Hidden Express City 21 – Valley Forage Scenes Walkthrough

Here is the complete walkthrough list of objects/hints and scenes in big resolution screenshots of all Hidden Express City 21 – Valley Forage levels. If you simply cannot find an object on one of the scenes below, simply request it leaving a comment and we’ll reply back with a quick picture indicating the location.

Hidden Express – Valley Forage Scenes.

Level 199 Angkor Wat Adventure

Level 199 Angkor Wat Adventure

Level 200 - Safari

Level 200 – Safari

Level 201 - Amazon Rainforest

Level 201 – Amazon Rainforest

Level 196

Level 196

Level 198

Level 198

 Level 202

Level 202

 Level 204

Level 204

Level 205

Level 205

Level 197

Level 197


  1. i can’t get over level 196 and 197 i can’t get my three stars i love this game but it is getting to me that i played this two levels over a month.do you really have to be that hard to get three star soon finishing playing this game.i wish you change this so it would be a little bite easy to get

  2. My level 103 Happy Hearth, does not appear in any of the levels. Why?

    • I am on level 127 and see no help available. what is wrong?

  3. I am at City 22, with no available help, what is going on with this game. Did someone just give up. If we are to continue to play this game we need help.

    • I am now at City 23, and still no help. what is happening to the levels where we can share with other players. It getting harder and harder to play this game. its been taking all my lives to play one level. Please HELP

  4. I am so done with this game. I need one more star to get to the next level, for a month now. I think because we only need to get additional stars from the level we are on’ the game has been made harder to get stars. the game was nice until now.

    • I find if you don’t play at full screen the train moves faster so I get more points. It works for a lot of the cities but not all.

  5. How do you get through this level? I can’t get 3 stars in either level 196, 197, 201 or 203. Can anyone please help?

  6. level 203 isn’t listed as it should

  7. Where is LEvel 203, please?

  8. Level 196 and 197 needs to be fixed. Right at the third star and train is still going, Plenty enough time for third star. Do not understand.

  9. Can anyone tell me how to get 3 stars in level 196, 197, 198 or 201. I only need to get a third star in 2 of these levels to get through the gate to next City, but am finding it impossible. I am getting fed up trying now.

  10. I am so done with this game. Level 196 is almost impossible to get three stars. Games like this are great when you first start to play, then they get a little harder, which is great, challenge is always good, but to make it almost impossible to advance makes it so easy to stop play and move on to another game. FYI

  11. Where is the cowboy hat in level 214, please? Why can’t I see the list of levels in city 23?

  12. Cowboy hat in 214 is in the picture frame on the shelf beside the picture of the windmill

  13. anyone know where the perfume is in level 203 Valley Forage?

    • Perfum in under the goldfish bowl (painted on the shied of paper)

  14. I have been playing City 21 for weeks and getting the necessary stars to open the gate, but it won’t open. I keep getting the message “we are not being able to reach our servers. Please close the app. and relaunch Hidden Express. If problem persists, please contact our customer support.” When I do this, stars are taken away, I replay and get the stars, and then get the same message again, time after time, after time and still the gate will not open and let me go to the next city. This is very frustrating.

  15. Still waiting for City 21 gate open to city 22. I have all of the necessary stars and it’s like the screen is frozen. Any help?

    • I had the same problem. I played on my desktop computer and was able to open next city. Now I can’t open city 22 on this site.

  16. I find that when a level seems impossible to find the items… you just have to cheat a little. What I do, is pause the game. First you need to have a picture of the level screenshot, then press the “X” at the upper right corner to pause the game. Then look at the picture and find what you have a hard time finding.

  17. Can anyone help me to find”flutes” in city 30 level 292

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