP for fusion. If you’ve got three Armorsmiths running, then you can create 1 Stonescale & 16 Basic Earth Armors in 35 minutes, for 5300 gold. Compare that to 2 hours for a single Snakeskin Armor, which only adds 24 XP and costs 3,000. It costs a bit more in gold, but saves you about an hour & a half in time.

    It will cost 10,200 gold to enhance a Mono Armor with 16 Basic Armors, so your total gold cost will be 15,500 for 28 XP. It’s more expensive in gold, but faster time-wise (about four times faster). When you’re enhancing a higher level armor, though, the extra 4 XP helps out a lot. Plus, once you’ve got fast gold generation, time is more valuable than gold.

    For the low levels of armors, where it doesn’t cost much to enhance, just use the Basic Armors and Uncommon Armors. But for the higher levels, where it’s really expensive to enhance, you want to use armor that gives you as much XP as possible. So, save the Rares I mentioned above, and the ‘Enhanced Uncommons’ I just explained, until your armor is about level 30+ or 40+.

    Also, once you’re strong enough, start farming the Skeletons Tomb for Snakeskin Leather Strips to make a lot of Snakeskin Armor. It’s the cheapest craftable Rare armor at 3,000 gold, and a great way to enhance your Earth and/or Water armors. For your Air Armors that are neither Earth or Water, you’ll want to farm Writhing Cascades for Typhoon Gems to make Atlantean Aveneger Armor. For your Spirt Armors, craft Chimera Corps Uniforms from Chimera Talons in the Sparkling Steppes. And for Fire Armors, look to the Blazing Tides for Phoenix Feathers to make the Living Flame Armors.

    In short, if you want to enhance:
    Earth-based Armors, use Snakeskin Armors.
    Water-based Armors, use Snakeskin Armors.
    Air-based Armors, use Atlantean Avenger Armors.
    Spirit-based Armors, use Chimera Corps Uniforms.
    Fire-based Armors, use Living Flame Armors.

    As you can see, if the armor you want to enhance uses either Earth or Water, use the cheaper-to-make, easier-to-acquire Snakeskin Armors. You should only be using Living Flame Armors to enhance Mono-Fire Armors, unless you have so many Living Flame Armors that you’re running out of space. Never use an armor that doesn’t share at least one element with the armor you’re trying to enhance.

    Now, as far as that fast gold production I mentioned earlier? Once you’ve completed the quests regarding building construction, start focusing on Training Fields, and delete the others as needed (I kept one Dungeon, simply because I didn’t have space for another Training Field).
    Training Fields produce gold faster than any other building. 1,167 gold per hour with a max of 14,000, before enhancement. I have 12 Training Fields, so I generate 14,000+ gold per hour. And I only have to check them two or three times a day, and that’s a daily income of 168,000+ gold.

    I hope these tips helped!
    See you on the battlefield!
    High Commander Flux of The Dominion
    XBB – RVF – YBM

    1. Correction: My daily gold income is much higher.
      12 Training Fields x 1,167 gold per hour x 24 hours = 336,096
      1 Dungeon x 450 gold per hour x 24 hours = 10,800
      346,896 gold per day (not counting rewards from quests & adventuring & Epic Bosses)

      Also, the figures for the Level 19 Mono-Armor compared to Level 1 Rare are a bit off. It takes a total of 110 minutes of Armorsmithing time to create 1 Mono Armor and 16 Basic Armors. It takes 120 minutes of time to create the Rare armor (the Snakeskin). So, it’s actually only slightly faster. But, most players probably have a TON of the shards laying around, but not a lot of the rare materials.

      Also, you can simply use 17 Basic Armors to get a Level 19 Basic Armor that adds 24 XP (same as most Rares), and that only takes 85 minutes. So, that saves you 35 minutes. Meaning, that the per ‘minute’ XP from crafting Snakeskins is 0.2, compared to the Level 19 Basic method, with is 0.28. So, it’s 40% faster, but costs five times as much. However, compare making Level 19 Basic Fire Armors to crafting Living Flame armors (15,000 gold per). Both add 24 XP to Fire Armors, both cost about the same in gold, but one is much, much faster.

      So, in short, use the Basic Armor trick above to level up your armors 40% faster than by using normal rares. It will cost you in gold, but save you in time.

  40. Hey lvl 77 here! Play daily. Add my code for an awesome piece of armor and help with missions and epic bosses! Thanks!


  41. Hello,friend me if you see me:My character is wearing Roc Feather Robes,I’m on level 36 and my name is Gorgons Nemesis

  42. Is there a way to get the boss to drop a certian special drop? I have killed the phenix a ton of times and have only gotten a few feathers even using the special attacks.

    1. that’s happened to me! I have vs the phoenix a bunch of times say 20 times and only 7 times the phoenix dropped feathers! I think its because they are harder to beat they give you the stuff you don’t want because they are hard to collect! hopefully this helped you out!

  43. Where can I get the armour without any elements which has a white fusion stone or something as its base element…they are much stronger

  44. Hey guys. I’m a new player my screen name is rache. My code is WBR-FZW-XGD. I’m looking for some friends so we can help each other out

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