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Battle legendary monsters and lead your kingdom to victory! Join your friends to create an army and defeat epic bosses. Unlock hundreds of items, collect rare treasures and craft the ultimate set of armor!. Knights & Dragons is an addictive combination of strategic combat and fantasy rpg. Rise up and build your team of heroes from friends and players all over the world for deadly, fast-paced battles.

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    1. Is there any way to chose what you get in the chance chest or is it totally random?

  1. alright, so how would I manage to get good armor but im stuck at thieve’s cove since I cant beat the boss on epic. I have seafoam, hydra hunter and stonescale armor. my knights are still weak. what should I do? I also have tons of basic armor that I have no use for.

    1. Use the basic armors to fuse your armors up.. Follow the quests and you should be doing pretty well. O_o

    2. If you have tons of basic armor use it by enhancing your armor. This will level up your armor and make you more powerful

    3. Enhance your armor. Go to fuse master,enhance armor,base armor(armor you wear), select armor(extra armor you received or crafted), then enhance. The armor goes by levels. The higher the level, the better the armor.

    4. If you have potions, use them. Try fighting the levels, but as soon as they run LOW (not fully down) on health, finish the level you’re on (let’s say, stage 3) and wait until you’re knights regain their health to fight the remaining stage(s).

    5. Hi random player you should go to your fusing place now if you want to spend less use your enhance button and choose one of your better armours and use a basic armour that has one of the same elements as it and press enhance. If you don’t mind spending a bit use the fuse or combine button and use one of your basic armours and one of your better armours and fuse

    6. Also I think you should try adding alot of friends by going to the arena and going into leader boards and then profile and add as friend, alot of people call it cheating but it is a major help. Otherwise just enhance your armor.

    7. Keep fighting the hardest rank you can to level up, add me on line if you got that “retired” after that you can add me on knd and use my knights i got a couple war epics that are useful, note… The lower your rank is, my armors wont be so good because thaats how the game made it, when your reach level 100 you would get the full stats of the friend that you use in battle

    8. Combine earth and fire basic armours together and then upgrade them it’s worked for me I’m flying through the levels and bosses

    9. Do you have any friends because if you can do you can invite them to help you during battle. You can also watch videos to get gems then you can repeat it by clicking the purchase 5 gems and this will regenerate your knights health this way you can defeat whatever you can. Give me your friend code and I can friend you and maybe add you to my guild in that you have a bunch of friends. Your friend code u can see by going to the friends icon . This way u can go in guild wars and if u participate in Guild Wars that give u very strong armor

  2. I have a question – to get the crafting materials for past epic bosses, is the summoning stone the only way to get their crafting materials or do they re-release the same bosses in the future? Thanks! (If it is only by summoning stone, then that sucks so hard. =.=’)

    1. You can keep going back to those bosses for their special drop. Just gotta use your ultimate attack for the killing blow

    2. You go back to the normal stage and play through the monsters and at the end when your against the boss use your power attack to finish them off and you should get the materials.

      Note: this will only happen when you have completed the epic stage

    3. Skye that is the only way and only bosses you’ve fought will be available. Sometimes they have specials where it cost less to summon them. And I wouldn’t worry about it because there are better armors from future epic bosses all the time.

  3. I have been having problems with the knights and dragons game guild chat page. When I try to type something or read other chat, it will be interupted by the message “Chat has been temporarily suspended. Please try again later.” I know that others have been able to utilize the chat. How could you help me in fixing this problem.

    1. I have the same problem and im the guild leader and want to tell the guild to contribute ect, please let us know as soon as possilbe!

    2. I have a similar problem. I can go to chat but anything I type doesn’t show up and everyone else’s messages do. Except whenever I leave the chat and re-enter nothing is there. It is blank.

  4. I don’t understand when it says ‘earn rewards when YOUR friends enter your friend code after completing THEIR tutorial’
    What are you supposed to do to redeem the rewards? I don’t know if im missing something really obvious..HELP

    1. If you have a friend that plays knights and dragons tell him to enter your friend code (it will be seen in that area) after he finishes his tutorial
      You will get armor for 1 friend but if you get 3 friends you will get 15 gems

  5. Thanks! Sorry but I still don’t understand how you complete a friends tutorial. I don’t get the option to click on anything to lead me to it. Im guessing it’s for people who haven’t played the game yet and do the tutorial at the start?

    1. By tutorial, it means the beginning of the game. They do not ‘create’ a tutorial for you to play. It only limits them to entering the code after they are done with the game’s tutorial.

    1. the fastest money source in my opinion is a bunch of level 2 training fields because f them i have all expansions and i have loads of money and they don’t cap till 16.5k they are great

    2. It actually depends on your playstyle. If you play not that often, then training field suits the best. But if you play a lot like me (At least every 3 hours), then monster nest is the best (Since it has the best money/square ratio)

      * I got 23x monsternest (All level 3) and I got close to 750k per day 😀

    3. Have you figured out how to get more HP faster? I’m curious too cause I’m addicted to this game now…lol

    4. Except that training fields take two spaces. In that same space you can build two egg nests for about 50% more/hour than the training field. The only downside to the egg nests is that they max out in only four hours. So, while you’re sleeping or at work, they’ll stop producing the gold after a little while.

      My land is split half egg nests and half training fields.

  6. I defeated the epic boss fifteen times and recieved the armor of phyrus spent 200000 coins to craft it now it just disappeared? Anyway to fix this?

    1. They fixed that in a recent update, but I’m sorry there’s no way for you to get your armor :( :( :( ;(

  7. Anyone get their ancient dragon quest rewards yet?

    I have all 4 ancient dragon armors at level 35 in my inventory

    No idea when the armors will be given out. Hoping to get starmetal armor

    1. It doesn’t add to the Victory Reward total, just gets you the rewards for defeating the boss as listed. I recommend only using it if you only need 6 or fewer to craft the armor.

  8. Knights & Dragons Tournament Strategy

    Hi everyone, Flux here again! Today, I’m going to give you some advice on how to increase your rankings in the Tournaments. Tournaments are where you compete in PvP (Player versus Player) battles in the Arena against other Knights & Dragons players. It can seem daunting at first, but with a little practice, a little strategy, and a little luck, you can start earning some of the higher level prizes in the tournaments.

    First off, let’s talk about setting up your team. You’ll need to pick your three strongest armors, and equip them to your Leader and two of your Knights. So, how do you decide which armors to use? Determine which three of your armors are the most powerful. Usually, this will be your highest level armors, but not always. You want to determine which armors have the highest Attack + Defense values. For example, Chimera Corps Uniform (Lvl 1) has 153 Attack/179 Defense for a total of 332 A+D. Snakeskin Armor (Level 1) has 153 Attack/170 Defense for a total of 323 A+D. So, I’d choose the Chimera Corps Uniform over the Snakeskin Armor. Just find your three strongest A+D armors. These are your starting selection for the Tournament. As your armors get stronger from crafting & enhancement, be sure to reevaluate your armor selection.

    The other thing to consider is your element selection. Ideally, you’ll want to have all five elements represented. So, for example, Atlantean Avenger Armor (Water & Air), Chimera Corps Uniform (Spirit & Earth) and Living Flame Armor (Fire & Spirit) is a good mix. If two armors are similar in combined A+D, but one has an element that isn’t present on your team yet, choose that one. By having all five elements represented, you’ll have a better chance of having an armor that will be strong against an opponent, and if you face an opponent using only Mono-Element Armors, you’ll definitely have better luck!

    Equip your most powerful armor to your Leader. Equip the other two to the appropriate Knights. Then, it’s time to decide your Team Order.

    There are different opinions on this, but here’s what I do. I put my Leader right up front. Here’s why: your opponent’s team is computer controlled. That means they will just simply attack, without any strategy. Here’s where you have an advantage. The computer will use the Power Attack as soon as it’s available, usually on its third or fourth attack. If your lead Knight has only a little HP left when this happens, then the computer will ‘waste’ the Power Attack with unneeded overkill. However, if your Lead knight has dropped and the computer uses its Power Attack on a fresh Knight, that can be devastating.

    You, however, can choose to delay your Power Attack until it the timing is right. If your Power Attack is ready, but your opponent’s health bar is almost gone, and you think a Normal Attack will finish him off, save the Power Attack. Ideally, use the Power Attacks only on a fully healed Knight (usually their second Knight), or if you’ve been having difficulty doing damage to their lead knight. This way, you’ll use as much of the damage potential of the Power Attack as possible. This means you’ll have to watch to see how much damage you’re doing with your normal attacks, and compare it to how much health bar they have left. Choose the timing of your Power Attacks wisely, and you’ll have a great advantage. And when they’re down to their last knight, just use the Power Attack as soon as it’s available!

    In short, save your first Power Attack, if possible, for their Second Knight to maximize your damage. Save your second Power Attack, if it goes that far, for their Third Knight.

    So, you’ve got your Team selected, your Armor selected, and your Order selected. What’s next?

    Selecting your opponent. The game will randomly match you up with 7-10 players that have a similar current Tournament ranking as you. At the beginning of a new Tournament, that means pretty much everyone. But you want to choose opponents that you have the best chance of beating. How can you do this, since you can’t see their level, or even their Armor selections until after a Battle starts?

    Look at their chosen titles. Look at their Win Streak, if they have one. If you’re a low level player, don’t go up against someone with ‘Cerberus Crusher’ or ‘De-Throner’ as their title. They are way too advanced for you. Look for titles related to defeating Bosses of lower levels, like ‘Serpent Slayer’ or ‘Warrior of Tides’. That means they’ve beat the first two Bosses at least ten times. It’s not a guarantee that they aren’t Level 100+, since a player can choose to display any title they have earned, but it at least gives you an idea. Also, look for ‘Rune Knights’. These are either newer players that haven’t earned or selected any titles yet, or players that never bothered to change them. That usually suggests a lower level player. Even at level 105 myself, I don’t initiate battles against ‘De-Throners’ or ‘Cerberus Crushers’. I choose the easier fights for the easier points.

    For the Win Streak, this is another ‘hint’, but not a guarantee. Usually, however, low number Win Streaks indicate they’re aren’t too tough. But of course, I’ve seen 30+ Win Streaks that had only Mono-Element or Rare armors and barely do 2-30 points of damage to me, and 0 Win Streaks that beat me cold with just their Lead Knight. Also, defeating someone with a Win Streak earns you a little extra reward, so I like the 3 or 4 Win Streak targets. Since you start with 5 energy, this suggests that they at least lost their first fight. Again, these are ‘hints’, not guarantees. But they can help to hedge your bet.

    And speaking of betting, let’s talk about ‘Double Down’. It’s a high risk/high-reward gamble. You can Double Down up to seven times in a row, chaining an 8-Win Streak into lots of rewards. The first Double Down gives you a 25% bonus for your next win, but you risk your previous winnings. The second one increases the bonus to 50%, but you risk your last two win rewards. And so on, until the seventh Double Down, where you are betting you will win that eighth fight for a 350% bonus, but you’re risking all seven previous wins. If you succeed, you’ll get an amazing amount of points! But if you lose at any point, all you get is 5 points for the single loss. You don’t even get the 5-points for each previous loss. So, Doubling Down is a way to jump up in ranks quickly. But it can be heart-wrenching to see 200 points vanish because of an unlucky matchup.

    I use Double Down early in the Tournament, when the odds are that I’ll be facing mostly weaker opponents, then occasionally in the middle of the Tournament if I’m feeling lucky, and at the end of the Tournament, I check my standings. If I’m really close to getting into the next reward rank (like, I’m at ranking 2150, and need to get to 2000 for the bonus reward), I’ll Double Down. If I’m at around 4000, I won’t bother with it. As long as I finish in the Top 5000 and get my Fusion Stone, I’m happy.

    Also, each Tournament comes with a Quest Chain. Before you start in the Tournament, check your Quest Log to see the goals. Sometimes you have to get a certain Win Streak (and if so, might as well Double Down while you’re trying to get that Win Streak), or use (or NOT use) certain types of Armors, or defeat Players with active Win Streaks, and so on. It’s usually easier to complete the Tournament-based Quests early in the tourney, so check them out. Some are as simple as ‘Engage in 10 battles in one day.’ Make sure to get the Quest activated BEFORE you start your first battle.

    Finally, be sure to get the ‘easy’ Tournament points by battling your Friends! Go to Menu > Friends > Battle. You’ll get 6 points for a win, 2 for a loss. But it doesn’t affect your Win Streak. You can battle a friend once every 24 hours. This is another great way to get those last few points right at the end of a Tournament to bump up to the next level of rewards. I have 68 Friends (and can add up to 61 more, actually!), and can usually beat about 80% of them. That’s an extra 350 points every day, or 2450 points in a tournament! That almost doubles my overall Tournament points. In the current Tournament (War of The Wise) which ends 8 p.m. Eastern Time, September 5th), 2500 points puts people in the Ribbon 7 bracket, winning 3 Flamestorm Fineries, 4 Crimson Dragon Scales and 4000 gold. Just for battling your friends. So, add the Friend Battles to your Tournament score to really bump up your winnings! My own Friend Battle winnings should keep me in Ribbon 4 for this Tournament, earning me a Forgemaster’s Garb, 2 Flamestorm Fineries, 2 Gems and 5 Fusion stones. Otherwise, I’d only get the Ribbon 7 rewards from above. Use the Friend Battles for free points!

    That does it for today, ladies & gentlemen! I hope this was useful information for you. Get into the Tournaments and show them what you’re made of!

    See you on the battlefield!
    High Commander Flux of The Dominion
    XBB – RVF – YBM

  9. Hey I’ve been looking for this answer everywhere… maybe you all can help. At what level can your guild promote a Guild Sentinel?

    1. It’s because of they didn’t finish their tutorial in the 24 hrs they don’t get a reward as well as you! I found that out the hard way! I got 10 friend requests and it could score me a legendary armour! But when I went to redeem it I couldn’t!

  10. Hey guys friend me up i meed some friends who are high levels with legendary armor i have cloud kings finery which is legendary and very rare since it was an epic boss armor i dont have enough armors to fuse it to level 35 to level it up and give me some good armor combos with rare armors

  11. So I play Knights and Dragons on my iPad, which is great. I love the large screen and the extended battery life allows me to play for a long time. Unfortunately, I can’t take my iPad everywhere and don’t always have access to wifi. This wouldn’t be a problem if I could pull up my account on my iphone to check on things. If it is possible, does anyone know how to pull up one account on two separate devices?

  12. add me at the startof the game, i have legendary armour and you can hire for quests. You also get a rare armour for adding me.

  13. I’ve been stuck on Mystical Forest for a while, i can’t get past the place. I’m still on valor and My chars have Level 30 Seafoam armor, level 29 mystical Armor, and i forgot the last armor but it’s level 30. I’ve also been following the quest!

  14. Join Freakazoidz. Very competitive android guild lvl 69 which just finished #135 in the guild war. Looking for active players who can follow some war rules which we have in place. If interested search and add Freakazoidz on Knights and Dragons or add mountaindew2711 on line.

  15. Falcon Nest is a level 19 guild for Android. We currently have 13 levels of element bonuses and are accepting anyone level 11+. We’re hoping to find active/casual players who enjoy having fun in gchat (we’re a rowdy, inappropriate bunch lol) and just want someplace to hangout while they level/gear up. All of our members are very knowledgeable/helpful with plenty of leadership experience (GM led last guild to rank 174 in the Guild Wars), so come chill with us while we help you become a strong contender. =)

    ~Tina WBB-NMZ-QZQ or LineID 7317132917

  16. How come some ppl have worse armor but are better lik ts guy has flowstone battlgear and hes lvl 30 and im lvl 54 and we both lvl it up all the way and his was 1,200 attack and 13,264 defense lik what the? How do they hack into it and do that and some one has a living flame armor and is stronger than me event though i hav the a lvl 46 desert wurm armor

  17. iOS Guild: The Great Bombers

    Requirements: Line

    Description: We are a guild lead by a few very experienced people. I am the guild master. I have been in over 5 well functioning guilds and have learned how to make a guild very successful. We WILL get you better at the game.We knows lots of advice that we WILL tell you when you join.

    Who to add and contact on Line: gunslinger2 & WarBomb

    Thanks for reading this!

  18. Android users i figured out how to fuse armors with matching elements message me on line Line ID: boogiemanshupe and please have a $15 google play card in extange for the glitch instructions I must get Google play card and it must go through before you get the instructions and I will also tell you how to reuse your friends on eb

  19. Looking for active members to join our level 21 guild. Add me and I’ll send you an invite. WBM-GXZ-CVP


  20. I keep hearing everyone talking about how “you must have line app”, “join, line app required”, where do I DL this line app? Can someone please tell me? I love this game, I have four pieces of epic armor and five other legendary pieces, but apparently without line, I’m not playing at full potential,so someone please post a link, thanks.

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  23. I understand the codes to add friends, but when looking for a guild, some say, “Add so-and-so online to apply.” What, how and where do I add people “online?” This is probably a noob question, but I’ve only been playing for about 2 weeks. Thanks!

    1. On Line not online

      Line is a messenger app in the play store or app market

      GYPSY forevsr !!!!

  24. What is the purpose of the rings/amulets and how do I use them?
    Am new to the game and have no idea what to do with them.

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