Jungle Heat Guide: Troops

Jungle Heat. Below you will find the list of units/troops in Jungle Heat. We detail the Damage Per Second, Health and Training Cost along with the unlock requirement. You can leave a comment telling us which one is the best troop in a defending or attacking strategy.


Slasher84515 oilN/A
Spy112525 oilLvl 2 Barracks
Rifleman72050 oilLvl 3 Barracks
Gunner11300500 oilLvl 4 Barracks
Bomber12201000 oilLvl 5 Barracks
Hornet251502000 oilLvl 6 Barracks
Pyro50751500 oilLvl 7 Barracks
Nurse294307000 oilLvl 8 Barracks
Black World120170025000 oilLvl 9 Barracks
Iron Storm220260035000 oilLvl 10 Barracks

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