Knights & Dragons List of All Armors + Combination/Fusion Guide

Here is the complete list of Knights and Dragons Armors. All Armors, both craftable and fusion sets, have the formula or requirements for their creation. Of course we’ll keep this list updated as the developers keep adding new gear. The Attack and Defense stats are the default ones, before being enhanced.

Some Notes on Armors

[box type=”shadow”]The fusion formulas do not guarantee the expected armor as a result, but have been confirmed to obtained those results.[/box]

[box type=”shadow”]We’ve got a special guide on enhancement for beginners. We also have the complete list of material drop locations.[/box]

[box type=”shadow”]The order in which the armor sets are placed when combining them to create a new one does not affect the outcome or yields a unique armor set.[/box]

Armor Rarity (New)

The unnoficial concept of Tiers to categorize Armor Sets has been replaced with an official Armor Rarity list. Read our explanation below and the take a look at the pic that also explains how to verify how rare are your armor sets.

  • Common: 1 Bronze Star [Max Level 30]
  • Uncommon: 1 Silver Star [Max Level 30]
  • Rare: 1 Gold Star [Max Level 50]
  • Super Rare: 2 Gold Stars [Max Level 50]
  • UltraRare: 3 Gold Stars [Max Level 70]
  • Legendary: 4 Gold Stars [Max Level 70]

Craftable Armor List

All the sub-sets of lists below can be crafted at the Armorsmith, that means you don’t need the Fusion Master to create the sets (or at least you can create them in both buildings.)

Improved Armor List (on the works)

The attack and defense stats are the default ones, but still reflect which armors are the most powerful, since they keep the attack and defense ratio against other armors when they are fully leveled up.

Armor NameElement
RarityAttackDefenseMax AttackMax DefenseCan be smithed?Material Type
Admiral's Battleworn RegaliaFireSpirit70Legendary/4 Star345330966744YesInfernal Tassels
Admiral's Battleworn Regalia+FireSpirit70Legendary/4 Star3813631,209846YesInfernal Tassels
Admiral's Nemesis UniformWater-30Uncommon/Silver Star0000No-
Aegis of the Dragon ArmorEarthAir70Legendary/4 Star4704931,1601,321No-
Aegis of the Dragon Armor+EarthAir70Legendary/4 Star5175421,2761,439No-
Armor of the InfernalFireEarth70Ultra Rare/3 Star240264792885YesInfernal Iron Chunks
Armor of the Infernal Lord +FireEarth70Ultra Rare/3 Star2662911,0251,050YesInfernal Iron Chunks
Asura ArmorEarthWater50Super Rare/2 Star221221515564YesAsura Charms
Asura Armor +EarthWater50Super Rare/2 Star243245243245YesAsura Charms
Atlantean Avenger ArmorWaterAir50Rare/Gold Star187170579611YesTyphoon Gems
Atlantean Avenger Armor +WaterAir50Rare/Gold Star207189746777YesTyphoon Gems
Banshee's Nemesis WrappingsFire-30Uncommon/Silver Star196139457313No-
Barbarian Raiding GearAirFire70Legendary/4 Star300225783570YesDragon Scales
Barbarian Raiding Gear +AirFire70Legendary/4 Star3322481,022662YesDragon Scales
Basic Air ArmorAir-30Common/Bronze Star8872117130YesAir Shards
Basic Air Armor +Air-30Common/Bronze Star9780155167YesAir Shards
Basic Earth ArmorEarth-30Common/Bronze Star7288130146YesEarth Shards
Basic Earth Armor +Earth-30Common/Bronze Star8097138155YesEarth Shards
Basic Fire ArmorFire-30Common/Bronze Star8064138122YesFire Shards
Basic Fire Armor +Fire-30Common/Bronze Star8871233158YesFire Shards
Basic Spirit ArmorSpirit-30Common/Bronze Star8484142142YesSpirit Shards
Basic Spirit Armor +Spirit-30Common/Bronze Star9393180180YesSpirit Shards
Basic Water ArmorWater-30Common/Bronze Star8080138138YesWater Shards
Basic Water Armor +Water-30Common/Bronze Star8888175175YesWater Shards
Battlesuit RemnantsEarth-70Legendary/4 Star236315512798YesBattlesuit Parts
Battlesuit Remnants +Earth-70Legendary/4 Star2603486051,038YesBattlesuit Parts
Battlesuit's Nemesis GarbSpirit-30Uncommon/Silver Star196196486486No-
Black Kaleidoscopic RaimentAll-70Legendary/4 Star4413781,062930No-
Blackfrost RaimentWaterSpirit70Legendary/4 Star4314311,0521,052No-
Blackfrost Raiment+WaterSpirit70Legendary/4 Star4744741,1641,164No-
Bone Harvester's GarbSpirit-70Legendary/4 Star289276772690YesBone Piles
Bone Harvester's Garb +Spirit-70Legendary/4 Star3203051,010857YesBone Piles
Brawlers ArmorEarthSpirit50Super Rare/2 Star189231483574YesOlympian Leather Strips
Brawlers Armor+EarthSpirit50Super Rare/2 Star208256551746No-
Chimera Corps UniformEarthSpirit50Rare/Gold Star153179447620YesChimera Talons
Chimera Corps Uniform +EarthSpirit50Rare/Gold Star168198511737YesChimera Talons
Chitinous ArmorWater-70Legendary/4 Star263263608746YesCrab Claws
Chitinous Armor +Water-70Legendary/4 Star289291703981YesCrab Claws
Cloud King's FineryAir-70Legendary/4 Star302263647608YesNimboss Essence
Cloud King's Finery +Air-70Legendary/4 star332289746703YesNimboss Essence
Crab's Nemesis UniformAir-30Uncommon/Silver Star179170411402No-
Crius ArmorEarthAir50Rare/Gold Star187187579677YesShiny Shards
Crius Armor +EarthAir50Rare/Gold Star206206696794YesShiny Shards
Dark Prince's Royal ArmorFireSpirit70Ultra Rare/3 Star264252885735YesEvil Jewels
Dark Prince's Royal Armor +FireSpirit70Ultra Rare/3 Star2922781,120899YesEvil Jewels
Deep Dragon MailWaterEarth70Legendary/4 Star268357682909YesDeep Dragon Fins
Deep Dragon Mail+WaterEarth70Legendary/4 Star2953957781,223YesDeep Dragon Fins
Deep Dragon's Nemesis ArmorSpirit-30Uncommon/Silver Star196187486448No-
Dragon Tamer CostumeWaterEarth70Legendary/4 Star2573117401,001YesDragon's Horns
Dragon Tamer Costume +WaterEarth70Legendary/4 Star2843447671,034YesDragon's Horns
Dragonflame ArmorFire-30Uncommon/Silver Star13292306208YesCrimson Dragon Scales
Dragonflame Armor +Fire-30Uncommon/Silver Star146101378246YesCrimson Dragon Scales
Eldritch Keeper's RobesSpirit-70Legendary/4 Star4232281,044642YesFairie Dragon Wings
Eldritch Keeper's Robes +Spirit-70Legendary/4 Star4682521,365804YesFaerie Dragon Wings
Embersteel ArmorSpiritFire50Super Rare/2 Star252221595515No-
Embersteel Armor +SpiritFire50Super Rare/2 Star278243719586No-
Ethereal GarmentSpirit-70Legendary/4 Star276289690772YesBanshee Hairs
Ethereal Garment +Spirit-70Legendary/4 Star3053208571,010YesBanshee Hairs
Exorcist's VestmentsAirSpirit50Super Rare/2 Star231221525515YesBound Spirits
Exorcist's Vestments +AirSpirit50Super Rare/2 Star247230688622YesBound Spirits
Flamegem Nemesis ArmorWater-30Uncommon/Silver Star0000No-
Flamehunter's GarbFireWater70Legendary/4 Star438368990989No-
Flamehunter's Garb+FireWater70Legendary/4 Star4824041,1031,094No-
Flamestorm FineryFireAir50Rare/Gold Star273210616504No-
Flowstone BattlegearEarthAir50Super Rare/2 Star269307661748No-
Flowstone Battlegear +EarthAir50Super Rare/2 Star297339689829No-
Forgemaster's GarbFireEarth50Super Rare/2 Star210231504574YesBlackened Leather Strips
Forgemaster's Garb +FireEarth50Super Rare/2 Star233256674746YesBlackened Leather Strips
Glacier ArmorWaterSpirit50Super Rare/2 Star210221504515YesUnmelting Ice Shards
Glacier Armor +WaterSpirit50Super Rare/2 Star231244574636YesUnmelting Ice Shards
Gorlog's Nemesis ArmorSpirit-30Uncommon/Silver Star196196486486No-
Half-Dragon Warrior's ArmorEarthFire70Legendary/4 Star333333885816YesDragon Steel Ingot
Half-Dragon Warrior's Armor+EarthFire70Legendary/4 Star3683671,127988YesDragon Steel Ingot
Horrible Wurm CostumeAirEarth70Legendary/4 Star369325852739YesWurm Leather Strap
Horrible Wurm Costume +AirEarth70Legendary/4 Star4083581,098910YesWurm Leather Strap
Hunter's GarbEarthSpirit70Legendary/4 Star249289663772YesHunter's Charms
Hunter's Garb +EarthSpirit70Legendary/4 Star274318757870YesHunter's Charms
Huntress's Nemesis ArmorFire-30Uncommon/Silver Star215150476353No-
Hydra Hunter's MailWaterFire50Rare/Gold Star170187611628YesHydra Scales
Hydra Hunter's Mail +WaterFire50Rare/Gold Star189207777795YesHydra Scales
Hydromancer's MantleWater-70Legendary/4 Star302288854771YesHydromancer's Focus
Hydromancer's Mantle +Water-70Legendary/4 Star3343171,093869YesHydromancer's Focus
Hydromancer's Nemesis FineryAir-30Uncommon/Silver Star196187457448No-
Kaleidoscopic Starmetal RaimentAll-70Legendary/4 Star196210679417YesStarmetal Fragments
Kaleidoscopic Starmetal Raiment +All-70Legendary/4 Star216197837542YesStarmetal Fragments
Lightning Lord ArmorWaterAir50Super Rare/2 Star231210525553YesLightning Gems
Living Flame ArmorFireSpirit50Rare/Gold Star170179611620YesPhoenix Feathers
Living Flame Armor +FireSpirit50Rare/Gold Star189198777737YesPhoenix Feathers
Molten ShroudFireEarth50Super Rare/2 Star301254693597No-
Molten Shroud+FireEarth50Super Rare/2 Star301254693597No-
Monks VestmentsEarthSpirit50Super Rare/2 Star231242525585No-
Monks Vestments +EarthSpirit50Super Rare/2 Star254267597708No-
Monstrous GarbAirEarth50Super Rare/2 Star231231525574YesObsidian Fragments
Monstrous Garb +AirEarth50Super Rare/2 Star255256647746YesObsidian Fragments
Mountainvine ShroudEarth-70Legendary/4 Star289302703716YesMoss Patches
Mountainvine Shroud +Earth-70Legendary/4 Star319334871955YesMoss Patches
Mystic ArmorSpirit-30Uncommon/Silver Star121121295295YesMystic Cloth
Mystic Armor +Spirit-30Uncommon/Silver Star133133336336YesMystic Cloth
Rageborne RaimentFireWater50Super Rare/2 Star312265704706No-
Raider's Nemesis ArmorEarth-30Uncommon/Silver Star153187327477No-
Riverstone MantleWaterEarth50Super Rare/2 Star284312676802No-
Riverstone Mantle+WaterEarth50Super Rare/2 Star312343753882No-
Rocfeather RobesSpiritAir70Ultra Rare/3 Star264252747735YesRoc Feathers
Rocfeather Robes +SpiritAir70Ultra Rare/3 Star292278982899YesRoc Feathers
Royal Flame ArmorFireSpirit50Super Rare/2 Star231221623515YesSunflame Gems
Royal Flame Armor +FireSpirit50Super Rare/2 Star256244795636YesSunflame Gems
Ruby Plate MailFire-70Legendary/4 Star315236798581YesGlittering Rubies
Seafoam ArmorWater-30Uncommon/Silver Star115115260289YesChunks of Coral
Seafoam Armor +Water-30Uncommon/Silver Star127127301359YesChunks of Coral
Siren's Nemesis ArmorAir-30Uncommon/Silver Star214204504494No-
Sky Guardian ArmorSpiritAir70Ultra Rare/3 Star2953379161,027No-
Sky Guardian Armor+SpiritAir70Ultra Rare/3 Star3143591,0731,256No-
Snakeskin ArmorWaterEarth50Rare/Gold Star153170447611YesSnakeskin Leather Strips
Snakeskin Armor +WaterEarth50Rare/Gold Star168189511777YesSnakeskin Leather Strips
Spectral Captain's UniformSpiritWater70Ultra Rare/3 Star264252678735YesGhostly Beard Hairs
Spectral Captain's Uniform +SpiritWater70Ultra Rare/3 Star290278773899YesGhostly Beard Hairs
StarSong ShroudWaterSpirit70Legendary/4 Star345366759987YesSirens stars
StarSong Shroud +WaterSpirit70Legendary/4 Star3804049321,232YesSirens stars
Steam Wizard's RobesWaterFire50Super Rare/2 Star210210553553YesGlowing Coals
Steam Wizard's Robes+WaterFire50Super Rare/2 Star233233723723YesGlowing Coals
Steampowered ExoskeletonWaterFire70Legendary/4 Star270270684684YesMetal Cogs
Steampowered Exoskeleton +WaterFire70Legendary/4 Star299299920920YesMetal Cogs
Stonescale Plate MailEarth-30Uncommon/Silver Star115141231344YesStone Plates
Stonescale Plate Mail +Earth-30Uncommon/Silver Star115141260402YesStone Plates
Storm SorcererWaterAir70Ultra Rare/3 Star3312901,021842No-
Storm Sorcerer +AirWater70Ultra Rare/3 Star3663201,2631,010No-
Stormrage ArmorWaterAir50Super Rare/2 Star295282687674No-
Stormrage Armor +WaterAir50Super Rare/2 Star326311865801No-
Swamp Shaman RobesWaterEarth70Ultra Rare/3 Star240264723885YesWriggling Roots
Swamp Shaman Robes +WaterEarth70Ultra Rare/3 Star2642928161,120YesWriggling Roots
Ten-Ton's Nemesis ArmorFire-30Uncommon/Silver Star215150476353No-
Torchflame MantleFireSpirit50Super Rare/2 Star252302644743No-
Torchflame Mantle+FireSpirit50Super Rare/2 Star277332718773No-
Tortoise's Nemesis ArmorSpirit-30Uncommon/Silver Star214214214214No-
Tortoiseshell AegisEarthAir70Legendary/4 Star2504066641,027YesTortoiseshell Fragments
Tortoiseshell Aegis+EarthAir70Legendary/4 Star2764488281,276YesTortoiseshell Fragments
Vinewood CarapaceWaterEarth50Super Rare/2 Star231254525646No-
Vinewood Carapace +WaterEarth50Super Rare/2 Star254280597770No-
Volcanic MantleEarthFire50Rare/Gold Star177150373346No-
Wave Charmer's MantleWaterSpirit50Rare/Gold Star231242525585No-
Wave Charmer's Mantle+WaterSpirit50Rare/Gold Star254267597708No-
Wicked WraithEarthSpirit70Ultra Rare/3 Star2843318361,090No-
Wicked Wraith+EarthSpirit70Ultra Rare/3 Star3133661,0031,332No-
Wind Monarch's RobesAirSpirit50Rare/Gold Star252231595525No-
Wind Monarch's Robes +AirSpirit50Rare/Gold Star278254719597No-
Wing Warrior's ArmorAir-30Uncommon/Silver Star127104272220YesValhallan Steel Ingots
Wing Warrior's Armor +Air-30Uncommon/Silver Star141115344260YesValhallan Steel Ingots
Wing-Wurm's Nemesis ArmorSpirit-30Uncommon/Silver Star196225486486No-
Jian's BattlegearFireWater70Legendary/4 Star3663151,056798YesFused Feathers
Jian's Battlegear+FireWater70Legendary/4 Star4033481,2311,038YesFused Feathers
Jian's Nemesis MailAir-30Uncommon/Silver Star422402828808No-
Mantle of the BeastSpiritEarth70Legendary/4 Star366315987798YesScraggly Furs
Mantle of the Beast+SpiritEarth70Legendary/4 Star4043471,232968YesScraggly Furs
Boilerplate ArmorFireWater70Legendary/4 Star3903908731,149No-
Boilerplate Armor+FireWater70Legendary/4 Star4624611,0141,358No-
Sasquatch Nemesis ArmorFire-30Uncommon/Silver Star235163525395No-
Flame Summoner's ShroudAirFire70Legendary/4 Star2934237071,113YesFlaming Feathers
Flame Summoner's Shroud+AirFire70Legendary/4 Star3234678751,364YesFlaming Feathers
Fire Eater's NemesisEarth-30Uncommon/Silver Star184224387572No-
Tempered BattlegearFireEarth70Legendary/4 Star4553851,283937No-
Tempered Battlegear+FireEarth70Legendary/4 Star00No-
Black Kaleidoscopic Raiment+All-70Legendary/4 Star4854161,1751,037No-
Guardian's BattlegearSpiritEarth70Legendary/4 Star4134311,1031,190No-
Guardian's Battlegear+SpiritEarth70Legendary/4 Star00No-
Jackalope's ChaingarbWaterEarth70Legendary/4 Star391375943927YesAntler Pieces
Jackalope's Chaingarb+WaterEarth70Legendary/4 Star4314131,1211,103YesAntler Pieces
Jackalope's NemesisSpirit-30Uncommon/Silver Star214214533533No-
Pyromancer's MantleFireSpirit70Legendary/4 Star371354992837YesCrown Fragments
Pyromancer's Mantle+FireSpirit70Legendary/4 Star4103901,2381,011YesCrown Fragments
Deva's NemesisWater-30Uncommon/Silver Star214204504494No-
Wanderer's ShroudFire-70Legendary/4 Star3713888541,009Yes
Wanderer's Shroud+Fire-70Legendary/4 Star4094291,0301,188Yes
Armor of EurusWaterSpirit70Legendary/4 Star340356892977YesJagged Scales
Armor of Eurus +WaterSpirit70Legendary/4 Star3763931,1351,152YesJagged Scales
Eurus's NemesisAir-30Uncommon/Silver Star189193508483No-
Tectonic MantleEarth99 Epic/5 Star528581 1,312 1,855 No-
Tectonic Mantle +Earth99 Epic/5 Star1,463 2,010 No-
Corvus's NemesisEarth50Uncommon/Silver Star914 975 No-
Featherblade BattlegearAir70 Legendary/4 Star386 440 386 440 YesRadiant Feathers
Featherblade Battlegear +Air70 Legendary/4 Star1,186 1,315 YesRadiant Feathers
Leviathan's NemesisAir70 Uncommon/Silver Star247 253 541 596 No-
Leviathan's PlatemailWater70 Legendary/4 Star389 354 1,079 906 YesBroken Teeth
Leviathan's Platemail +Water70 Legendary/4 Star429 391 1,326 1,150 YesBroken Teeth
Dorar's NemesisWater50Uncommon/Silver Star257 239 649 582 No-
Aegis of the FallenFireSpirit70 Legendary/4 Star308 425 722 1,115 YesScarred Fragments
Aegis of the Fallen +FireSpirit70 Legendary/4 Star341 469 962 1,366 YesScarred Fragments
Cloudrange PlatemailAirWater99 Epic/5 Star466 601 1,711 1,408 No-
Cloudrange Platemail +AirWater99 Epic/5 Star5126611,348 1,581 No-
Blazeborne VanguardFire-99 Epic/5 Star576 429 1,654 1,409 No-
Blazeborne Vanguard +Fire-99 Epic/5 Star1,711 1,408 No-
Nerezza's NemesisFire-30Uncommon/Silver Star529 708 No-
Assassin's ShroudSpiritEarth70 Legendary/4 Star324 339 876 891 YesDagger Shards
Assassin's Shroud +SpiritEarth70 Legendary/4 Star358 375 1,186 1,134 YesDagger Shards
Glorg's Nemesis30Uncommon/Silver StarNo-
Glorg's Nemesis +30Uncommon/Silver Star805 731 No-
Slimebane BattlegearEarthWater70 Legendary/4 Star356 305 908 857 YesGlobs of Slime
Slimebane Battlegear +EarthWater70 Legendary/4 Star393 337 1,290 1,027 YesGlobs of Slime
Moontide PlatemailSpiritWater99 Epic/5 Star552 503 1,434 1,287 No-
Moontide Platemail +SpiritWater99 Epic/5 Star607 553 1,587 1,435 No-
Phyrus's NemesisWater-30Uncommon/Silver StarNo-
Armor of PhyrusFireEarth70 Legendary/4 Star415 324 1,105 738 YesSmoldering Scales
Armor of Phyrus +FireEarth70 Legendary/4 Star458 358 1,355 979 YesSmoldering Scales
Notus's NemesisFire-30Uncommon/Silver Star180 177 574 484 No-
Notus's Nemesis +Fire-30Uncommon/Silver Star197 194 574 484 No-
Armor of NotusSpiritAir70 Legendary/4 Star301 423 715 1,113 YesHardened Scales
Armor of Notus +SpiritAir70 Legendary/4 Star333 467 954 1,364 YesHardened Scales
Clayplate MantleWaterEarth70 Legendary/4 Star324 409 1,014 1,375 No-
Clayplate Mantle +WaterEarth70 Legendary/4 Star356 449 1,115 1,484 No-
Combustion ArmorFireAir70 Legendary/4 Star373 339 1,270 1,167 No-
Combustion Armor +FireAir70 Legendary/4 Star410 372 1,376 1,269 No-
Boreas's NemesisEarth-30Uncommon/Silver Star180180441 441 No-
Boreas's Nemesis +Earth-30Uncommon/Silver StarNo-
Armor of BoreasAirWater70Legendary/4 Star3793621,000 810 YesFrozen Scales
Armor of BoreasAirWater70Legendary/4 Star4191841,247 1,052 YesFrozen Scales
Witch's RobesAirEarthLegendary
Horseman BattlegearFireWaterLegendary
Aegis of the WyvernEarthSpiritLegendary
Behemoth VanguardFireSpiritLegendary
Arborsteel VanguardEarthWaterEpic
Northerner's BattlegearWaterEpic
Aegis of Sky Majesty
Maelstrom Irons
Armor of the Komodo
Cyclone Chainmail
Sandstorm Platemail
Runic Robes
Bronze Chromatic Mantle
Druidic Platemail
Kerstman's Shroud
Blazestone Mantle
Armor of the Devoted
Soulshard Necromantle
Beastmaster Battlegear
Forgestone Aegis
Razorwind Platemail
Nian Wargear
Typhoon Armor
Wurmshroud Mantle
Drake Platemail
Demon's Carapace
Armor of Glacius
Krampus's Mantle
Vesture of Frost
Abominable Platemail
Wicker Mantle
Asherah's Armor
Behemoth's Vanguard
Armor of the Wolf
Ravenlord's Mantle
Swampstone Platemail
Armor of the Bear
Scorchstone Aegis
Soulshard Raiment
Trollforge Platemail
Spartan's Wargear
Red Kaleidoscopic Raiment
Green Kaleidoscopic Raiment

Fusion Armors – Combination Armor List

These armors are the result of using the Combine feature at the Fusion Master, which requires you two armor sets in order to possibly create a different one, depending which gear you choose. Note the armor formulas below do not guarantee that you will end up with the new armor, but gives you chances at it (still is the right mix to use).

Tier 1 Armor Sets – Basic Element Armor Combinations

The tier 1 fusion armors are the byproduct of combining sets made of basic element materials.

Armor Formula Elements Atk Def Craftable Level
Steam Wizard’s Robes Basic Fire Armor + Basic Water Armor water + fire NO
Livingflame Armor Basic Fire Armor + Basic spirit Armor fire + spirit yes
Flamestorm Finery Basic Fire Armor + Basic air Armor Fire + Air NO
Volcanic Mantle Basic Fire Armor + Basic earth Armor Fire + Earth NO
Glacier Armor Basic Water Armor + Basic spirit Armor Water + Spirit NO
Atlantean Avenger Armor Basic Water Armor + Basic air Armor Water + Air YES
Asura Armor Basic Water Armor + Basic earth Armor Water + Earth NO
Wind Monarch’s Robes Basic Spirit Armor + Basic Air Armor
Living Flame Robe + Atlantean Avenger
Spirit + Air NO
Embersteel Armor basic fire armor + basic spirit armor Spirit + Air NO
Brawler’s Armor Basic Spirit Armor + Basic earth Armor Spirit + Earth NO
Monstrous Garb Basic air Armor + Basic earth Armor
Atlantean Armor + Stonescale Armor
Winged Warrior + Stonescale Armor
Air + Earth NO

Tier 2 Armor Sets – Rare Element Armor Combinations

The tier 2 fusion armors are the byproduct of combining tier 1 sets.

Armor Formula Elements Atk Def Craftable Level
Hydra Hunter’s Mail Dragon Flame Armor + Seafoam Armor YES
Livingflame Armor Mystic Armor + Dragon Flame Armor YES
Flamestorm Finery Wind Warrior Armor + Dragon Flame Armor NO
Volcanic Mantle Stonescale Plate Mail + Dragon Flame Armor NO
Glacier Armor Seafoam Armor + Mystic Armor NO
Atlantean Avenger Armor Seafoam Armor + Wind Warrior Armor YES
Snakeskin Armor Seafoam Armor + Stonescale Plate Mail YES
Living Flame Armor Mystic Armor + Dragonflame
Basic fire + and basic spirit
Embersteel Armor dragonflame + mystic armor
basic fire + basic spirit
Flamegem Nemesis Armor water NO
Bone Dragon’s Nemesis Armor Fire ?
Efreet’s Nemesis Robes Water ?
Forgemaster’s Garb earth + fire ?
Forgemaster’s Nemesis Armor Fire ?
Giant’s Nemesis Armor Air ?
Satyr’s Nemesis Armor Fire ?
Sky Guardian Armor Living flame armor + Crius Armor Fire ?
battlesuit’s Nemesis Garb Fire ?
Storm Sorcerer Spectral captain uniform(+) + Barbarian rading gear Fire ?
Wavecharmer’s Mantle Mystic + Seafoam NO
Flowstone Battlegear Basic Earth Armor + Basic Wind Armor NO
Monk’s Vestments Basic Earth Armor + Basic Spirit Armor NO
Wind Monarch’s Robes Mystic Armor + Wind Warrior Armor NO
Chimera Corps Uniform Mystic Armor + Stonescale Plate Mail
Basic Spirit Armor + Basic Earth Armor
Crius Armor Wing Warrior Armor + Stonescale Plate Mail YES
Lightning Lord Crius + Hydra Hunters YES
Royal Flame Armor Hydra + Chimera YES

Tier 3 Armor Sets – Raid Fusion Armor

The tier 3 Raid fusion armors are the byproduct of combining tier 2 sets.

Armor Formula Elements Atk Def Craftable Level
Steam Wizard’s Robes Lvl Living Flame Armor + Atlantean Avenger Armor NO
Armor of the Infernal Lord Living Flame Armor + Crius Armor YES
Vinewood Carapace Hydra Hunter’s Mail + Chimera Corps Uniform NO

Armor Sets from Epic Bosses Drops and Epic Chance Chests

Armor Materials Elements Atk Def Time Level
Bone Harvester’s Garb 50 + 50,000 gold Spirit 289 276 1:21:36
Ten-Ton’s Nemesis Robes Chance Chest Fire ? ? NO 30
Hydromancer’s Mantle 50 Hydromancer’s Focuses + 50,000 gold Water 302 288 48:00:00 70
Hydromancer’s Nemesis Finery Chest Air ? 30

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    4. hey, i might add you but i need to know how high you armor rating is and how much defence and attack you have i think ill be helping you more then helping me

    5. Dude i got the best armor of the game and that is the admiral battle regalio worn or something like that and that is the new best armor of the game its better than the dark prince royal armor ya know that? So everybody may have good armor but i got the best of all (not yet fully upgraded but attack 600above) XBB-HDN-XXQ that my code and i got non referals so i would like if you use my code

    6. “to the guy above” i have that armour to and the goblin and the boss water armor so friendme and we will go into batttle to see who whould win

    7. Sure. Log in to your facebook app. After that, go to your friends menu in Knights & Dragons and tap on the facebook icon, then send an invite to all your facebook contacts, the more contacts you get, the more you complete the rewards bar.

    8. Ok so I added some people but it isn’t letting me get any of the stuff. Is there something special I have to do? also my code is XBB-NVV-NBG if anyone wants to add me.

    9. You are not adding people from facebook, you’re just adding people through codes, you won’t get rewards for that. Go to Menu >> Friends >> and click on the big facebook button that says INVITE FRIENDS.

    10. Hello! I am a decent knights and dragons player, please add me using this code i usually use level 35 rank seafoam armor so you wont be disappointed if you hire me for a boss or a level! Thank you and my friend code is XBB-QZV-NHG :)

    11. Just added about fifty people from this list and realised I don’t get the rewards unless someone adds me. Steadily progressing through the levels and very addicted to the game please add me XBB YGR CNH

    12. Anyone know how to make the Steam Wizard’s Robes+ once you have leveled the regular set to 15.

    13. I am a level 147 and going up. I have won many tournaments in the arcade. I have 3 of the best armies in the game. I will help u defeat all of the really hard bosses when u rank up as high as me. XBC VBM GPF

    14. Add my. Code XBC-GWN-ZPD i am at level 90 and have very powerful armour like bolt plate armour sky guardian black forest raiment ageis of dragon. Black kaleidocopic raiment

    15. The chart shows plus level armour for blackfrost raiment, but it’s non-craftable. Anyone know how you get plus level armour for armours you can only get through fusion combos?

    16. Hey everyone im recruiting people for our guild Band of the hawks. Currently lvl 25 , 16 lvls of enhancement and a lot of daily players high lvls. We have 2 spots open so if your lvl 70 and up just lookus up. First 2 people get accepted! Were gunna aim for top 50 in guild wars…to the last breath!

    17. “To the guy above” I have blaze borne vanguard,Tetonic mantle and Aborsteel,lvl 237 and you know that not the best in the game unless you wanna battle me to prove it?

    18. I just got boneharvister armor but I’m only lvl 2o. Dose anyone know something good I can combine it with?

    19. XBX-BDV-ZBQ

      HEy if u want add me me I got 5 star gold armor legendary I’m trying to get legendary I can be of great help and no I’m not lying to get my referral bonuses I don’t realy need them

    20. add me plz as many of you as can.. i have no referral bonuses and need them… i also have 3 armors/knihts that are between 2000 and 1500 atk/def.. my code is XBN_ VXW_BWB ty

    21. Active guild recruiting. Join Fade Wardens. Lots of high level friends and very active. Placed 220 last war with only half the team. Friend code WBW-RNZ-WMV. At least check us out.

    22. Plz add me I have REALLY good armor! I also can beat the new boss Incubus rly easily cuz I have awesome fire armor. My friend code is XBV-CGX-GQY

  1. Very skilled player, add me at the start to get rare armor (mine was monk’s vestments) and use my knight to easily beat all the levels. I am also quite helpful with the epic bosses.

    1. Do u no what the armor withe the cobras I’ve been trying to make it the elements I think are spirit and earth thank you :)

  2. Please add me:
    Please add me, cause I really need friends and gems. I really wanna get stronger, but I need ur help to do that!

    1. Dude ADD Everyone Else once u get up to a High Level and have good armour And Crap Then Post ur Code on Here people will be adding you like Crazy to get ur help

  3. Exorcist’s Vestments (Wind/Spirit Elemental Garb)

    Basically was combining a bunch of tier 2 armors and found this:
    1. Dragon Flame + Seafoam(+) = Hydra Hunter’s
    2. Hydra Hunter’s + Mystic = Living Flame
    3. Living Flame + Wind Warrior = Exorcist’s Vestment’s

    Side Note: Adding StoneScale(+) too it next too see what happens… keep me updated if you find out.

    1. Will update the table. As you can see, there are more than one combination of armors that lead to the same set.

    2. I got exorsists vestments with mystic + wing warrior and it worked, what level does it change it’s appearance?

  4. Another combination is:

    WaveCharmers Mantle + (a Fire and Earth Element armor)= Royal Flame. Not sure if this combination will work with every Fire/Earth though
    Add me: XBB MQM PFM

  5. Just another knight to add to your roster. I always get the Boss Nemisis Armor so i can help you out!


    Not really good but have pretty good leader knight
    Candace or whoever you are, how are you suppose to find cute boys if you can’t even ever see them? But lol

    1. Our guess is that it won’t give anything new, since the ten-tons is a limited armor, and the epic boss contest ends today.

  7. Got lvl 6 Exorcist Vestment from Living Flame + Crius..if I do Living Flame (+) + Crius will I have a better chance at Sky Guardian?

    1. added to the table. Regarding “odds” when combining gear, nobody knows if you have more or less chances of getting one.

    2. I’m wondering how to make lightning god armor but first I need to know how to make a cirus armor

    1. This is how Knights & Dragons reward system for inviting friends work. As you can see in the picture below, you have a total of 5 thresholds, for each threshold reached, you have a different prize. For 1 friend that started playing the game thanks to your invitation, you get a Steam Wizard’s Robe, for 3, you get 15 gems, for 8 a Flowstone Battlegear, for 15 friends you get 50 gems and finally, for 30 facebook friends that were added to the game you obtain a Wicked Wraith.

    2. hey quikgamer person, I’ve like 30 friends but it said something about the friend had to enter your code back or something to get the reward. Can u help me?

    3. Never saw that message before. Maybe somebody else here will be able to get you an answer.

    4. For the friend to count towards the rewards they have to enter your code within 24 hours or so of joining the game in that special little friend referal box that pops up at first

    5. @ audbert. You need to have 30 friendds enter your code after you complete the tutorial you cant just have 30 friends add you from your profile page, so what im trying to sat is to get rewards you need to have you add someone before they complete tutorial and then they have to enter your refferal code just after they do tutorial.

  8. Add me to beat hydromancer boss, i have nemesis armor. also add me for referal if youre a noob and you get good starter armor. XBB-PDX-HRW

  9. If anyone has a really high lv air armor or hydromancer’s nemies finery armor, plz add me plz.
    XBB-HGX-GPC.BTW I also got a lv 30 for gorlog nemies armor and it stats

  10. add me at XBB PNW BQC! if you are starting you will get a free amour! and you will help me finish a quest ! thanks all!!

  11. Add me XBB-HWG-ZMF I play daily and level up quick i have strong armor and will help defeat bosses im a level 36.

  12. Ok half of these combinations just make snakeskin I swear. I tried to make lightning lord armor and what did I get? Snakeskin. I tried to get Asura armor and again what did I get? Snakeskin. I really don’t like snakeskin armor. Just ridiculous.

  13. Add me, im currently level 79 with 4 pieces of fully leveled anti-boss armor, working on the last sets now. I’ll help you smash through those bosses to get the craftable armor.


  14. New players copy and enter this code XBB-MCP-VQN for an amazing Referal item. Nemesis Armor Fully upgraded and 100+

  15. Please add me – level 52 and have great armour. It will help you in against wing Wurm. I will also add you for federal bonus.

  16. Please add me XBB PHF PDY because (1) I’m a real female, (2) girls need love too AND friends on K&D, (3) I play basically all day every day and (4) I can help you with bosses. C’mon, add the girl! Please!

  17. if i summon the wing wurm at the summoning stone and defeated it, does it count as an win in the tier? really need answer so please help me

  18. Living flame armor + Crius Armor = Forgemaster’s Garb also.

    thanks for the nice layout BTW, much appreciated!

  19. will somebody break down some good armor combinations for me please. Like what goes in the top left, if its a plus armor, and what lvl it is. And then what goes on the bottom right, plus or not and what lvl it needs to be. Ok thank you!!

    1. when i combine an armor is that first tier or is that when i craft armor? And do i have to use the combined armor product with other combined armor products…is that second tier?

    2. I have an upgraded seafoam Armour+ to 30 and it stands up nicely against some of my higher Armour that is twogold stars. When starting out get those silver starred Armour to (+) then to 30 then move on to combinations of getting 2gold stars.

  20. Need some help with the wing worm can someone with the nemesis armour add me pleez XBB-HPX-GGX once I get the wing worm armour and some gems ill get a good armour which will help you too

    1. Hi guys i’m now level 93 but i have a question,i don’t understand how do you do to get maximum level of any armor…i always added for example to my tier 2 armor a basical armor,but i didn’t wait longer…help me quickgamer please!

  21. I fuse my my brawler 2 stars ( lv 25) with hydra 1 star and i get volcanic 1 star lv 14. Really??? It’s making me mad. Every time I fused I always get hydra and then I fused hydra i only gets weaker armor!!!!

  22. Look for friends lvl 50 and up
    I am A level 49
    All my characters have attack 600+ main player has 340 health
    Add if you need help

  23. Hi! I have admirals nemesis armor. add me to beat bosses.
    if possible add me in referral, I’ve never had one :(

  24. Add me with XBB-XNZ-GWP. I am lvl 31 and have the Admirals Uniform on my main hero so you can use him against Admiral Hateheart.

  25. I’m having trouble with a quest, it’s towards the beginning, I’m level 12 now and I’ve had it since like level 4 or 5, it’s tells me to fuse a basic fire and stone scale armors together, but when I go to do so, I click the basic fire (which I don’t even have so I have no clue why it is there) and then I go to click the stone scale (which I do have) but it isn’t there and I can not leave the screen, so I am forced to close the app and reopen it and just not do the quest, please help, I am really tired of looking at this quest. And add me if u want, XBB-ZCH-NWN.

    1. You might be wearing Stone Scale in a battle or it may be the only earth armor for your earth knight so you can”t change it into armour without earth.

  26. hello guys, I have a problem with the missions … for example, when I have to recover 18 ghostly beard hairs I defeat the boss several times but I always 2 or 3 typhoon gems where am I wrong? Please don’t delete the message…

    1. You have to kill the boss with a special attack to get the crafting pieces and keys

    2. You don’t always get the items from the boss. You will get special crafting components when using a special attack for the final kill but there is some chance involved.

  27. What is the armor that is spirit and the armor is a big bulky guy with a big shield and his weapon has a drill on the end of it. How do you get it?

    1. we are creating a guide that shows all armors with pictures and their different evolution stages.

  28. Friend Code: XBB-RQY-NBR
    Knight’s name: BAsil
    Knight’s level: Level 46 Maxed out Cirus+ Hydra+ Atlantean Avenger + need friends to help with the new boss

    Im a very active player growing faster everyday!!!

  29. Hi. Can you please add me so I can complete the quest. I am powerful and level 42 at the moment. My code is XBB MZF ZWR

  30. Add me i really need some help and ill add you too, i just really need the referrals to help me, and maybe some more help with bosses, i have wind monarchs robes leveled up half way so yea add me ill back you up XBB-QFP-NDG

  31. 95% of people on this feed don’t know what they’re talking about. But add my referral code and you will get great armor to start off the game with. XBB-HWP-RFZ also I’m level 83 so I would be a huge help on any boss or level.

  32. Add me XXB-HWY-ZRP Im LVL55 if your new to the game add me first and you will get special armor and you help me out too it’s a win win.

  33. Add me please I am level 21 but leveling fast ( only had game 3 days) I also have very good armour and refer me to get amazing stuff


    1. Just today I have gone from 14 – 21 and by the end of the week I probs be like 32 – 35

  34. Add me, im using android and I have flowstone battlegear, rageborn raiment, lightning lord armour and brawlers armour


  35. Add me! I have the Deep Dragon Mail, its Legendary and the lvl is lvl 50! It is my strongest armor and I need 1 more win for the Eldritch Keeper’s Robes! My Code is XBB – QNW – VNM I will help you defeat the bosses!

  36. Hey, i’ve got 2 problems. I want the armor: Rageborn Remnents (something like that) but i cant find sometihing about it and im really frustrated right now… I also got something like a error: i’ve got like 40 friends and i cant claim something at the friends screen. Bye, i hope you can help me

  37. XBC-DZV-HPY. Please add me , I’m trying hard to improve. I’m sure you all are too. Have been adding load of people but only got 3 so far. SAD! Cheers!

    1. go to the arena and look at other players profiles. You can invite new friends from there. Much easier when you don’t know many people. I have over 100 friends and I don’t know anyone.

  38. ATTENTION when starting the game after the tutorial add my lvl 124 commander, he will boost you in the game and destroy all bosses, my code is XBB MBZ XZF enjoy!!!

    1. level 5 – staff changes
      level 25 – armor changes entirely
      level 50 – armor changes entirely

  39. :( i finally beat the dragon 60 times, get 5 dark prince keys i full of proud open them and look at the prices…..
    The prices were: %$#% riverstone mantle, Asura armour, %$#% chimera corps uniform and forgemaster garb! :/

    Lvl 55 add me
    Thanks :)

    1. The more chests u open at once the better the chance of recieving 4 or 5 star armour. 50 serms to be the magic number

  40. Hey peeps. Add me and enter my code to complete The more the Merrier Quest and I’ll do the same. Rage Rainment Level Level 32 is my best armor so far. Thanks

  41. Add me please,
    Level 52 and some great armors, play every day, 4/5 times a day

    XBB – PDF – HZX


  42. Friend Code: XBC – GZP – VMX
    Knight’s name: Shallowbane
    Knight’s level: 67

    My game was transferred to a new phone and I lost all of my friends.

  43. Add me, lvl 30 with black raiment armor with 798 attk and 798 def and will only get better as time goes on. XBC-NMX-NZN

  44. XBB-PBQ-ZXP add am lvl 53 atm and have five boss armors that are leveled up to third rank, all 700 atk or above and higest def is 1027 (Half-dragon warriors armr, eldritch keepers robes, horrible wurm costume, tortoiseshell ageis, and starsong shroud)

  45. I just got inf lord armor w/ crius (left) and hydra armor (right).. Was it just luck? Can anyone try it out and confirm it?

  46. Hello There folks, need help With those hard boss fights? Give My commander a try, lvl 82. Got the starmetal raiment lvl 45 at the moment, will soon be replaced. I am Active daily since i love this game.

    Code: XBC-QRG-MVV.
    Help me so i can help you, Peace.

  47. GAWD IMA No0B isux =( i only got 4 legendaries and thts tortoise shell aegis, starsong shroud, dragon tamer costume and black starmetal rainment+ can any1 suggest any gud armour combos coz like im only lvl 42

  48. i tried to make the ameour of te infernal lord with crius and living flame and i got chimera corps -_-
    Is it possible to get very high level armour by combining basic sets if thy have the required elements?

    1. I did the same with crius and liveing flame it took alot of tries for me but it worked and the armor is amazing

  49. Anyone have the new Sasquatch nemesis armour would really like it if you can add me my code is xbb zgy zgh only have two more lvls to go to I complete 15 :)

  50. why do i cant craft Armor of the Infernal Lord?? i have the armors and it’s supposed to be craftable

    ps : my code is xbc vhw zvg

  51. Looking for people to join a very active guild

    Guild Name: Believe The Hype
    Guild Lvl: 6
    Guild Members: 6/15
    Members: 85+

    Send a join request if you are active (i.e. play regularly)

  52. With the atlantanean ocean armor whdn does it provide its top armor and how to level it up quickly?!?! Help me quickgamer?!?!?!

  53. I’m only level 53 but my best two armours are Jians Nemesis max level (1049, 1029) and Jians Battlegear (1135,919)

    Armours One gold star are usually better than two gold stars so if are struggling just max out a one gold star armour such as Atlantean Avenger. They’re easier to level up and if you have a plus version they can be better than three gold star armours. Also, when your are enhancing, remember if you’re enhancing armour, enhancing it with a level 20 armour will only level it up as much as enhancing it with a level 1 armour of the same rarity so pick three armours and stick with them!

  54. Ok so no offense quick gamer but a ton of these fusions r wrong, and u need to add more like Wing warrior + seafoam = lightning lord and dragon flame + mystic = torch flame and stone + dragon = forgemaster

  55. Gonna fuse Roc feather with hydra soon (if roc feather can be used for fusion) Anyone has an idea what will come out of this?

    Oh btw quickgamer, any idea on about when the new fusion guide will be done?

  56. guild recruitment s we need active players and active donators the guild name is xXDragonXTamersXx plz look this guild and we need high lvls to participates

  57. XBB-RGD-DQQ add me for awsome stuff and good help at bosses Join my guild if you want Zealth Reavers! 😀 but make sure to add me XBB-RGD-DQQ 😀

  58. Knights of Truth Guild looking for able bodied Individuals to join our ranks in building a #1 guild

    Bonuses Guild Provides:
    +2% water armor
    +2% fire armor
    +2% spirit armor

    We are preparing for War

    PS: Search for Knight of Truth under Guild Tab

  59. Hey my code is Xbd frd xry, add me please it’s much appreciated. Any buddy notice that the iTunes version is soo much better than android? But the bummer is I’m level 50 some on my android phone and I take it everywhere I’m barley on my iPad now that I have such a great phone that it totally kills me to bring my iPad around, but I am levelling I wanna try the whole guild thing.

  60. What is your favorite fusion combinaison? I am reaching the level where fusions may start to become cost-efficient now.

    The few times i tried, i was disappointed with the result. But if i target a specific strong armor and am able to use 2 fairly easy to craft feeders, it can become interestings.

    What are your persnnal favorites?

  61. I am tryng to add friends , but it says invalid bec all versions is not from gplay store. Cqan some one add me i am using android tab 2. My code is WBB CPW NYF. Thanks

  62. i’m an active android player (i play every hour(nolife)) and i got very strong knights
    if you add me you’ll really help me and you get a powerful friend
    my code is WBB-DNW-MVQ

  63. Its letting me combine the lightning lord armour and stonescle. Should I do it? Or will it lower the armour stats?

  64. wbb-hcv-bvb Add me as a friend. I’m not much now but clearly I have been to this site and have good direction for the future.

  65. Currently Silent Rage has had a clean up of inactive players and have a lot of spare room for new comers.

    We are a friendly and active guild looking for people who feel that they can be an asset. You do not need to be a hardcore player, you do not need to spend your money on gems to qualify, all we ask is that you are active, friendly and is not afraid of donations.

    The guild is level 20 and our bonuses are currently;
    Earth – 5%
    Air – 5%
    Spirit – 4%
    Fire – 5%
    Water – 5%

    We have multiple level 100+ members and we are always willing to give a helping hand.

    Search us ingame and request to join. Get in fast as spots will fill up

  66. hi guys any idea how to get steam wizard robes + ? now that we cant get the materials to craft, is it possible to fuse?

  67. HI, is there a “+Version” of Snakeskin-Armor ? I enhanced my Snakeskin to lvl 10 but didn´t get the better Version :S

  68. Hello all !
    French player so on EUROPEAN SERVER (i’ve tried your codes, you are all americans/Asians it seems….)
    Level 73 player, I have:
    Guardian battlegear,, sky guardian, Armor of Notus, Amor of Boreas, Armor of phyrus, spectral captain uniform
    I help nicely on bosses
    Add me WBB- FRG – XHH
    You won’t regret it!! 😉

  69. Does anyone know what armor you get by combining notus and pyrrhus armor? fire & rune & air & earth are the elements

  70. HI !
    I’d like to know how it is possible to have a + version of an uncraftable version of an armor (ex : Stormrage Armor +)

    1. Farm from Skeletons tomb. Use a wind/spirit armour. You’ll get silver keys and fusion stones occasionally. But the perks are also the snakeskins. Tastes way to enhance cheaply is by using snakeskin armour.

  71. Tasty Grifters currently has…

    Spirit – 5%
    Earth – 4%
    Air – 4%
    Water – 6%
    Fire – 6%

    Also have Guardians…
    Air 2 both at 5th level
    Earth 2 both at 5th level
    Water 2 both at 5th level
    Spirit 2 both at 5th level
    Fire 2, 1 at 5th level and 1 at 9th level

    1. N1ght Ra1d3rz

      -lvl 16 guild
      -18/20 members
      -6 bonuses purchased
      -9 guardians (mainly lvl 5s and a lvl 9)
      -lvl 50 join requirement
      notice: if space is unavailable still apply and i make kick any inactive players if needed

    2. The 501st:
      Lvl – 28
      Earth Bonus = 4%
      All other bonus at 5%
      18 out of 26 Members

      Hey Guys, my guild The 501st is always welcoming members who are currently active, we all chat are always happy to give a helping hand where we can, we only ask that you actively play and that you make donations when possible. We understand that you have your own personal goals when it comes to money, saving up to craft new legendary armors or leveling up your current armor so feel free to donate what you can when you can. We are all friendly and are always chatting. Find us in game and send us a guild request, you’ll be sure to be accepted with open arms (:

    1. Not always. When I have the gold for it, I fuse basics and then use the combined armor to enhance my other stuff. It’s faster than building snakeskins, but costs tons of gold.

  72. I combined Living Flame Armor + Crius Armor and it gave me chimera Corps Uniform, not Armor of the Infernal Lord like this page. Please correct this!

    1. Same thing happened to me. The “random” element of fusing kind of s%$^# when you work hard to get all the components and then get @#$%^ for your effort. Part of the game I guess but not a good part :(.

  73. I started a new Guild my level is 84 and will keep going up I need people to join me who our playing this game a lot like me
    But you have to be above level 70 my guild is call Knight of Camelot I want to make this guild to be in the top 5 guild, join me

  74. Greetings, all! Flux here, level 104, daily player, Primary Armors: Half-Dragon Warrior’s Armor (Lvl 70), Deep Dragon Mail (Lvl 66) & Tortoiseshell Aegis (Lvl 60). My friend code is XBB – RVF – YBM. I can’t guarantee a ‘special’ armor when you add me (it’s always random), but I can be of a lot of help in Epic Boss battles. I always make sure I’m using my best possible armor for the current Epic Boss.

    My guild is called ‘Dominion’. While we only accept members at level 40+, I’ll accept all friend requests that I can. Our guild is level 30, with a +5% to Wind & Water, and a +6% to Fire, Earth & Spirit.

    Also, here are some tips:

    Certain Tier 1 Rare Armors (Single Gold Star) will add 50 XP when used to enhance a similar element armor. And you can create them by fusing Basic Armors.

    Basic Spirit + Basic Water = Wavecharmer’s Mantle
    Basic Spirit + Basic Air = Wind Monarch’s Robes
    Basic Fire + Basic Air = Flamestorm Finery
    Basic Fire + Basic Earth = Volcanic Mantle

    That’s 200 XP from a single enhancement if you use 4 of those armors on the correct armor. In my opinion, this is the best use of Fusion Stones. Granted, it costs 100,000 gold and 4 fusion stones, but adding 200 XP to even a high level armor will bump it up at least two levels.

    Also, is you have a lot of basic armor crafting materials, start making the Basic Armors. You can fuse them together, and for each level above 1 that an armor has, it adds +1 Xp when it’s used to enhance. So, take a Stonescale Plate Mail, enhance it with Basic Earth Armors, and get it to about Level 19 (Enhance it four times with four Basic Earths, and it will be Level 19. That’s worth 28 XP for fusion. If you’ve got three Armorsmiths running, then you can create 1 Stonescale & 16 Basic Earth Armors in 35 minutes and 5300. Compare that to 2 hours for a single Snakeskin Armor, which only adds 24 XP and costs 3,000. It costs a bit more in gold, but saves you about an hour & a half in time.

    For the low levels of armors, where it doesn’t cost much to enhance, just use the Basic Armors and Uncommon Armors. But for the higher levels, where it’s really expensive to enhance, you want to use armor that gives you as much XP as possible. So, save the Rares I mentioned above, and the ‘Enhanced Uncommons’ I just explained, until your armor is about level 40+.

    Now, as far as gold production? Once you’ve completed the quests regarding building construction, start focusing on Training Fields, and delete the others as needed (I kept one Dungeon, simply because I didn’t have space for another Training Field).
    Training Fields produce gold faster than any other building. 1,167 gold per hour with a max of 14,000, before enhancement. I have 12 Training Fields, so I generate 14,000+ gold per hour. And I only have to check them two or three times a day, and that’s a daily income of 168,000+ gold.

    I hope these tips helped!

    See you on the battlefield!

    High Commander Flux of The Dominion
    XBB – RVF – YBM

  75. hey guys im level sixty and i can help out with epic bosses i also just made another guild called endwar for any players over level fifty that would like to join. i just fused my best armors and got nothing good mt armors are blackfrost reinment lvl 38 levithans platemail lvl 20 and cloud kings finary 10 but my guy does 1100 attack and the same defence my code is xbc-wmf-pvy

    1. You mean under ‘Combine Armor’ or under ‘Enhance Armor’? And if under ‘Enhance Armor’, do you mean as the Primary armor to be enhanced, or as the armor being used as ‘fuel’ to Enhance the Primary armor?

    LEVEL 23
    MY LEVEL 137
    REQUIRED Lv40+

  77. is a level 32 guild with all elemental boosts at 6%. We are currently recruiting active players to fill our ranks for upcoming guild wars and We are aiming for the top 50-100 bracket. Level requirement is 80+. There are currently 10 positions available so look us up!

  78. Guild name: Spellbound

    We are currently recruiting for our Guild & adding more friends… My level is 77, and we’re looking for daily/serious players. Currently we have a few weak links on our guild that need to be cut, but we’ve got 10 openings. Looking to boost our score.. If you’re a strong player and would like to join us that would be awesome!!

    Also, if you’re new to the game pls add me. I’d be a great friend and would love to gain some referral points too :)

    Happy Gaming!!!
    Thanks, Jenn

  79. Hey guys if lvl 40 or over join attack on titans guild very active lookin for new members and most of us r powerful and if u want an easy combo combine infernal lord and the pirate one (both 3 stars) and get a wandering shroud armour set

  80. Guild name: Dirty White Boyz

    In our guild we all are treated equally with high ranking officers to help out when we need it in the game.
    We are currently accepting new members.
    So if you want to be in a cool guild where you only have to donate when you have extra money and have help fighting battles, then you should join this guild.

  81. Guys, i am pissed off because i have no way of retrieving my account since when i binded it to my phone i had finished binding it but when i turned my phone on again it completely died, so now i am out a device and a game. Does anyone know if i can retrieve it by calling google?

  82. Add me, too everyone! I just started two days ago and am already on level 14 – and climbing! I kicked butt in this game before I accidentally deleted it . . . It’ll be worth your while ;’)

  83. Come join guild “Forged By Fury”
    Need active players to make a stand on the guild wars!!
    Good players already with 100+ level :)

  84. Does anyone know what you get when u combine ruby plate mail and armor of glacius. BTW I am level 38 with 2 legendaries please add XBH-DWC-VFZ because i need the friend referrals. Also join Ice Stars if you need a guild.

  85. Lords 0f war. Active guild needs active players. We all have a say on everything and have a lot of fun
    We are making a team that will place high in guild wars. Our guild master is lev 100+ and the sentinal is high level also. Apply today we accept anyone with any level but we only keep active members.

  86. I’m a daily active lvl 61 with lvl 58 Demons carapace, lvl 57 Drake platemail, lvl 40 Wurmshroud mantle, and lvl 37 Typhoon armor (still lvling armors). Add me WBG-RDD-DVM


  88. Add me on android .. WBH-WZV-WPY (please enter me on referral if possible)
    Active player currently level 71 wearing epic boss armors (^_^)

  89. Looking for active, team players to join Guild “Circus Flying Ponies”.
    We are level 35 and our bonuses are 5-6%.
    Have openings for High Commanders.
    Our main stipulation is you must be active and willing to participate in the Guild wars and follow instructions rom the Guild Sentinel, contribute when you can and be prepared to win good rewards. Last war we got 5 fusion boost armours and 7 fusion stones.
    Friend me XBDRYMFPH and I’ll send you an invite.
    Hope to see u soon!

  90. When I fused the Crius armor with the Hydra Hunter, I didn’t get the lightning lord armor and instead got the Swamp Shaman armor :(

  91. We’re looking for some players who want to join our guild.
    It’s a new guild with lvl 60+ players.
    Bonuses 5-6% and growing every day
    Our first war we ended 433 with only 17 players.Now we have 22 players and room for a few more players.
    Looking for active players only! Lvl 60 or higher and a solid donater.
    We ask only a 500K a week , everything else you want to donate is extra and welcome offcourse
    …Look us up , the name is : Eruption
    English/Dutch based

  92. Lv 85 – 6 x 4star armours all mid leveled

    Daily player

    Lv 65 guild death shrouds. Best finish 136

    Add me – WBH-BHM-YQG

  93. Looking for members to join Deathlords.doing very good. I am guild master I have 2 tectonic mantle and Green kaleidoscopic raiment .join for more info.bye .

  94. My guild is ONLY THE BEST Dk join now guild master has Glacius, Guild Sentinel has Sandstorm Platemail
    PLZ JOIN we need more op people with epics for guild wars plz be active or guild master wont accept

  95. Living Flame + Snakeshin Armor = Chimera Corps Uniform
    Living Flame + Snakeshin Armor = Glacier Armor
    Living Flame + Snakeshin Armor = Spectral Captain’s Uniform

  96. FD Mark USA – GM of FLAMING DRAGONS (Android)

    Guild level – 75 (max), 4 bonus upgrades until all are maxed

    I’ve just been promoted to Guild Master of Flaming Dragons. We have had several members leave before i took over & are now looking to replenish the ranks.

    We need ACTIVE GUILD WAR fighters, level 80+ (you should really strive for 100 to max out char stats)

    No War Point, gem or gold requirement – Contribute as you can & be active during Guild Wars

    Here’s your chance to get into a good guild with strong stats, apply now – FLAMING DRAGONS

  97. WBG-YBX-MQG get yourself good armor. Use the code after the tutorial. I have many epics myself and in a top 50 guild.

  98. Android Gilde: German Vanguard

    Language: German, Mitglieder: 18/22, Level: 20 (ändert sich permanent), Boni: 5%

    Wir, die GV, sind eine neue deutsche Knights & Dragons Gilde ! Bestehend aus, vom Level her, bunt durchgemischten, aktiven Mitgliedern, haben wir große Ziele ! Die User kennen sich mittlerweile schon länger von alten Gilden und sind täglich aktiv. Um die Kommunikation zu erleichtern besitzen wir eine Line Gruppe (Messenger App), in der sich alle Mitglieder beteiligen. Gem oder Spendepflicht besteht keine, wird aber gerne gesehen. Da die Gilde stätig wächst, suchen wir aktive neue Leute mit Spielerfahrung ! Bei unserem ersten GW belegten wir Platz #440

    Was bieten wir?

    Erfahrene, aktive Spieler die gerne helfen !
    gute Zusammenarbeit in der Gilde !
    Line Gruppe, in der auch spielextern gequatscht wird.
    eine aktive und zuverlässige Gildenführung.
    freie High Commander, die durch Guild War und normale Aktivität zu erreichen sind.

    Was verlangen wir?

    aktive deutschsprachige Spieler, Inaktivität wird, außer es wird gemeldet, nicht geduldet !
    Teamplay ! Absprache untereinander ist der Schlüssel zu erfolgreichen GWs !
    Line – als zentrale Kommunikationsapp unerlässlich !
    einen freundlichen umgangston im Chat !

    Sollte ich euer Interesse geweckt haben, könnt ihr euch gerne bewerben! Line Kontakt IDs sind: “azurblau” oder “Donny84465″,

    euer GV Azur (LvL 101, 3K Atk ) – WBP – GFP – ZGF

  99. Living Flame + Atlantean Avenger got me
    – Rageborne Raiment
    – Exorcist’s Vestments

    Atlantean Avenger + Volcanic Mantle
    – Asura Armor

  100. I am level 105. Add me as your referral friend WBP-ZNQ-BBV. Also look up guild Blades and Blitz. We will help you level up. and we are recruiting active players at this time.

  101. Hey i just started this game a few weeks ago, level 50 already. Still working on getting eipcs but i have 10 or so legendarys. Im looking for an active guild to help me grow. Please add me if youre willing to take me in. WBY-GMM-FHY

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