Level 193 - Cuban Bar

Hidden Express – Level 193 – Cuban Bar Scene


  1. Where’s the Peace sign……. ?

  2. in the bicycle wheel

  3. Please can someone tell me where to find the bat? Thanks

  4. I believe the bat is a baseball bat and it is on the glass cabinet between the donkey and the flag.

  5. Where’s the heart?

  6. Where is the mint

    • The mint is ‘mint leaves’ and is found on the dish with the lime wedge.

  7. Yes
    where’s the mint, please.

  8. where’s the pencil?

  9. where is the pencil

    • the pencil is in the glass with what I think are drinking straws

  10. where is the anchor?

  11. Anchor is a picture in top pennant.

  12. Where is the butterfly and beans?

  13. Where is the butterfly?

  14. Butterfly is in the centre of the white curtain, beans are on the plate behind the cocktails

  15. Where is the necklace?

  16. Where is the necklace please?

  17. Found the necklace – green/red beads in front of the bracelet – can’t believe I didn’t see it earlier, lol.

  18. Anyone having any luck getting 3 stars? I can find everything, but I can’t get 3 stars.

    • I have been playing for days and cannot get 3 stars no matter how fast i goooooo

    • It took me a couple of days to get it. I don’t understand that. One of the easiest scenes, yet the hardest to get 3 stars. I eventually got the 3 stars when there were several multiple-object cars.

  19. Where is the heart?

  20. Where is the heart in level 193

    • Heart is carved into the table below beads & ashtray

  21. Where is the cat? Don’t see it in the picture. Thanks.

  22. where is the cat and the bird please?

  23. Where is the bird???

  24. The bird is on top the shelf in the center of the round plate the, bird is blue.

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