Level 202

Hidden Express – Valley Forage – Level 202 Thai Market Scene


  1. wheres the frog please

    • It is a bright green frog on the tower of lime, I think it is. there is also the tennisbal.

  2. where is the dice?

    • found the dice, where is the bracelet?

  3. Bracelet is the pink wrist band the second guy behind the flag is wearing

  4. Bracelet is the pink wrist band the second guy behind the flag is wearing

  5. Can anyone please tell me where the pencil is? I have been stuck on this level for weeks because I cant find it

  6. The pencil is standing upright beside the soccer ball

  7. Where is the paper money

  8. Where is the paper money please

  9. The paper money is stuck on the side of the wooden box on the left side under the fish

  10. where is the bread?

    • The bread is in a bowl in front of the person in the forefront of the picutre

  11. Cheryl….instead of stating on here that you found something, you should share what you have found!

  12. Where is the chocolate?

    • Oops, I found it – to the left of the knife!

  13. where is the penny please?

  14. found the penny – it is the top of the hat of the middle person.

  15. Can’t seem to find coconuts? Anyone know where it is??

  16. coconuts are in the top boat to the left of broom and boom-box


  18. La tasse (cup) est le verre en plastique à côté du bras du pêcheur du milieu et à côté du sandwich. La règle (ruler) est en avant (in front) du chocolat et du couteau; la madame a la main dessus.

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