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    1. The key is hanging from the shelf, above the poison and to the left of the bananas. It looks like a car key.

  1. I cannot find the paintbrush. It is not to the left of the penny. I have clicked on several areas by the pots and pans, but no paintbrush when I am playing the game.

  2. The old compass is in the lower right corner of the cubby shelf on the left side of the screen. Where the oven mitt hangs.

  3. This level is impossible. I know where everything is and I can click it all….yet then most it gives is 1 star. So I am stuck and can’t get to the next city!

    1. Tennis ball is in bowl in a little left of center on counter. Mixed in with some other yellow balls. Lobster is in front of hearth. Still can’t find horseshoe. Let me know if you find it.

    1. The garlic braid is to the right of the American Penny; the tictactoe is on the wooden cutting board to the right of the fish

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