Level 174 [Paris Studio]

Hidden Express – Level 174 – Paris Studio Scene


  1. Where’s the perfume bottle?

  2. It’s on the right side of the screen, directly under the fishbowl. It looks like a piece of paper with a black drawing of a perfume bottle on it

  3. Where is the heart?

    • The heart is part of the paint palette. It’s a hot pink type colour. Hope this helps!

  4. where is the clothespin?

  5. where is the ribbon please ?

    • The ribbon is the black bow on the little wooden man sitting on the desk.

  6. Where is the Baguette please?

    • Baguette is on the right leg of the easel

  7. where is the kangaroo

    • Kangaroo is a picture up on the wall.

  8. seen the CAT anyone?

    • kitten is in the window.

  9. Where is the spool of thread please?

    • Spool of thread on the table next to wooden man

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