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    1. The pencil is on the right part of the picture frame to the left of the Harlequin puppet.

  1. Safety pin is on the left side on the horn( horn is on the floor) you can only see the end of the safety pin which blends in with the red table cloth

    1. I am looking for the red button, pi sign and the fountain pen.

      The lute is on the far right side bottom corner area. Kinda looks like a guitar/stringed instrument.

  2. the red button is on the table to the right. above candy cane. it is the same colour as the red bust and leaning against the base of it.

  3. I think the fish is the greenish thing at the end of the cupboard but even tho its on the picture at the top of this page it is not on my game . can anybody help with this

    1. The telephone is on the right side of the piano keys – it’s one of those old standing phones you speak into and hold the earpiece

    1. Maneki Neko is a Japanese Lucky Cat – it is on the little table in the right corner next to the red statue.

  4. I am unable to play level 82 on my iPad?? When I tap on the object it will not acknowledge , I did not have this issue with any other Except the theatre where u had to find ? Items missing. Cannot remember which level it was.

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