Honor Bound Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to quickgamer’s Honor Bound (made by JuiceBox) walkthrough guide. This help guide is aimed at beginner players who yet have to fully understand the game mechanics. We have separate guides fro drop locations, Heroes list, Abilities, Rituals and more.

Choosing Your Commander.

Honor Bound - Commanders

Among the 5 champion commanders, there’s only 1 ranged character, the Celestial Sage. All the other commanders you can choose to start with are melee characters and they actually resemble quite a lot in their abilities, there’s no “best commander” you can pick. Besides, each of these commanders are associated with a particular element.

  • Shadow Knight. the abyss champion shadow, death, and darkness. They know these forces are not inherently evil, but grim necessities of life.
  • Spirit Sentinel. the spirit identify with light, conviction, and hope. In their quest for purity they can be as gentle as candlelight or as harsh as the deser sun.
  • Sylvan Protector. the primal embody growth, competition, and struggle. The primal have the tenacity of a wild beast, and the guile of a choking vine.
  • Pyromancer. the terra represent change, power, and destruction. They approach all obstacles head-on, bringing to bear a fiery strength and force of will.
  • Celestial Sage. the lunar follow cycles, seasons, ebb and flow. The Lunar are wise to the ways of magic, and they often hold hidden knowledge.


Honor Bound - Fights

The fighting mechanics are actually one of the most simple to understand parts of the game. Before attacking, you need to tap on the character you want to launch the attack.

If you want to use an ability, tap if after you select the hero and finally tap on the particular enemy you want to attack

The Rewards for fighting are the following: Coins, Energy and XP points

Treasures await for you only at the end of the mission, after you successfully completed it.


Honor Bound - a Hero

Heroes have the following stats:

  • Strength
  • Magic
  • Defense
  • Resistance
  • Health
  • Luck.

Heroes have a certain class, evolution stages and belong to a certain element.

Rank, Attributes and Abilities are only unlock through Research.

Heroes can evolve to a different, more powerful forms as well.

The different classes available are: warriors, knights, archers and rogues are (physical), clerics and wizards (magical).

There are also different Hero rarities (unrelated to amount of stars, which actually indicate the evolution stages of each hero): Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Epic and Hybrid.

The first five hero tiers/rarities are simple, the rarer, the more powerful they are in terms of stats. A hybrid hero though is somehow different: these heroes can be obtained as Epic drops or Rare drops. Some heroes like the Tundra Dead-Eye Goblin come in a 2 star rare version and 3 star epic version.


These are the special attacks you see at the bottom bar when in a dungeon. Of course, you need certain researches to unlock abilities. Same classes share the same abilities. More advanced abilities require more mana to use, and upgrading abilities increase their power (and reduce the mana cost a bit as well).


Honor Bound - Missions Map

This is where you will spend most of your time. The global map contains regions (for example, the first is is “A Shadow Over Haven”), these regions contain a series of missions/areas that need to be completed progressively to reach the final stage.

Within The Mission. Eventually, you will have to start choosing your path ahead. what you can find is, PvE battles, Chests (Treasures, these can only be collected at the end of the mission), Ambushes (just when the enemy gets its turn first) and also PvP battles (the latter trigger on empty tiles).

It’s important to remark the PvP battles within missions have no relation whatsoever to Arena Streaks, Honor Points or even Mission outcome. So, what are PvP battles within missions for?. For instance, they’ll get you coins and XP points when you win. The amount of XP obtained depends on your opponent’s level.

[box type=”info”] Major Tip. your main hero (starting character) must remain alive along the entire dungeon if you want to complete it. The other team members can be wiped out, but not your champion. There are Resurrection Scrolls of different types which allows to bring back your hero to the battlefield. Depending on its level, it brings them back with a full HP meter or less.[/box]


This is the feature that allows you to get more heroes without using Runes to summon them. Where can you capture new heroes?, in missions. How?. You first damage them until their health bar starts glowing. That is when capture can work. The capture ability is only available to champion heroes (starting characters). In order to keep the captured character, you have to reach the end of the dungeon to keep it.

We have a separate capture location guide for all heroes just in case you are wondering where to get some character in particular.

Player versus Player.

Although the opponents you will face here actually belong to other players, the one controlling it during PvP fights is the machine. Initiative is what triggers who attacks first, and is calculated by team, not your main character. Luck, one of your stats, contributes to have higher initiative.


Honor Bound - Research Scholars

We bet you got since the tutorial made you add the first scholar. The more scholars you have working at the same time, the more researches you will be able to conduct at the same time, thus make progress in the game at a faster rate, extra Scholars require diamonds though, and you need to pay for them after the firs extra scholar gets added. ALL your gems/diamonds should be spent in Scholars and nothing else.

Research takes time, and cost either coins or embers. Below are some important upgrades you should make as soon as possible:

  • Commander Research: Coin Vault and Ember Vault. More storage cap for your player, you will need it.
  • Ember Baron: more ember production and higher ember limits
  • Commander Research: Energy Cap and Mana Cap, self explanatory
  • Commander Research: Leadership. this is mandatory to get a higher level commander.


Honor Bound - Rituals

Rituals are unlocked a bit later on the game. This feature allows you sacrifice heroes and to make other heroes stronger. Pretty much like in trading card games. There are 3 different types of Rituals:

  • Fortify: [how to unlock fortify, research Leadership to rank 3] the most simple way of increasing a hero’s experience, at the expense of consuming other heroes and embers. Notice that the higher the level of hero being sacrificed, the more xp you will get.
  • Banish: [ritual research rank 1] sell a hero in exchange of coins
  • Evolve: [how to evolution ritual research Leadership to rank 2] this is when you fuse two heroes of the same version and obtain as a result a higher star/version of it. Our suggestion is that you always fully leveled up both heroes to get higher stats upgraded version of the newly evolved hero.


  • Embers: these are used to train yourself or other heroes in your collection.
  • Coins
  • Gems/Diamonds
  • Energy.


  • Can you create/have multiple squad formations?. No, that is not possible only a single squad setup can be created at a time.
  • If you exit a dungeon, the map won’t be the same when you enter it again.
  • Tap on the small map icon when inside a dungeon to see which path is the most convenient depending on your needs/energy.
  • You can keep re-running the same dungeon over and over again. After all, this is how you will get new heroes most of the time, rinse and repeat.
  • Yes, in order to capture certain heroes, you need strategies and having a complete squad not dying helps a lot, this is because if your hits are too powerful, you will never be able to leave the enemy’s HP meter at the right point to capture it.


If you want to share Honor Bound strategies, questions, hacks or cheats, please leave your comment below.

51 thoughts on “Honor Bound Walkthrough Guide”

  1. I just unlocked leadership to level 5. I was supposed to unlock my second ability. Now it says “Train leadership 5 to unlock this ability”. What does this mean? why can’t i use my second ability.. my leadership is already level 5..

    1. Add my friend code for rewards ^_^

      —-» 5U9 J7WX «—-

      Very active player. Play everyday every hour 😉

    1. Having a cleric is great. I just got the epic cleric Godsworn Shaman +++. She heals, regenerates everyone, and increases mana (passive) for abilities. Plus when she attacks, she still packs a pretty good punch.

      You can find them in the Winter Kingdom map. Either the 2nd or 3rd one, called Heimal’s ascent. They are very tough to capture, and you need four of them to evolve to the highest level. But it’s worth it.

    2. You should ussaly choose heroes with that are rare, epic or legendary and try to evolve as much as you can

  2. Is it possible for me to change my commander? I have started the game but want to try out another and I can’t figure out how to or even if it is possible to restart the game.

    1. Yes, go to settings (the tiny gear icon on the main screen), click logout/signout, then you can restart. There is no way to change commanders in the same game/account so you will have to start completely over.

  3. I’ve got a haven Medicus++. She’s got four evolution stars and I’ve trained her to level 70. I just researched the ability to train clerics to 80, but it won’t let me increase her rank. When I click on the character in squad, she’s only got six rank bars. Is this common for clerics? Is there a cleric that can go higher?

  4. For people who want a good capture strangerty one is not upgrading the ability much so even though the hero is high level and powerful the abilty should be weak.

  5. My Ice Wolf Wizard all of a sudden cannot utilize his second and third ability. He is shooting blanks. What is the cause of this?

    1. some of the wards block certain types of attack. Sometimes it is physical attacks blocked. Sometimes magic is blocked.

  6. Do the elements have weaknesses and strengths? I’ve looked all over and can’t find any mention of this?

  7. Jeu de carte joli graphismes moins répétitif que d’autres jeux du style. Use my friendcode 5R7 – 7Q2S after the tutorial and we’ll both get cool rewards!

  8. Help… the game is steel crashing… I don’t konw WHY!!! I can’t because when i want to choose quest or look at my team… game crah… Please HELP

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