Kingsroad Knight Guide – Builds, Skills, Gear and More

The Knight class in Kingsroad is the only tanking class in the game, needed when facing powerful bosses and large mobs. However, when soloing areas, it can also be tweaked so it becomes a melee DPS, the only one in Kingsroad actually. Below you will find the description for each skill, along with its attributes and final stats when maxed out, also, we offer you multiple skill builds you can choose from.

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Kingsroad Knight Builds

Remember to assign skill points proportionately, since this build is for level 60 knights. The dps build is good for soloing, but for groups, the tanking spec will save a lot of lives and your teammates will be thankful.

Tank Build

Might 10, Parry 10, Fortify 10, Defend 10, Whirl 10, Rumble 1, Spikes 8. The gear should be focused on +armor/increased item find/increased gold find/+XP per level

DPS Build

10whirl 10rumble 10staminaskill 2stamina 10burn 10 fortify

[box type=”shadow”]The tanking build is meant to be used in groups, and not when soloing high end levels. This is because finishing a level could take forever due to the low damage output. Also, the high amount of passive skills allow you to tank more easily without having to burn through all active skills while playing.[/box]

Kingsroad Knight Stats

Remember, you cannot assign points to a character’s stats. However, you can modify different stats attributes by equipping different gear and weapons. You can upgrade unique armor pieces and weapons at the Forge or try to look from drops from locked chests. You should focus on getting your armor and defense stats up if you are tanking.

Kingsroad Knight Skills

Name Description Level 1 Maxed Out Unlock
Maim Deals massive damage and has a 75% chance to
knock the enemy to the ground
200% damage
10s cooldown
9 mana cost
290% damage
5s cooldown
9 mana cost
Cleave A sweeping attack that deals damage to
all enemies in front of you
90% damage
4s cooldown
5 mana cost
171% damage
2s cooldown
5 mana cost
Might Passive skill
Increase damage for you and your party
5% additional damage 32% additional damage 5
Parry Passive skill
Grants a chance to avoid a melee attack for you and your party
5% Parry chance 41% parry chance 5
Charge Charges an enemy, dealing damage to everyone in your path 90% damage dealt
4s cooldown
8 mana cost
171% damage
2s cooldown
8 mana cost
Hurl Throw your shield dealing damage to all enemies
in the shield’s path and bouncing off additional enemies
70% damage
6s cooldown
8 mana cost
133% damage
3s cooldown
8 mana cost
Resillience Passive Skill
Grants health regeneration and knockback
resistance for you and your party.
1 HP per sec
20% knockback resist
6 HP per sec
40% knockback resist
Fortify Passive skill
Increases armor for you and your party
20% armor bonus 200% armor bonus 12
Rumble A radial attack that deals damage and stuns
all enemies around you for 3 seconds
60% damage
15 cooldown
10 mana cost
114% damage
10s cooldown
10 mana cost
Spikes Sprouts spikes for 60 seconds that cause melee
enemies to take damage when attacking you
40% damage dealt
90s cooldown
25 mana cost
Stamina Passive skill
Increases max health for you and your party
10% health bonus 100% health bonus 20
Defend Chance to absorb 50% of incoming damage for
you and your party
5% blocking chance 41% blocking chance 20
Whirl Become a whirlwind of death dealing
damage to all enemies in your path.
While active, immune to knockback effects
50% damage dealt
12s cooldown
10 mana cost
73% damage dealt
8s cooldown
10 mana cost

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