Lost in Space

Hidden Express City 7 Level 65 Lost in Space


  1. WHere is ladder City 7 Level 65 Lost in Space? Thank yoU!!

    • the ladder is between the station bottom solar panels, is barely visible because it mixes with the space background.

  2. I am unable to get the third star. Any recommendations? Many of my friends are having the same problem. I think that they just want you to purchase the tickets to get through.

    • Yep, been getting several messages like this, you should report it on the official forums, sometimes they do fix the bugs.

    • I can’t get 2 stars, and seriously I have never had issues with the previous levels…has to be a glitch..I noticed that the train is amoving a bit fast but yet a lag for the item to be deleted from the bottom of the screen..

  3. Cannot find the “5”. Help!

    • It is a dice 5 ..(5 dots) just to the left of the solar panels

  4. Can anyone tell me where the following items are in 65

    Earrings,Five,Disco Ball,Eagle and Uranus,Find the level very hard to comeplet

    Regards Tess

    • Earrings are on the cows left ear, five looks like a dice, it is on the left side of the bottom solar panels, disco ball is the astranauts face on the bottom right, the eagle is beside the 8 on the chest of the astranaut on the left, and Uranus is on the very top on the left.

  5. I can’t get into level 65…it loads to either 95% or 99%…I can do the special levels and the previous ones…Help!

  6. Where is Saturn? Thanks

    • In the image above, it is on the sleeve of the right astronaut. As some objects change position, it might not always be there.

  7. I Can’ not get the 3 star on level 65, any idea to get it, try 25,30 time

  8. OK…I got 3 stars on this level-TWICE! I have a perfect score of 165 stars. My problem is that in other levels, a perfect score got me thru the gate to the next level, but not in Level 7. Anyone know why?? I don’t have friends playing to unlock the gate for me, so it’s the only way for me to get thru without paying….Suggestions? Information?

    • i will friend u if u like i need one more person to get thur the gate also

    • I will friend you too

    • i need friends to unlock gates

    • I need friends to unlock gate to next level

  9. Can’t find the test tube. Any ideas?

  10. The test tube in in the astronauts chest pocket… its blue

  11. Can’t fine the fracture?

    • The fracture is on the faceplate of the astronauts helmet on the left of the screen.

  12. Can’t find the fracture either

  13. The fracture is the bright star to left of alien on left austronaut’s visor

  14. Where is the atomic cloud

    • It’s in space right above the cow’s left ear

  15. where is the dignal clock

  16. wuts with the keys is there a trick to getting them on yur own??

  17. It reads 1444 and is on the bottom of the rail in the middle of the screen.

  18. Where is the zipper on level 65

    • The zipper is on the left astronaut’s right sleeve.

  19. I can’t get 3 stars on city 7 level 65 no matter how hard I try. Is there a bug in lost in space? I’m on level 85 city 9 and have all the stars except the 3rd star on level 65…any suggestions.

    • Hi Rick. How did you get through the gate at city 7?

  20. Where is saturn?

  21. I need help with the ladder and Saturn.. please help!!

  22. Where is saturn please

    • Saturn is on the edhe of the right hand astronaut’s sleeve.
      Has anyone actually got through city 7? Does anyone know? Thanks

  23. Oh. I’m also looking for some friends in this game. Anyone need another team member? I don’t think it can be done with only one or two people.

    • Hi! I need friends. Mine don’t play this game and I LOVE IT!!!! Thank You!!!

    • I am looking for people that play this game…I don’t play many games anymore but this one helps me keep my mind active!

      Does anyone know where the toilet is in the lost in space level 65?

    • I’ll be a friend

    • I need friends to get thru too

    • Go to the Hidden Express Group on facebook. Lots of players that help a lot.

    • hi who ever wants to add me as a friend your very welcome : ))

  24. Can’t find the moon- help!

    • The moon is at the top of the top left solar panel. It looks like a quarter moon.

  25. Can anyone help me unlock the gate.

  26. Does anyone know where the “signature” is??

  27. can anyone tell me where the signature is?

  28. The signature is on the pic of the missing cow

  29. The signature is on the bottom right in the photo of the cow.

  30. I have gotten all 3 stars on every level and am stuck unable to get to City 8. I thought you had to earn enough stars to get tickets for the next level but that doesn’t seem to be it–what’s the secret?

  31. I only have 2 friends that play this game regularly so I need folks that will give keys to get to the next level. I am also stuck on 65….can find everything but the toilet and not even sure what kind of thing to look for!

    • In the high rez photo, there’s a toilet under the first star.

    • I can be a friend. The toilet floats around but can usually can be found high in the sky. It is white

  32. Need a new friend to unlock

    • Only have 3 friends that play this game…how can you add more friends to help you out?

    • In the game at top right click on top players and you can send nrg to them & it will bounce back. Then there is a place on the screen that says invite friends do that every time you play have fun

  33. Can someone tell me where is atomic cloud

    • above the cows right ear

  34. Where are the daises?

  35. where is propeller ? i m not able to find it

    • The propeller moves around. Sometimes it is on the arm of the station near the sat. dish, near the center of the screen. Other times it is on the shoulder of the astronaut on the left.

    • The propeller moves around. Sometimes it is on the arm of the station near the sat. dish, near the center of the screen. Other times it is on the shoulder of the astronaut on the left.

  36. can someone explain to me how use the golden miles

    • where is jolly rogers and astero├»l?

    • I would love to know the answer that as well

  37. donde esta la escalera

    • donde esta loa escalera, la explosion

  38. where is coffee?????

    • coffee cup, like from Tim Hortons is in the right hand of astronaut on right

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