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Welcome to quickgamer’s Hunter Island walkthrough guide for beginners. You can check out our wikia for a guides on Monster Evolution levels, Monster drop locations, Challenges, Quests and more.


You need to choose among 4 starter Arkadion pets/monsters. Snorkling (Fire), Frostkit (Water), Spark (Air) and Brakie (Earth). If you are wondering which is the best monster of the 4 to start the game, they actually make no difference at the beginning.


The fight works as following: all monsters, both yours and the enemy, are placed in a queue on the left side of the screen. You will then start taking turns. The more energy you spend on an attack, the lower you are placed in the next turn for that monster. That is why you need to use the right attack considering the HP of the monster you have in front.

Each monster has a series of skills that can use and once it evolves, new ones are added.

When a blue card appears right next to the enemy monster, that means it can be captured. If the icon tilts “new” that measn you don’t yet have that monster, by tapping on the card, you access the capture card menu, which give you 3 options or capture cards, each one with a greater capture success %.

While in the wild (outside cities) you will mostly have random encounters with enemies. These are random and cannot be predicted, neither where or which monster you will face exactly. However, there are second type of encounters, those that are triggered by quests, these are indeed fixed and the duels carried out there contain always the same monsters and trainers. If you lose a fight in wild, along the path, you are returned to the city where you started that journey.


There are a total of 360 different monsters in the game. Many of them have 4 evolution stages, thus belonging to the same chain. However, they acquire different skills, change shape and stats, so they can indeed be considered unique.

Arkadions not included in your default line-up can only be accessed in town, and not in the wild.

RARITY. Monsters are categorized into rarities. Rarity is determined by letters when looking at a profile. They range from common to “First Ones” or legendaries

STARS. Stars in a monster profile determine how far they are into their evolution chain.

Below you will find all 7 stats Arkadions have:

  • Line-Up Size Increase: when this boost is bigger, more Arkadions can be included in your line-up
  • Max HP: hp stands for Hit Points. This is how much damage an Arkadion can take before getting defeated.
  • Attack: abilities deal damage based on the Arkadion’s attack or magic stat. Higher attack means attack abilities deal more damage
  • Magic: abilities deal damage based on the Arkadion’s attack or magic stat. Higher magic means attack abilities deal more damage
  • Speed: a higher speed means a higher chance to go first in combat
  • Defense: defense reduces the damage an Arkadion takes from all attacks that are based on attack.
  • Resist: resist reduces the damage you take from all attack that are based on magic.

Each arkadion has a different set of abilities or skills, and more get added as the monster evolves.

DELETING ARKADIONS. Can you do that?. Sure, you just have to tap on the Arkadions icon, on the bottom right corner of the screen, then choose the arkadion you want to destroy, and then tap on the trash icon.


Most of the monsters have a 4 stage evolution process. How do you evolve Monsters?. It’s actually very simple, you just need to reach a certain level, each monster requires a different level to evolve, nothing else is required.

Each time a Monster evolves, it gains new abilities/skills, besides increasing its stats.

If you found the MonsterPedia in the menu and you are wondering why some slots have a silver color, that means you currently own a monster that can evolve into a monster found in that silver slot. Golden slots have Super Rare monsters while White Slots contain “First Ones” which are also known as legendaries.


When trying to capture an Arkadion, and specially with powerful Arkadions, you should always weaken it by lowering its health and only then using a capture card. You will eventually find out that the capture success % becomes greate the weaker the Arkadion becomes.

Tip. each time you see a new Arkadion, capture it if you can, not only you will make progress to “get them all”, but they might also come in handy later in the game.

CAPTURE CHALLENGES/DUNGEONS. We found our first Capture Challenge, which consists of getting 3 different monsters when we reach a cave east of the second town (Grayrock Cave) if you don’t have them all already, you will have to walk the dungeon until you find those that are missing and capture them.

If you fail to capture an Arkadion, you will lose the chance to capture it again for that same fight, even if you escape the fight and enter again.

Dungeons also have checkpoints, which allow you to return to that spot whenever you enter the dungeon again. While navigating the dungeon, you will see how many new monsters are available there and how many you have captured.


Quests, which you can read by tapping on the small piece of paper at the bottom to the left, should always be the main way of making progress through the game in an orderly manner.

Quests are obtained in each Town, and you can load as many quests as you want in your quest log by finding the quest icon in the town building displaying it.

You can also drop quests by selecting a quest from the log and tapping on “drop quest”.

Once you completed a quest in the wild, you can simply return to the city by tapping on the buildings icon located on the left side of the screen, you don’t have to do all the path again if you are not trying to discover a new town ahead of you.


As you can see below, all four elements are weak against one element and strong against another.

  • Fire Element >> Earth Element
  • Water Element >> Fire Element
  • Air Element >> Water Element
  • Earth Element >> Air Element


Each city has a building with an exclamation mark on it. By tapping there you access the challenges offered in that town. Once you complete a challenge, you can comeback to the town and claim a reward.


  • Tickets: they are used to participate in online events
  • Gold Egg: this egg always includes Dragons, Starters, and the best Arkadions in the game.
  • Gold Mission Egg: this egg always includes the mission prize monster as well as the best Arkadion in the game.
  • Recipes: recipes lets you create a new Arkadion by combining 2 other Arkadions. Recipes are obtainable through regular gameplay.

PVP Battles

PvP battles are locked until one of your Arkadions becomes level 20.

PVP Battles

This feature is locked until one of your Arkadions becomes level 20.


The map/world of Hunter Island is made of Towns and everything else outside towns, which we call “the wild”. While navigating the map, you can only go to spots marked by the arrows. Random encounters can occur each time you arrive at each of these spots in the map. Some encounters, those fixed by quests, will always occur on the same place and feature the same set of Monsters.

All towns, despite looking differently, have the same features: Challenges, Quest Givers, Side Quest Givers, Shop, Warp Portals.

Besides Towns, you also have dungeons, which contain checkpoints once you reach a certain level of the dungeon.


  • Hunter License: The hunter license is given after finding the Deucalion Outpost in Agramis and winning the fight in there. The hunter license automatically keeps track of the towns you visit. You can travel back and forth between them using sanctioned Warp Gates.
  • Ocarines: consider Ocarinas stat boosters that improve your overall performance in fights. Ocarinas have a series of 7 stats, just like monsters. Once you arrive at the third town, you are given a standard Ocarina, which is quite good.
  • Eggs: all Eggs are hatched instantly by using a sort of Gashapon machine that gives you a random monster. Same rule applies to gold eggs bought at the shop.
  • Musical Score: musical scores allow you to control more Arkadions in your battle line-up. How do you increase your Hunter Rank?. Simple, by completing quests at Deucalion Outposts. Rank Test, in Agramis, is the first side quest to give you an extra star.
  • Nest of Arkadions: these type of fights cannot be escaped and are far more challenging than regular fights. You will find them in dungeons, they cannot be chosen or predicted. You will have to fight a large number of Arkadions instead of the regular set of 3. You cannot capture Arkadions during these fights. Your monsters will gain a lot of XP during these fights, if they manage to survive that is.

We hope our Hunter Island walkthrough guide was useful. If you have questions or tips to share, please leave a comment below.

8 thoughts on “Hunter Island Walkthrough Guide”

  1. Explain the letter ranking system please? Is a E rank monster going to grow weaker than an S-D rank monster? I know S rank makes them shinny I got like 4 of them.

    1. I believe that the letter corresponds to their likelihood of getting “bonus action” where they attack again immediately after their first attack. S is the highest, followed by A, so these monsters are strong in that they often get to attack more than once per turn.

    1. Same here. When I reach the 3rd floor, instead of getting stairs that go downward, I get stairs that go back up to the second floor. I have checked, and it is indeed not the same flight of stairs that I came down from (2nd to 3rd). Anyone know if this is a glitch? If it isn’t, how do I get past it?

    2. Well, it turns out when you reach the 3rd floor, find a different set of stairs that gos up and keep going up floors until you emerge in another city, so it’s completely normal.

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