Invincible Armada Beginner’s Guide and Walkthrough

Welcome to Quickgamer’s Invincible Armada Walkthrough for beginners, we’ll explain you in detail every single aspect of the game mechanics, don’t hesitate on leaving a comment if you want to find out something not detailed in the guide. Invincible Armada currently does not have official Forums, something the game needs when you have so many options and features.

You start by choosing character’s gender and nickname. Even though there are 3 females and 3 males to choose from, all males actually look like girls.

Amir will be your first tutorial wizard and quest-giver throughout the entire game. We suggest you carefully follow the intro tutorial to quickly learn Invincible Armada gameplay mechanics.

Sailing and Saving Castaways

You will come across Castaways, named “Stranded Drifter”, they have a big yellow exclamation symbol, simply click on them move your ship and carry out the rescue action. Each Drifter savd will yield one Star point. The first one you save will finally reward you with an old Caravel and an Ease Cesar Mast. Mind you, this action always takes place at the main map, and not the port city itself.

Moving your ships is as simple as clicking on the building or item you want to move towards.

Resources and Currencies

  • Energy: This is the main resource you need to sail through the sea and enter and set sail from ports and engage into battle. Of course is limited
  • XP Bar: Each mission you complete or battle you finish will grant you stars, which you need to collect in order to level up.
  • Crowns: This is the hard currency of the game, you will have to buy it with real life dollars in order to get them and get premium items in exchange.
  • Gold Coins: The soft currency in INvincible Armada, you need them to trade items and purchase parts for your ships

Character Information

The character information window is located on the second tab after you click on the quest log. It details your name, Exp Level, MP points, Guild you belong to, Title, Skills and stats chart. However, you will notice that there are more character profiles, if you click on their avatars. Each of these secondary characters have their own set of skills and you need to train them to adquire new skills.

Adding Ships To Your Fleet and Getting To Use Them

Each new ship you want to add to your fleet requires a license. Linceses are purchases in the “Armada” window, the icon is located on the bottom left side of the screen, represented by a Caravel.

These permits to own ships are adquired with Gold coins or Crowns. Notice that each new “Ship Slot” can only be unlocked by reaching the level indicated in the “Armada” window. For instance, you will only be able to buy the slot #3 to get a new ship certification at level 5.

After that, always remember to actually use the license through the “Cargo” window. You may add your ship directly to your fleet or in your stationed fleet (in-port). You can only form your stationed fleet after obtaining your base.

Once you added the ship, you must appoint a captain to it to actually make it functional. This is done through the “Armada” window as well. Initially, you will be probably alone in the game and have to assign yourself as the captain of the ship.

Adding Parts To Your Ship

Click on any available part in the “Parts” window to equip it on your ship. Click on done to verify the action. The equipped parts improve your ship’s performance, like her speed or attack power. The parts window is accessed through a button located on the bottom left side of the Armada Window after selecting a ship.

How To Battle Enemy Fleets

Yes, you are not alone in the sea, and hostile enemy fleets will appear, you must attack them in order to survive. The battles/fights take place in a different screen. Fights have goals, which are indicated on the top left of the screen. To destroy an enemy fleet, simply click on your own ships to sail them towards the hostile armada.

Your battle ships have skills and in order to use them in battle you can use them by either pressing “Q” or “W” button on your keyboard or clicking the icon at the bottom of the screen.

Character Stats

Each time you level up you are granted 3 Stat. Points which you need to assign between 4 stat categories which are: Attack, Sail, Know, Luck. These same stat points affect the different Skills you will be able to unlock as you level.

Character Skills

Skills are also divided into the same categories mentioned above; Attack, Sail, Know, Luck. Your main character has a whole set of Combat skills waiting to be unlocked. Mind you, secondary characters also have skills that can be unlocked and are different from the combat ones. For instance, Ishmael has by default Concentrated Repair and Emergency Repair.

City Ports

Initially, the city ports of Genoa, Marseille, Pisa and Rome are available, that within the Western Map (there are 3 more maps for Eastern, North Sea and West Eu. areas as well)

Once you get into the city you will see the different buildings that you can interact with, like the Hospital, the Trading Office the Bank, the Ship Exchange, etc. The first quests will take through all those building categories and you will learn by doing.

Cargo Window

The cargo window is where all your stash gets stored. It’s divided in several tabs in different categories like Consumables, Material, Parts and Goods. You always have the option to sell your items for gold coins, but is better to wait and trade them at buildings in the different City ports, otherwise some parts you need might end up costing just too many gold if you don’t give the merchant something in exchange, they are far more valuable there. Different Trading Offices have different prices for same goods, so that’s when trading starts making sense and becomes profitable.

Questing and Missions

The Missions log is located on the left side of the screen and consists of several tasks each


If you are heavily outnumbered, you have the option to get reinforcements from your Ally. You can request an allied reinforcement by clicing on the profile avatars located on the right side of the screen.


Sailing through the different Maps in Invincible Armada is certainly difficult at first, since you have 3 different maps where your different actions take places. First there’s the World Map, where you get a worldwide vision and can see all the cities available on the left sidebar and also the map legends are indicated at the bottom, by clicking and dragging the mouse you will move through the map.

However, there’s also a third map which causes most of the trouble making you think you cannot enter a city despite clicking on it. It tooks a while to figure out how to enter the Port of Genoa. Turns out the map where you actually sail is divided into different sections, you will see an arrow once you position the mouse on the section where you want to go to. Also, do not confuse small cities with Ports, the latter contain those cities and are the only spots where you can enter.

You need to click on the docks when you are inside a city to set sail.

More Stuff At The Sea

During your journeys across the seas, you will surely come across other stuff than hostile ships, for instance, Schools of Fishes or Chests, which you can collect and store in the Cargo area.


Adding friends to Invincible Armada is easy, they just need to play the game to added to your community window and considered Allies. You can’t have dozens of them though, up to three are allowed by default.

Expect to find quite a few bugs as you progress through the game since it will only be officially released on February 7th and is still on Beta.

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