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    1. The clover is under the horn, a little to the right. The tic tac toe is under the fish, in the circle object, next to the hat.

    1. The clover is straight down from the horn on the hood of the car. It’s very faint so you really have to look hard. The disco ball is hanging right in the center of the front windshield, off of the mirror. The umbrella is in the sky on the lower right side.The oil spill is right under the front left tire. The heart is just above the umbrella on the wall.

  1. I have found on the items, but I can’t seem to get enough points to get 3 stars, is there a trick that I’m missing to earning enough points??

    1. Pick the yellowed bar items before anything and pick the double and triple cars most importantly

  2. Hi the Tick Tac Toe is the naughts and crosses on the cement wheel, the bullet is on the bumper, But i can not find the clover, PLEASE help its driving me insane.


    1. Oh! Thank you, Thank you. Even we call it bonnet and could find it only after seeing your comment. Pheeeewwwww

    1. Found them, the foot print in on the floor beside the wooden box and the cookie is on the wooden box in front of skate board.

    1. fish: on the wall near the wheel
      oil spill: bottom of the cars right wheel
      heart:on the wall, right of the baloons

  3. The Fish is in the blue area above tic tac toe, the heart is on panel just right of the hot air balloons and the oil spill is under the tyre in the front on the left hand side.

    where is the die?

  4. I am having the worst time with level 26 and 29. I know where everything is but no matter what I do, I can not advance from these two levels. What am I doing wrong?? I do go for the grouped items first and straight the the lit items as soon as they light up, every fifth item found. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  5. I can find all of the items relatively quickly. Just can’t get the third star. Get just points away from it but no three stars. Argh…

    1. Im the same. I have tried many times getting all of the cars including all the gold ones. Ive tried clearing the minimum few to get to the head car and also in slow mode.
      Im pretty sure its impossible to get 3 stars on this level…. Can anyone say they have received 3 stars on this one?

    1. snake is on the map on the right side of the picture – it’s blue. wooden shoe is on top of the wheel that’s attached to the wall.

  6. Level 29- Garage (some of these may not be seen in certain levels since the game sometimes repeats scenes)
    Baseball Bat – ground in front of traffic light
    Footprint – on ground beneath skateboard
    Balloons – in the sky
    Clover – side of the car by spare tire
    Bullet Hole – right windshield
    Disco Ball – middle windshield
    Basket – front right of bumper
    Basketball – on top of red cabinet with crown on it
    Tic Tac Toe – on the round weight leaning against wall under word Dynamo
    Bananas – next to toy car on ground
    Boomerang – in spokes of car right tire
    Umbrella – in the sky on the lower right side
    British Flag – behind horn
    Horn – left of windshield
    Kite – in sky on the right
    Bullet- is front left of bumper
    Toy Car – under front bumper by wheel
    Swiss Army Knife – above bananas / on bumper
    Oil Spill – under tire of car
    Compass – front right fender of car
    Watch – under full moon headlight
    Full Moon – front right headlight of car
    Rabbit Ears – top of car
    Frog – passenger in car
    Periscope – top of car
    Motor – front grill of car
    Bottle Opener – front grill of car
    Croquet Mallets – front grill of car
    Heart – on the wall, right of the baloons
    Dartboard – on the wall right of the car
    Arrow – in the dart board on wall
    Skis – right of the dartboard leaning against wall
    Purse/Bag- under front of car
    Apple – on top of the red can with the fire on it. It’s a golden apple.
    Fire – picture of fire on red can below golden apple
    Tennis Racquet – above pinwheel and basketball
    Pinwheel – above and right of basketball
    Crown – right of basket / below basketball
    Mallet – leaning against bike tire
    Dinosaur – back tire of bicycle
    Wrench- on ground in front of baseball bat
    Mouse – on ground bottom center of screen
    Nails- top of baseball bat on ground
    Boot – on pedals of bicycle
    Dog – on skateboard lower right
    Flower – left of dog on skateboard
    Bone – on skateboard next to dog
    Die – in box under skateboard and flower
    Cookie – under skateboard on box
    Flower – left of dog on skateboard
    Skull – in back wheel of skateboard
    Turtle – right of skateboard
    Red Bow – on stuffed turtle
    Paddle – in spokes front tire of bicycle
    Snake – on the map on the right side of the picture – it’s blue
    Squid – on bicycle handlebars
    Biplane- below and right of tire hanging on wall
    Fish – in blue area above the word dynamo
    Pizza slice – is in spokes of the bicycle tire hanging on the wall
    Wooden Shoe – on top of the wheel that’s attached to the wall.

    1. I am playing level 74 it is a Garage scene, I am looking for a toad, it is the only thing I can’t find , Please help Thanks

  7. I have gotten 3 stars on this level in previous cities…now I’m in Level 7 and it’s asking for a padlock. Can’t find it anywhere! Help!

  8. I’m believing that it is near impossible to Master Level 29 …. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried. The yellow star bar will get right up to the third star and then NOTHING! sigh. I know. Try again.

  9. The garage is driving me nuts I have TRIED EVERYTHING but can not get the third star so I can move on. If it doesn’t happen soon I will look for another game it is no fun playing when you can not advance any help gladly appreciated

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