Kingsroad Archer Guide – Builds, Skills, Gear and More

The archer is a ranged class character in Kingsroad. Definitely the most popular class because other casual RPGs often leave it out, while always including the wizard. The archer is initially quite weak in terms of defenses, but as it gains levels and skills you will always want one in your group, simply because it’s an impressive AoE damage dealer. When coupled with a knight, they can rush through levels without much trouble. Below you will not only find descriptions for active and passive skills, but also the best builds/specs for your Archer and type of gear and weapon bonuses you should be looking for.

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Kingsroad Archer Skill Build

Even though you can create a more survivality spec, most players just go for the DPS build, which is the one below

  • Fire Arrow 10/10 , only has a 3sec cooldown, you can use it and abuse it
  • Spread Shot: 10/10 . The cooldown is merely 1 second, so you can actually spam this skill when soloing small groups of mobs. If you fully upgrade it, the hitting radius increases even more. The knockback can get you out of a hurry when surrounded by enemies.
  • Firestorm 10/10 , the perfect complement to spread shot.
  • Focus 10/10
  • Exploit 10/10
  • Haste: 10/10

You could also upgrade Decoy and leave Spread Shot at half upgrade level. This is mainly to complement when fighting Bosses that are inmune to the spread shot knockback.

If you are planning on spending money for extra skill points, then a good choice would be Quickness, this is amazing when it allows you to complete levels at an amazing amount of time when in groups. Also, Dodge is another good choice, 41% is a number high enough to find it very often.

Archer Stats In Gear and Weapons

Your main, and only objective is to damage as much as possible your enemies. Thus, when trying to increase your stats, you should only be looking for weapons and armor pieces that boost them. This is the priority order that you should be looking for on equippable items.

Damage >> Critical Chance >> Critical Damage >> Attack Speed.

Kingsroad Archer Skills.

Name Description Level 1 Maxed Out Unlock
Volley Shoots 3 arrows in quick succession at an enemey 50% (150%) Damage
10s cooldown
8 Mana Cost
73% (219%) Damage
5s cooldown
8 Mana
Spread Shot Shoot arrows in an arc, dealing damage and knocking enemies back 50% Damage
3s cooldown
5 mana cost
73% Damage
1s cool down
5 Mana cost
Focus Passive Aura
Increases chance for a critical strike for you and your party
4% critical chance 31% critical chance 5
Dodge Passive skills
Chance to avoid a range attack for you and your party
5% dodge chance 41% dodge chance 5
Ice Arrow Shoots an ice arrow that deals damage and
decreases movement speed by 50% for 3 seconds
to an enemy and any nearby enemies
60% Damage
4s cooldown
5 mana cost
87% Damage
2s cooldown
5 mana cost
Decoy Summons a sturdy decoy for 30 second 0% Health boost
50s cooldown
25 mana cost
90% Health boost
30s cooldown
25 mana cost
Exploit Passive Skills
Increase damage on critical strikes
20% damage 200%+ critical damage 12
Quickness Passive Skill
Increases movement speed for you and your party
4% movement speed +4% movement speed per level 40% movement speed
Flame Arrow Fires a flaming arrow that deals damage to an enemy and all surrounding enemies 90% damage
6s cooldown
7 Mana cost
131% damage
3s cooldown
Shock Shoots a lightning arrow that deals damage and stuns an enemy for 3 seconds 70% damage
12s cooldown
5 mana cost
102% damage
6s cooldown
5 mana cost
Haste Passive skill
Increase rate of attack for you and your party
3% attack speed increased 30% Haste 20
Drain passive skill
Restores X Health on every hit for you and your party
1 Health restored per hit 10 health restored per hit 25
Firestorm Shoot a rain of arrows at your enemies.
Enemies hit will be set on fire and
run away in fear for 3 seconds
80% damage
18s cooldown
12 mana cost
116% damage
12s cooldown
12s mana cost

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3 thoughts on “Kingsroad Archer Guide – Builds, Skills, Gear and More”

  1. These guides are outdated, there is no fire arrow with 3 second cooldown. The beginner guides and recommendations are questionable regardless if you’re a spender or efficiently using your time and resources ingame while leveling.

    1. Bro they are not outdated. If you upgrade the skill all the way the colldown is 3 seconds. As when you upgrade them the cooldown goes down. And to be fair the build is more endgame if you would’ve noticed/played the game.

  2. I see where many are recommending the sniper/poison method. Which is better for higher level bosses? And how do you get the Yeti gear?

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