Hidden Express City 5 Scenes Walkthrough

Here is the complete walkthrough list of objects/hints and hidden express scenes in big resolution screenshots of all Hidden Express City 5 levels. If you simply cannot find an object on one of the scenes below, simply request it leaving a comment and we’ll reply back with a quick picture indicating the location.

Beachcomber's Boutique

Beachcomber’s Boutique



Lavender Study

Lavender Study

Objects in City 5 – Level 36

  1. Spider Web
  2. Red Whale
  3. Parrot
  4. Mermaid
  5. Coins
  6. Beach Shovel
  7. Monkey
  8. Apple
  9. Necklace
  10. Owl
  11. Hen
  12. Starfish
  13. Ruby
  14. Crab
  15. Tickets
  16. Helm
  17. Fishing Hook
  18. Sheriff Star
  19. Dolphin
  20. Dart
  21. Wind Chimes
  22. Pinwheel
  23. Sailing Boat
  24. Wooden Saber
  25. Moon
  26. Frog
  27. Saint
  28. Bracelet
  29. Key
  30. Fish
  31. Oyster
  32. Guiter
  33. Chinese Letter
  34. Octopus
  35. Watermelon
  36. Toucan
  37. Chest
  38. Seahorse
  39. Lobster
  40. Pinecone
  41. Paper Bag
  42. Tulyp
  43. Sun
  44. Tennis Ball
  45. Lighthouse
  46. Photo Camera
  47. Feather

Objects in City 5 – Level 37

  • Football
  • Pruning Shears
  • Butterfly
  • Hand Palm
  • Dove
  • Recycling Icon
  • Kettle
  • Golf Club
  • Bike Wheel
  • Axe
  • Boomerang
  • Heart
  • Hot Dog
  • Men Shoe
  • Googles
  • Sandwich
  • Baseball
  • Turtle
  • Cable
  • Shovel
  • Mushrooms
  • Doll
  • Spinning Toy
  • Rope
  • Mask
  • Hamster Wheel
  • Lantern
  • Soccer Ball
  • Hose
  • Rabbit
  • Devil’s Tail
  • Dragonfly
  • Anhk
  • Eight Note
  • Garland
  • Telephone
  • Rake
  • Chinese Hat
  • Safari Hat
  • Confucious
  • Lady Shoe
  • Peach
  • Green Apple
  • Clock
  • Broom
  • Rock Art
  • Dob
  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Ladybug
  • Hanging Bat
  • Creascent Moon
  • Star
  • Skull
  • Hand Fan
  • Pinwheel
  • Gloves
  • Green Snake

Objects in City 5 – Level 38

  1. Hanger
  2. Dove
  3. Hand Fan
  4. Elephant
  5. Candy Cane
  6. Pearl Necklace
  7. Clef
  8. Shoe
  9. Brush
  10. Atomizer
  11. Deer
  12. Knife
  13. Keyhole
  14. Walking Cane
  15. Monkey
  16. Glasses
  17. Owl
  18. Piggy Bank
  19. Dragonfly
  20. Padlock
  21. Ribbon
  22. Dog
  23. Glove
  24. Cat
  25. Ruler
  26. Frog
  27. Pink Thread
  28. Hat
  29. Shell
  30. Clock
  31. Baby
  32. Comb
  33. Seven
  34. False Teeth
  35. Ice Cream
  36. Pen
  37. Domino
  38. Snake
  39. Spiderweb

Seaside Shrine

Seaside Shrine

Ship's Bridge

Ship’s Bridge

Lighthouse Steps

Lighthouse Steps

Objects in City 5 – Level 39

  1. cobweb
  2. Treble Chef
  3. Straw
  4. Lighter
  5. Feather
  6. Wiseman
  7. Dominoes
  8. Maraca
  9. Measuring Tape
  10. Ship’s Wheel
  11. Guitar
  12. Mask
  13. Tarot Card
  14. Fish
  15. Skeleton Hand
  16. Seahorse
  17. Turtle
  18. Rope
  19. Shoe
  20. Ruby
  21. Turtle
  22. Dollar Sign
  23. Rabbit
  24. Dice
  25. Seahorse
  26. Broom
  27. Column
  28. Butterfly
  29. Chicken
  30. Swan
  31. Flag
  32. Moon
  33. Clock
  34. Ladder
  35. Folding Fan
  36. Glasses
  37. Watermelon
  38. Rat
  39. Bongo
  40. Teeth Necklace
  41. Dart
  42. Lady’s Hat
  43. Crab
  44. Anchor
  45. Chest
  46. Golf Ball
  47. Wine Cup
  48. Octopus

Objects in City 5 – Level 40

Objects in City 5 – Level 41

  1. Key
  2. Dominoes
  3. Ankh
  4. Anchor
  5. Seahorse
  6. Shark
  7. Funnel
  8. Googgles
  9. Stemmed Glass
  10. Broom
  11. Hourglass
  12. Spyglass
  13. Pirate Patch
  14. Belt
  15. Lobster
  16. Old Shoe
  17. Hook
  18. Envelope
  19. Wheel
  20. Armor
  21. Old Compass
  22. Message Bottle
  23. Spider
  24. Spiderweb
  25. Lighthouse
  26. Whale
  27. Shovel
  28. Torpedo Lifeguard
  29. Seagull
  30. Tentacle
  31. Starfish
  32. Gun

Captain's Room

Captain’s Room

Taxidermist Lab

Taxidermist Lab

Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

Objects in City 5 – Level 42

  1. Flintlock
  2. Poison
  3. Wine Glass
  4. Axe
  5. Grapes
  6. Lantern
  7. Cannon
  8. Lighthouse
  9. Horn
  10. Peace Symbol
  11. Map
  12. Cannon Ball
  13. Fish
  14. Bullet
  15. Compass
  16. Mug
  17. Horse Cart
  18. Seahorse
  19. Arrow
  20. Googgles
  21. Lifebelt
  22. Belt
  23. Pirate Hatch
  24. Pipe
  25. Ladder
  26. Chinese Character
  27. Star
  28. Pearl Necklace
  29. Jack’O’Lantern
  30. Jolly Rogers
  31. Door Knocker
  32. Porthole
  33. Hook
  34. Hieroglypichs
  35. Crab
  36. Octopus
  37. Feather
  38. Oar
  39. Sea Turtle
  40. Parrot
  41. Elephant
  42. Anchor

Objects in City 5 – Level 43

  1. Whistle
  2. Button
  3. Safety Pin
  4. Clothespin
  5. Arrow
  6. Hand Saw
  7. Pliers
  8. Coins
  9. Folding Ruler
  10. Ant
  11. Clip
  12. Casette
  13. Brain
  14. Green Apple
  15. Cactus
  16. Medal
  17. Devil’s Tale
  18. Clothes Hanger
  19. Human Skull
  20. Dragonfly
  21. Scissors
  22. Chain
  23. Mouse
  24. Barbed Wire
  25. False Teeth
  26. Moustache
  27. Kiss
  28. Blue Morph
  29. Golden Fish
  30. Flowers
  31. Horn
  32. Electrical Outlet
  33. Bee
  34. Clock
  35. Knitting Needle
  36. Ribbon
  37. Tie
  38. Poison
  39. Brain
  40. Cutter
  41. Baby Head
  42. Key
  43. Magnyfing Glass
  44. Crab
  45. Pencil
  46. Comb
  47. Paper Boat
  48. Gas Mask

Objects in City 5 – Level 44

  1. Swords
  2. Horseshoe
  3. Horn
  4. Postcard
  5. Demijohn
  6. Journal
  7. Golden Grapes
  8. Spoon
  9. Vase
  10. Flower
  11. Old Shoe
  12. Wine Skin
  13. Autumn Leaf
  14. Scissors
  15. Cigar
  16. Corks
  17. Corkscrew
  18. Pipe
  19. Blue Cheese
  20. Baguette
  21. Bread Slices
  22. Glass of Wine
  23. Water Stain
  24. Bead Necklace
  25. Straw Hat
  26. Folding Screen
  27. Trophy Bass
  28. Egg Basket
  29. Zither
  30. Sombrero
  31. Tapestry
  32. Viking Shield
  33. Violin
  34. Pitcher
  35. Lantern
  36. Sausage
  37. Cloth Hanger

Sand Sculpture

Sand Sculpture

Objects in City 5 – Level 45

  1. Zeppelin
  2. Rabbit
  3. Balloon
  4. Ball
  5. Dolphins
  6. Starfish
  7. Dog
  8. Anchor
  9. Crocodile
  10. Castle
  11. Monkey
  12. Rake
  13. Surfboard
  14. Plane
  15. Bat
  16. Heart
  17. Bat
  18. Peace Symbol
  19. Glasses
  20. Paper Boat
  21. Bucket
  22. Lighthouse
  23. Pineapple
  24. Feet
  25. Shoe
  26. Whale
  27. Shovel
  28. Rake
  29. Ice Cooler
  30. Turtle
  31. Hand Bag
  32. IV
  33. Seagull
  34. Rope
  35. Freebee

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  1. I have managed to accomplish ALL the objects in hidden express city 5 #37 on facebook, the bar shows a gold line ALL the way along, however I have NEVER heard the train whistle once nor received any stars? Is this a glitch?? I just keep going and doing it over and over ….it is by memory now!!! How can I accomplish this? It seems to be stuck and no train whistle for me EVER to click on!!

    • N , I know this is a bit late , but if your still having problems with the game like u are describing . Open up Hidden Express game , at the bottom of the game you will see it says Support . click on Support and it will take you to Hidden Express forum . there you can get some help with game issues .

  2. Level 45 I have completed many many times and can’t get a high enough score to get 3 stars. I’ve done it many times doing all the bonuses.
    How do I get the 3 stars and move on?

  3. Hello. Something is wrong with City Five Level 45 (sand level). You cannot get three stars because the train will not back up fast enough as in the other levels to allow it. Also at this level it requires I have not been able to go beyond to the next scene also due to the fact that I don’t have the 4 friend player help. What are other options aside from paying for it?

    • I can’t find the fishing hook?

    • yes it is possible to get the 3rd star on level 45 . Its a tough one but its possible . as for no friends and not paying to advance . You can go to Hidden Express facebook page and there are lots of people there looking for game friends . OR you can watch the video’s to earn tickets to use to buy keys with .

  4. City 5 Level 37 is no longer The Sun House its – the Circus
    level 43 is no longer the taxidermy Lab its – Happy Hearth

  5. I canot find the fishing hook…please help

    • What level/scene buttercupmammie?
      I can’t find the hook, cobweb and fanf on Level 41, the Lighthouse Steps scene.

    • the hook is in the orangeish net below the old shoe.

  6. need a picture of city 5 level 43 thank you

    • picture and clues for level 43 please city 5

    • If you give yourself a moment and waste a life you can hit print screen and paste it paint. That will give you all the time you need to look the picture over. I still cannot find the candy bar or the red bat. even if I zoom it.

    • chocolate bar is above the fireplace. kind of hard to see

      i can’t find the red bat

  7. Can’t find the lifeguard, hook and fang on level 41. Can anyone help please?

    • the lifeguard torpedo buoy is on the top step area on the left side. The hook is in the net below the old shoe. I can’t find the fang and the spiderweb.

  8. Can’t find the clef or the monkey on level 38…help please!

  9. I would also like to know how to leave city 5. I am being told I have to buy tickets! Why? Is there any other way to get through the gate? Thanks to anyone who knows the answer.

    • I’m having the same problem. I’m going back and getting 3 stars on each level hoping that will work.

    • One of my friends is also having this problem. She has 3 stars on every level, but it is asking her to buy tickets to advance. I on the other hand passed this level a week or so ago and did not have to pay. If anyone knows a way to get around this or knows why they changed this it would be very helpful.

  10. I got all 30 stars on City 5 but it won’t let me pass? Only offers me to buy tickets not ask friends????


  11. Me too!!! So enoying not to get an answer on how to move on!!!!!

  12. I just got an answer from Hidden Express that says that if you wanna move on you have to make a purchase!!!!!! I thought this game was free???????

    • i am having the same problem as many i need keys so if anyone wants to help me and i can return the favour just let me know

  13. Has anyone else noticed that objects move around in 45? One time I play, the paper boat is on top of head, the next time on the beach. The penquin moves, the plane, the zepplin and lots of others……strange

  14. Level 37 is no longer the Sun House it is the Circus Train. I came to this site because I cannot find the ribbon & You don’t have your site up to date !???

    • the ribbon is the red and white thing on the cage bottom left
      in the circus train

  15. Mark the ribbon is a red rosette on the cage. Where it the darn butterfly in the cirus train game?

    • Mark not a cage the shopping cart. It looks like a cage on left side near cannon.

    • It is at the very top of the picture above the train

  16. I can’t find the crab in Level 45 (sand). Please help.

  17. on level 38 I can’t find the atomizer, shell or clef, help


  18. I have 100% on city 5. I am not happy about having to buy something so continue. Is there anything else I can do to get this gate open? And no I don’t have friends to help me out.

    I really like this game but will move on to another that doesn’t require me spend money I don’t have. THANKS

    • Give me your e-mail and I will add myself and get you at least 5 others.

    • Hi Susan seems like your having the same problem do you want to give eachother keys i’m happy to do that if you are

  19. HELLO
    Can someone please answer our questions
    Others have been waiting a very long time.


    • The Hieroglypichs is at the top to the fireplace, the chain is on the left side of the fireplace and the bracelet is in the treasure chest box next to the ship.

  21. Where is the elephant in city 5 level 42

    • The elephant is on the ship above the ladder on the right side.

  22. Where is rabbit in city 5 scene 45t?

  23. Where can I find a picture of the Circus (City 5, level 37)?

    • It is written on the side of the train

  24. Where can I get a picture of city 5 level 37? There are a few things I can’t find and looking at the picture helps. Thanks

  25. Where is the bell in level 37? Sure wish there were a pic of the level to study without the time limit

    • The bell is in the lower right side, attached to the thing the dog stands on (I think).

  26. I need help to find the Ladder on level 65.. Can anyone help me??

  27. I can not find the magic wand and the padlock in level 37 ( circus ) city 5
    can anyone please help me ?

    • The magic wand is on the top of the train right next to the bear mask kind of hidden. Then the padlock is on one of the windows of the train.

    • the magic wand is on the top of the train left side it is black and white, the padlock is in the window of the train

    • I’m looking for friends plus #43 does not match up here mine shows a fire place? anyone know where I’m suppose to look for clues? ty

  28. i have been stuck on stage 5 level 45 does anyone know where the rabbit is plus can anyone help me get some keys to advance to the next stage thanx

    • rabbit is the cloud

    • Robyn, I too need keys to move on. How can we become friends on Hidden Express? I need more friends also.. anyone want to step up? We can all help each other. Thank you

  29. Can’t find the Saw & Magic Wand on level 37.( circus )help please!

    • The wand is on the top part of the train to the right of the bear ask kind of hidden. The saw is under the train to the left of the snake. Do you know where the ribbon is?

    • Can’t find the rabbit in Sand Castle city. Ribbon in circus scene is on the ground near cage thing. It kind of looks like a lollipop with red ribbon.

  30. I can’t find “%” on level 65/

    • That was suppose to be a 5.

  31. On scene 5 level 37 of the circus I wanted to know where the Ribbon is. Please

  32. I cannot find level 37…the 37 given on this page is not the one that is on the game. thanks

  33. You show city 6 level 47 as “sunshine house” but in the game it’s the “circus”. Correct this issue please.

  34. Last post was a mistake on my part.

    You show city 5 level 37 as “sunshine house” but in the game it’s “circus”. Correct this issue please.

  35. can anyone please help were is the sheep in level 43 happy hearh

  36. can any one please tell me were the sheep is in level 43 city 5 happy hearth thanks

  37. Level 41 where is the hourglass and the can?

  38. Level 37 is Circus NOT Sunset. I see this posted several months ago.

  39. what you have here for level 43 is not what I have. it is not a lab

    • What you have here for level 45 is not what I have. it is not a lab.

  40. Where is the cheat sheet for level#43 with red bat and dragon????

  41. Where is cheat sheet for happy hearth level#43

  42. where is the pipe in level 36

    • Sherri, I cannot find the pipe either. One post said it is in the birds beak. That’s not true on my page. Neither the parrot nor the Tucan are holding a pipe. Then I thought maybe it was a steel pipe so I clicked anything round. No luck.Let me know if you figure it out.Very frustrating.

  43. would be nice if peeps started post questions with City & Level ~ would make gaming easier for peeps searching . . . just a thought

  44. pleaseee i can’t find the bracelet in level 42.

  45. Level 43 in twilight springs is different from the scene showing. Where is it??????

  46. I need Happy Hearth scene

  47. Where is the torch on level 38 in City 5 please

  48. Bracelet is in the treasure chest next to the skeleton hand,does anyone know where the mouse is on the pirate level?

  49. can anyone help me find the hemingway in city 5?

  50. Can someone please tell me what and were is the zither in level44 also the carpet,I can’t find it anywhere.thanks.

  51. Sherry the hemingway in city 5 is the old man figurine. This had me baffled too for a while.

  52. where is the wine skin on level37 circus

    • The wine skin is hanging by one of the window. Left of the clown. Between the mustache and leopard. Anyone know where the chess piece and the book is, same level where the red bat is. Thanx!!

  53. the walk through for city 5 level 37 is listed as the sunhouse but it is the cirus

  54. Can anyone tell me were the torch is in City 5 level 37


    • The torch is black and to the right of the clown.

  55. I have Happy hearth for level 43 NOT taxidermy lab and there is no picture available for Happy Hearth why not? I need the hangman hourglass ring red bat horseshoe there are a few more but cant make all of the cars disappear to find out what else I need. Thanks for nay help given. You need to get a picture of happy hearth there for Twilight Springs Level 43

  56. Does anyone know where the wand is?

  57. Level 41, city 5. Spiderweb, funnel, fang?

  58. City 5 Level 36. Where are the Purse and the Peacock?

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