Kitchen Scramble Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to quickgamer’s Kitchen Scramble guide. As of right now, Kitchen Scramble is one of the most popular restaurant games in facebook. However, the game is quite unique, and it’s not about managing a restaurant, but rather tests your skills to see how fast you can deliver delicious meals to your customers through a food truck. Check out this guide that not only contains a great tutorial, but also has plenty of FAQs and tips.


  • Hard Currency: Kitchen Cash, these can be obtained in levels as long as you get the 3 stars. They are useful to make upgrades.
  • Soft Currency: coins, obtained through customer payments and tips.
  • Supplies: this is the equivalent of energy in most other social games in facebook. You have a limited amount of supplies, and spend 10 units each time you play a level. Once you run out of supplies you can ask friends for them or make a full refill for 6 Kitchen Cash. Supplies auto replenish if you give them time though. You will also see small icons showing friends that play the game in some levels, you can help them by sending them supplies as well.
  • Star Tokens. these tokens are needed to open token gates that allow you to keep heading forward.


The most interesting or fun part of Kitchen Scramble relies on how fast you can actually deliver the cooked recipe to the customer. It may take multiple steps to be created. For instance, a simple baked potato only requires to grab the potato and put it in the oven, wait and once it’s fully cooked, grab it and click on the customer. All this clicking needs to be done as quickly as possible.

Each level have a predefined set of recipes you will be asked from customers. The list of recipes for each level is shown in the menu right before beginning a level, along with the required coins to be obtained in order to get the stars.

New customers will start queuing, with a thought bubble on their heads, indicating the recipe you need to cook for them. The black and white counter, displayed on the top right corner of the screen, shows the “patrons left” which is the amount of customers to be served before you complete the level.

As you make progress in the game, you will notice that some customers start to get impatient since you are delivering the recipe as fast as they would like to.

If the recipe, once cooked, stays for too long in the appliance, it will overcook and will have to be disposed in the trash bin, wasting some precious amount of time, quickly take the meal off the appliance if you see the red bar. Always pay attention to the yellow bar as it fills up in the appliance.

Levels get more and more complicated since you will have to take care of multiple recipes at the same time.

[box type=”info”]If a recipe contains more than two ingredients, you will have to first click on two of them, take them to the appliance and them come back for more ingredients, the cooking process will only start after you gather all ingredients in the appliance..[/box]


Kitchen Scramble Tips

The map shows the map and the city in which your food truck is currently in. Level completion is linear, so you won’t be able to go forward without completing all levels first.

Location Goals. Accomplish any of these goals in the area you are in to earn extra gate tokens


Appliances are the whole range of objects needed to cook your food. Appliances need to be first unlocked and then bought from the store. You won’t be able to start some levels without buying a specific appliance first.


As you reach new levels, Appliance upgrades will become available. But why are upgrades useful?. Well, they allow you to cook recipes faster, and that eventually becomes the difference between getting more or less tips and also allow you to get to the so-desired 3 stars. Upgrades are very expensive and you will likely have to replay levels in order to get enough coins to buy them.

[box type=”info”]Kitchen Scramble Tip. Customers tend to repeat a lot during the same level, but as you make progress and reach higher levels, you will find out that they will not always ask for the same recipe, even if they look the same.[/box]

Initially, upgrades are not mandatory to buy, but may be a requirement in some levels.


Recipes are the formulas or combinations that result from Food + Appliances. Each new level might unveil a new recipe. Earlier recipes consist of just a single appliance and one or two indredients, but more advanced recipes require multiple steps consisting of several ingredients and many appliances. This is when the game gets really hard to beat.

The first appliance you will get is the oven. Appliances are unlocked as you complete and unlock new levels.

PRACTICE MODE. After you finish level 5, you will be offered to practice recipes, both old and new. After this mode is unlocked, just click on the recipe displayed to the right of each level before you begin.

POWER UPS. These items, given randomly after a level is completed, will give you some bonuses and advantages, for instance, the fire extinguisher prevents recipes from getting burned.


After successfully finishing each level, you will get a score. This is determined by the amount of coins you received, which are the sum of payments + tips. If the score is high enough, you will get 3 stars. If you don’t manage to get the 3 stars, just position the mouse on top of the empty star to see the score cap required to get it.

[box type=”info”]Remember to play with sound effects on, they bell sound is incredibly helpful to warn you that a recipe has just been completed.[/box]

The Premium Ingredients are those that give you more coins when included in the meal served to the customer, receiving more in payment and tips. YOU MUST click on the premium ingredient on the menu prior to begin the level. These premium ingredients are scarce, and randomly given after completing levels.

[box type=”info”]Last Kitchen Scramble Tip. To get ahead of your patrons orders, gather the ingredients and stay right next to the appliance so you can grab what has been cooked and put the ingredients you were carrying, you will save a lot of time by doing this.[/box]

111 thoughts on “Kitchen Scramble Walkthrough Guide”

  1. can’t figure out how to add new neighbors to kitchen scramble?. I mean I’ve got lots of contacts that play the game but when I do requests, the list appears to be half empty, not showing all of them.

    1. Same for me. I have 100 friends that play Kitchen Scramble and no one shows when I try to get help. Is there a bug in the game or something? It’s not worth playing the game if you can’t get past the gates.

    2. I am having the same issue, I have put a request in for help but had no response yet. Very frustrating….

    3. On the FB version I cant find any levels which orders calzones as I need to complete a reward. On my phone however, I can see levels with calzones.

  2. currently at level 140, to my surprise, ALL customers at the truck are popping EMPTY BUBBLE ORDERS !!!. I’ m wondering if this is the way the game it’s supposed to be from here on. Cleaned cache, changed browser, still getting this bug?.

  3. what I really dont like about this game is that impatient sea monster. He’s way too fast to take customers off the truck and changes its mind all the time. any idea on the best strategy to pass those levels?

  4. there seems to be a huge bug in some levels, where the ingredients are spread all along the kitchen and not in their respective spots?. You need to reload the level and by doing this you lose premium ingredients.

  5. Hi. I am at 102 lvl. Want to get more Star Tokens. So, decided to repeat some previous levels.Was unpleasantly surprised because I could not prepare meals. Food put in cocks and not all kitchen equipment work.Give advice on what to do, please.

    1. Yet another bug. You could try changing your browser, or just sending a message to support through the link at the top nav bar of the game.

  6. So I’m badly stucked at exactly stage 26, waiting to be able to get to the next city. I don’t have enough tokens, need about 15. Now, my question is, do I still use supplies if I play completed levels?, and will I get an extra token just for a play session?

    1. hi, yes you still use 10 supplies even if you redo completed levels to get tokens, and lets say if you got one star & received 1 token then if you were to redo that level and then gained 3 stars you will then get the remaining tokens.

      wouldn’t it be nice if we could redo levels without it costing us supplies? LOL

      hope i helped 😀

      if anyone needs help on kitchen scramble feel free to contact me on my facebook page :)

      cheers :)

    2. When I need more tokens, I go back to previous levels and make sure I have met the goals. If I haven’t, I play at that level until I meet the goal and earn tokens. (You still have to pay ten supplies to play)

    1. Hi, no it seems that we only have 1 of everything in ‘kitchen scramble’ i guess it makes it a little more trickier for us to complete levels :)

  7. I want to know if there’s anything that can be done so supplies regenerates faster than now. Each supply units gets added every 6 minutes !!!!!

    1. No official words yet, but we guess that if the game remains popular in the following month, they will be highly tempted to do so.

    1. If you mean once you are already serving dishes, I’m afraid that is not possible in random levels. However, in levels where the recipe is over and over the same you can see the amount of customers that need to be served and based on those numbers calculate the required ingredients.

  8. in goals mentioning serve 3/4 specific food order but in the whole level new costumer require that food,than what to do in this situation??

    1. Keep playing. Eventually the right combination will come. They will ask for it. Just be patient.

  9. I have friended someone who I can make my staff member, but don’t know how to do it. Can someone please explain what I need to do to get staff so I can move on to level 40 please? thanks. Sharon

    1. Yes they can have anything but try to find the food that they are willing to pay the most for. Most times it will be the most recent one you learned.

    1. they can have anything but try to find the food that they are willing to pay the most for. Most times it will be the most recent one you learned.

  10. I started playing this recently and really like it however, I am just trying to get to the next city (Mozzorama) but cannot pass because I only have one friend who plays this game. I have added some other players that I don’t really know just so we can help each other out but when I get to the gate and ‘ask friends’ I cannot get their names to come up. This is very frustrating since all I can do now is replay levels I have already passed. Also, how can I get more ‘cash’ without purchasing it with real money??

    1. I am having the same problem. I just added them last night and this morning so I’m hoping that in 24 hours they will show up?

    2. Sometimes it takes a few days for newly added friends to show up. Make sure you have clicked on Kitchen Scramble friends. You may want to find a KS group to join. Those people are always looking for friends who play. As far as cash…click on “Earn Cash” in the game. Look through the offers and find one that you may have wanted anyway. For Example: I needed dog food so bought it at PetFoodDirect and got 60 Kitchen Cash.

  11. I show 60/60 Calzones served in the Location Goals in Mozzaroma, but I haven’t been awarded the Star Tokens — why not? I want them! LOL I need to move on!

  12. Just starting this evening…when I try to play, this window pops up asking to resend the information to the page. but it keeps popping up and I cant actually get to the game?

  13. After completing a level, this message comes up in a box “kitchen scramble location goal reached” When I hit collect, nothing happens and I cannot get rid of the box even when I X out. I can’t play the game at all right now.

    1. I am stuck at 190, it says collect coins and I cannot bypass this, I have tried in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Those are the only two on my computer. Any suggestions? It has been doing this since last night. Almost 24 hrs. HELP!!

  14. so I have run out of the ingredients raw cane sugar and whole wheat dough and I can’t figure out how to get them so that I can continue. My friends send supplies but it doesn’t help, i still do not have the ingredients i need to go on in the game.

    1. For the wheat, go to gifts and request some from friends. The raw cane sugar can only be bought with Kitchen Cash. So you either have to pass the level without premium sugar or buy some.

  15. Hi So i am stuck on the Sweetzerland Level seven not enough guys come to order and no one else will take it how to i beat this level.

  16. Same problem with the Location Goal Reached box not going away, Can’t collect it or X it, tried different browser, clearing cache and Flash data.

  17. I have a location goal reached but cannot collect the tokens. It stays on the screen when clicked on so I also cannot play the game. I have already cleaned the cache and rebooted. Not sure what else to try. :(

  18. Is there a list of dishes preferred by each customer? I’m trying to get the highest price for the “asterisk” customers.

  19. I have lost progress. I was at level 155 now I am back at the toll gate. What can be done to get back to the level that I worked so hard to get to? HELP!!!

    1. You have to try the level again. Chances are you are not playing “fast enough” to clear customers out, and receive new ones (Chicken pot pie orders). Also, on levels that require a certain amount of dishes to be made, it’s important that you pick up your payments immediately. If you leave the payment sitting on the counter a new customer can not approach to order. It could also be a glitch. Hope this helps!

  20. Do you still get awarded 5 kitchen cash bucks for completing levels with 3 stars? I am on level 164 and had never had this happen despite getting my 3 stars on first attempts.

  21. So I am on 190, it says collect coins, I hit collect, and also the X and neither will clear the screen. I tried multiple browsers, rebooting the computer. Its been going on since last night, approx 24 hrs. Help.

  22. Just starting the newest level through the Facebook platform but can’t get rid of the location goals screen … HELP! Won’t let me collect the 25 rewards or just click the x to close the window.

  23. How do I go back and upgrade appliances??? I did not have enough coins at time but have lots now but there is nothing for sale in the market?? Surely it makes sense to have upgradable appliances for sale in the market whatever level you are on.

  24. PLEASE HELP ME! I,m stuck for several days and can’t keep playing since the arrival of new location PHYLLODOPHIE. I finished the previous location (cant remember the name) and now, whenever I try to keep playing the new levels of Pylodophie i get stuck because theres a screen telling me to colecct 15 tokens earned in previous location Mangotego Bay (goals – reward – coconut shrimps) AND NOTHING HAPPENS! I CANNOT CLOSE THE WINDOW OR COLLECT THE TOKENS!!! PLEAS, PLEASE, I CANT WAIT TO PLAT THE NEW LEVELS!!! Thanks in advance

  25. I am at level 43. When I cook meals and serve to my customers sometimes they stand there like I haven’t served them and they don’t give me their payments so I can’t possibly earn enough money to move to the next level.

    1. Are you sure you are serving them the complete order? It’s possible that they want a side as well; Parmesan, pepper, lemon.. etc. If you are not completing the entire order they will just stand there and not give payment until you do.

  26. I added some people who also play Kitchen Scramble but for some reason when I want to send requests for kitchen staff or request for supplies, their names don’t show. Why is that? TIA!

  27. I’ve been stuck on trying to request staff for level 40 (Mozzaroma). For the last few days i’ve been trying to send out the request to my friends that play but nothing. They are not getting it. There’s a black screen in the back ground and when trying to send and the box pop up. I put in my friends name and hit send and nothing. It says it sends the request but i’m not getting anything back. I really would like to continue in the game. Please help

  28. I know the way to get the most money is to focus on the higher priced items, but where can I see the food prices besides when the money is picked up, because then it is too quick to look at if I am busy. Are the prices listed anywhere else?

  29. apenas empece el juego y ya me encanto!!! pero solo he llegado a #15 y ya estoy supone que ya deberia haber ganado dinero papel y no tengo!! apenas solo use 5 para gasolina,monedas si tengo muchas,pero como hago para ganar mas dinero papel??

  30. On Kitchen Scramble What do each icon for the levels mean? Like the apple, door, people etc.? Also when I play the level that gives you a specific amount of customers and I don’t get through that level it says I needed 3 more customers. How is that possible when it shows I served every customer there?

  31. Hey do you know if they’ve changed the goals for 3 stars on some levels. I had 2 stars on level 140, 158 and 200. But the target they have for 3 stars is now lower than the target I already have e.g. I have 1131 on 140 but only need 1100 for 3 stars. It doesn’t make sense??? Thanks

  32. I am currently on level 170+ but since the beginning of the dessert oasis level i’ve noticed that the egg does not come in my list of premium ingredients even if i’m using it that level. Why is that?
    I’ve accepted a LOT of egg gifts, but still it doesnt even show up

  33. Do you know of anywhere I can find the Mime’s food preference for Yumbai? I feel like I’ve tried everything and I cannot work out what he wants. I mean obviously I haven’t, but I feel like I have!!

  34. my window keeps popping up “lost connection” during Kitchen Scramble but my internet is doing fine with ther games!

  35. I was on level 64 and frozen cuz I needed steam and help from 3 players. that was this morning. now tonight I am back on level 40 !! Help…

  36. On the FB version I cant find any levels which orders calzones as I need to complete a reward. On my phone however, I can see levels with calzones.

  37. I have received requests from but how do I find them. With other games on FB if you click on 1 request from it will show you what the request is but no box appears with this game. Can anyone help me.

  38. I have about 15 or 20 friends that play but no one ever seems to receive my requests for steam. I’m perpetually stuck in the same world because no one can send me steam! Help!

  39. am at token gate 90 frm 3 days…i dont hv kitchen cash…pls elp me hw do i get kitchen cash…and i hv friends in this game bt when my truck is on low steam am nt able to find any friend when i opened the box for friend’s help……pls help me.

  40. GUYS!! I am stuck on level 14!!Can’t get past it, cos I need my friends’ help to keep going….. BUT I HAVE HAD friends send me help, and nothing happens! I think there’s a bug or something. I really wanna play, been stuck for almost 10 days. it’s getting annoying. PLEASE HELP! x

    1. same thing here i stuck at level 90 like a year and friends are sending me help but when i click accept it not going through what the problem

  41. i have problem get bypass the gate. I ask friends to help me and they send supplies to help me but when i click accept it doesn’t go through. I don’t know what to do

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