Kitchen Scramble Guide: Recipes

Kitchen Scramble Below you will find the complete list of Kitchen Scramblew Recipes, indicating the location where they are first found. So far we have not found any cheats to unlock recipes or get free supplies.


PittsburguerFried EggEgg to Skillet
PittsburguerBaked PotatoPotato to Oven
PittsburguerHouse SaladLettuce + Tomato to Wooden Board
PittsburguerBacon Bacon to Skillet
PittsburguerTomato SoupTomato + Onion to Pot
PittsburguerHome FriesPotato to Wooden Board then Chopped Potatoes to Skillet
PittsburguerSouthwestern OmeletteEgg + Onion + Tomato to Mixer then to Skillet
PittsburguerHamburguerHamburguer Disk to Skillet then to Work Board + Lettuce + Bread
PittsburguerOnion RingsOnion to Wooden Board then to Mixing Bowl + Egg + Flour then to Skillet
PittsburguerFried Egg SandwichEgg to Skillet then to Work Board + Bread + Lettuce
PittsburguerMeat LoafOnion to Wooden Board then meat + egg + chopped onion to bowl then to oven
PittsburguerBacon BurguerBacon to skittle, then meat to skittle, then both cooked bacon and meat along with bread to work board

7 thoughts on “Kitchen Scramble Guide: Recipes”

  1. despite getting constant tips to deliver customers with coffee and iced tea, there’s no way i can do it, since the Tea Maker does not appear at the store. do you know where it appears exactly?

  2. I am currently playing Kitchen Scramble & i am on level 163 but when i was awarded location goals for serving customers my screen froze on this page & i am unable to move on. I have tried to delete & restart the game but each time it comes back to the same frozen page. Any suggestions how to get by this?

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