Level 196

Hidden Express – Valley Forage – Level 196 – Venice Scene


  1. Where is 15?

  2. fifteen is in roman numerals “XV” above archway where the bell is

  3. italy, shoes?

    • Shoes are hangging on the wire with the birds.

  4. ruler?

    • The ruler isn’t in this scene, but in a later one (level 243). It’s in the top center and you can only see a little bit of it (it’s big, though).

  5. Where is the address

    • The address is on the building on the left, under a light. It’s pretty small.

  6. Where is the heart?

  7. Wheres the ladder and bee plz?

  8. I found the bee, its on top of the green thing on the plate on the table. Found the heart also, bottom left corner of menu page. Still need the ladder and now ladybug please.

  9. ladder on the wall between the black shutters near the life saver

  10. how do you get the third star I keep coming so close but its getting aggravating that I cant get the third star

    • I totally get it. I came here just to see if it were just me or if this was even possible. Somebody please tell me if you have reached 3 stars on this level!! Thanks in advance..

  11. Where is the bow

  12. Wheres the S?

  13. Where is the bell?

  14. I agree it,s near impossible to get additional stars

  15. please anyone know where the bow is ?

  16. can someone please tell me where is the bow in level 243 please x

  17. Ladybug is on the top oname f red flowers, the S is part of the restaurant
    name on the left side x

  18. try again !
    the ladybug is on top of the red flowers and the S is part of the restaurant on the left side , hope this helps x

  19. The ‘S’ is the letter ‘S’ in the word Ristorante.

  20. Where is the diamond please?

  21. Wow, getting 3 stars is tough! I can get 127,250, but never 130,000 which is 3 stars.

  22. Has anyone gotten 3 stars? I still haven’t and I don’t continue on to the next until I get 3 stars. Guess it was fun while it lasted.

    • contact BIGFISH.com

  23. where is the horse

  24. Bow is on the plate on the table, bell is n the alcove thing just under where the pants are. Can anyone tell me where ITALY is – I cannot find it and its driving me nuts……!!

    • Italy is up top by the roman numeral and is red. Horse is on the bottom of the table cloth beneath the tomatoes. Neither are pictured here.

  25. Where is the wolf and 100 euros, please?

  26. I cant get 3 stars and I can fly through this level and still cant get it. I QUIT

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