Hidden Express City 4 Scenes Walkthrough

Here is the complete walkthrough list of objects/hints and hidden express scenes screenshots in big resolution screenshots of all Hidden Express City 2 levels. If you simply cannot find an object on one of the scenes below, simply request it leaving a comment and we’ll reply back with a quick picture indicating the location.

Ship's Bridge

Ship’s Bridge

Taxidermist Lab

Taxidermist Lab

Tea Parlor

Tea Parlor

Objects in City 4 – Level 26

  • rotten shoes
  • duck
  • red handkerchief
  • captain portriait
  • pipe
  • phone
  • boomerang
  • plane
  • military torpedo
  • helmet

Objects in City 4 – Level 27

  • mouse
  • ribbon
  • ant
  • icicle
  • false teeth
  • cloth hanger
  • kiss
  • bee
  • human skull
  • bow
  • brush
  • gloves

Objects in City 4 – Level 28

  • star
  • winkle
  • eyeglasses
  • rabbit
  • dwarf
  • cherry
  • porcelain ball
  • ace
  • key
  • string of pearls
  • streamer
  • whirlpool



Trip To Italy

Trip To Italy



Objects in City 4 – Level 29

Objects in City 4 – Level 30

Objects in City 4 – Level 31

  • Chick
  • Chicken
  • Hose
  • Candle
  • Rope
  • Woodpecker
  • Snake
  • Plane
  • Wildfowers
  • Daisies
  • Caterpillar
  • Nest



Game Room

Game Room

Coconut Banana

Coconut Banana

Objects in City 4 – Level 32

  • Cow
  • Coin
  • Aprol
  • Onion
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Doorbell
  • Exit
  • Eggs
  • Rice
  • Spaguetti
  • Curtain

Objects in City 4 – Level 33

  • Wrist Watch
  • King
  • Pinwheel
  • Red Club
  • Lizard
  • Crocodile
  • Roulette Rake
  • Domino
  • Umbrella
  • Birds
  • Handcuffs
  • Hook

Objects in City 4 – Level 34

  • Sandals
  • Hula Dancer
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Wooden Fork
  • Surfer
  • Seagull
  • Teapot
  • Snail
  • Door Knocker
  • Green Bottle
  • Postcard

Guard's Office

Guard’s Office

Objects in City 4 – Level 35



  1. Can’t find the clover in Level 29 of Hidden Express

    • Top of passenger side fender of the car under the lower left corner of the windshield. It’s a “picture” in the dust.

  2. Trouble finding in Coconut Banana: The spear, and heart1 Thanks

  3. help please wheres the clover

  4. snowflake in taxidermist lab (city 4 level 27

  5. The clover is on the car under the lower left corner of windshield.

  6. I am having the worst time with level 26 and 29. I know where everything is but no matter what I do, I can not advance from these two levels. What am I doing wrong?? I do go for the grouped items first and straight the the lit items as soon as they light up, every fifth item found. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  7. where is the spear in level 34??????

  8. In level 34 – Where is the Spear? Star? Shell???? Please Help!!!!

  9. where is the corn , level 32 , city 4?????

    • On the shelf at the window standing upright.I can’t find the octopus

  10. i cant find the star, quill and winkle in tea parlor city 4 level 28 thanks

    • winkle is on saucer were whirrilpool cup is and quill is on the table next to decanter ruby etc has purple feather cant find star myself

    • the quill is the purple feather on table the winkle is the shell next to cupcakes the whirlpool is inside the tea by the winkle. cant find the star

  11. cant find the star, quill, winkle in city 4 level 28

  12. where is the hibiscus?

  13. city 4 lv 33 can’t find cucumber

    • found it in chair

  14. Asking us to find the “amber ” in the tea parlor. Can’t find it anywhere?? Help!!

    • it’s on the table next to the ruby

    • yellow stone on the table by phone

  15. Does anyone know where the pipe and hook are in level 79 please?

  16. How do you get to 3 stars on some of these I do all the grouped ones and I do get the yellow highlighted ones still no 3rd star what gives!!!

  17. where is the streamer and staqr in the tea room parlour

    • streamer is the long red ropy thing to the right of the window. can’t find star either

    • on the right side of the curtain

  18. where are the bullet and disco ball in level 29 the garage please?

    • disco ball is in the backside of the rearview mirror.

    • Bullet is on the fender to the left looking at the car. Very shiny silver at the very edge.

  19. City 4, Level 27 is NOT a taxidermist lab on my game, it’s a train station/ticket office? Where is the image for THAT!?

  20. Where is the star in level 34

  21. how do u get keys without having to buy them can anyone help me going crazy

  22. Scene 33 Gambling Room: Where is the cucumber located in this scene?

  23. Where is the star on level 28 in the parlor? I’m sure it’s right in front of me but I can’t see it.

    • the star is on the floor where all that stuff is dumped out, it doesn’t look like a star to me, but it is purple.. hope this helps everyone …

    • Looking for friends to play! Look for me on FB and leave me a private message with Hidden Express in the message. Pamela Ehlers – Missouri

  24. where is the bullet in level 29

  25. Can sumone tel me where hankerchief mushrooms snake nest is on level 31 please

    • the handkerchief is on the pole near the woodpecker, the mushrooms are on the basket that has the milk jug, the snake is in the grass barely visible next to the saw

    • How about the rabbit?

    • The rabbit is on the ground near the water pump.

  26. Level 29 – garage – need help finding bullet, red bow & full moon.

    • Still haven’t found the bullet

    • The bullet is silver. It’s on the far left end of the front bumper of the car. It kinda blends in and just looks like part of the bumper. It points upward.

    • Full moon is headlight, bullet on the bumper.

  27. I’m in the Finder’s Loop but can’t get enough stars to move on to the next city? Any hints???

  28. Hidden express Level 28 I cant seem to find the winkle,the star,and the whirlpool can you help me out

    • Winkle is the sea shell on the saucer, bottom right corner, and the whirlpool is inside cup on the same saucer

    • Whirlpool is in the teacup

  29. plz tell me how to get 3 keys to enter city 4 on facebook??

  30. Looking for friends to play! Look for me on FB and leave me a private message with Hidden Express in the message. Pamela Ehlers – Missouri

  31. Where is the bone in level 33?

  32. Where is the post office scene level 4 scene 27?

  33. Where is the post office scene level 4 scene 27, I can’t find the ruler & star?

  34. the star is on the left side of the plate in the floor…it’s purple.

  35. Level 28 I cannot find the quill or the glasses. Please help

    • The quill is on the table to the left..purple feather, glasses is on the statue with the hat

    • Star on black rack behind caculator large star in center of rack ruler on top of rack

  36. level 31 – where is hoe & toad ??

  37. Can’t find octopus or heart un level 32. Please help.

  38. Can’t find the bi plane or the red ribbon or skull pendant on level29.can anyone help please?


  40. In city 4 (finders loop) level 34 I can’t find the spear, the heart, garlic or the star. Help please?

  41. Anyone know what to do if my score is way more than the needed score to earn a star but a star is never given. Therefore, I am stuck and unable to move past the current level.

  42. City 4 level 28 tea room

  43. Where is the bicorn hat in level 26 – Ship’s Bridge?

  44. are there any screen shots of juliett’s journey…i’m having such trouble

  45. ayuda!!!!!! donde està el sorbito de naranja????

  46. City 4, Level 28: star, string of pearls

  47. City 4, Level 29: tic tac toe

    • On the grind stone

  48. On level 35 it say we agre on knitting for nook. That is not what it. I have tried y
    Hir which is of two pictures. You have to remove the. Missing item from. Easy picture. I have worked on this For a awhile. I have done this, but never get my chrdedit for my stars,as result it never goes to the nest level. I wish you could correct this as ipenjot this gam hope you can crrevt this. Thanks.

  49. help where is the star and ruler on level27 ticket office

  50. I am unable to locate the canon in Finders Loop City 4 /26 – has anyone spotted it yet?

  51. On level 33 half the items are missing when I looked on this site to find out where they were and they are not there.

    • I agree half the things r missing. Have been at this level forever

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  53. Hi,where is the teapot, duck, bottles and shovel – level 31?

  54. Hi, anyone know where the tic tac toe – grindstone is level 34?

  55. donde esta el sorbito de naranja, ta te ti y el frisbee en el nivel 34 por favor

  56. Level 34…..spear, oar, heart, star, tic tac toe?

  57. Level 85 cant find hair clip

  58. Its city 9 83 cant find hair clip

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