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  1. How do you pass this level?? I have been playing for a month now and cant pass it. I have gone fast, slow, found every item. what do I need to do? Anyone know?? Please help me!!
    Thanks, Sherry

  2. I agree !! I’ve tried fast, slow, only single cars, only double cars, only triple cars, doing the whole thing in “Slowdown” mode (wasted a LOT that I’ll probably need later) and STILL only start to touch the edge of that 3rd star !! It even seems like the last few remaining cars don’t register a score towards the end of the point tally.

    1. The magic wand is to the right of the bear mask, and to the left of the flower, and right above the parrot up in the top left corner of the train cart.

  3. I think there has to be a certain amount of triple object box cards in order to earn enough point for three stars. I think the amount of triple words box cars is random. Then when you get a game with enough objects you still need to get all the bonuses and go really fast. That is just my theory.

  4. The pennants are the triangular shaped flags hanging right under the loudspeaker and above the clown wig. Can anyone tell me where the wineskin is?

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