Hidden Express City 3 Scenes Walkthrough

Here is the complete walkthrough list of objects/hints and scenes in big resolution screenshots of all Hidden Express City 3 levels. If you simply cannot find an object on one of the scenes below, simply request it leaving a comment and we’ll reply back with a quick picture indicating the location.

Coconut Banana

Coconut Banana





Objects in City 3 – Level 16

  • wind chime
  • broom
  • cruise ship
  • monkey
  • beach paddles
  • tiki mask
  • lizard
  • door knocker
  • toucan
  • blue bird
  • rainbow
  • postcard
  • folding fan

Objects in City 3 – Level 17

  • Cat Eyes
  • Green Snake
  • pruning shears
  • clock
  • crescent moon
  • gloves
  • dragonfly

Objects in City 3 – Level 18

  • tea pot
  • rabbit
  • catterpillar
  • hose
  • handkerchief
  • pig
  • nest

Lighthouse Steps

Lighthouse Steps

Seaside Shrine

Seaside Shrine



Objects in City 3 – Level 19

  • axe
  • pirate patch
  • old compass
  • sombrero
  • sea horse
  • viking helm
  • amethyst

Objects in City 3 – Level 20

Objects in City 3 – Level 21

Fish Tank

Fish Tank

Lavender Study

Lavender Study

Celtic Room

Celtic Room

Objects in City 3 – Level 22

  • dolphin
  • crown
  • golden coins
  • llama
  • amethyst
  • diving helm
  • cat eyes

Objects in City 3 – Level 23

  • atomizer
  • envelope
  • padlock
  • deer
  • frog
  • comb
  • cherries

Objects in City 3 – Level 24

  • snail
  • barbed wire
  • triangle
  • keyhole
  • sun
  • horse
  • stein
  • penny
  • butterfly

Dressmaker's Workshop

Dressmaker’s Workshop

Objects in City 3 – Level 25

  • bear
  • checker board
  • rolled up carpet
  • knitting needles
  • tutu
  • radio
  • sunset
  • ball of yarn
  • white spool
  • heart
  • calculator
  • flamingos
  • pearl necklace
  • clothes pin
  • safety pin
  • measure tape


  1. In Hidden Express, Level 18, where are the hose and the rabbit?

    • The hose is behing the metal bucket, to the very right side of the scene. The rabbit is on the left side of the big wooden post, in the middle of the scene.

    • Cheers :)

  2. Where is the fang in City 3 Scene 19????

  3. Where is the bird mask in Level 19?

  4. level 18 where is the handkerchief?

  5. Is it just me, or does it seem impossible to get all three stars on some of these levels? Doesn’t seem to matter how fast I get them, or how quick I get to the engine, I only get 2 stars…on a good round!!! What is it? They want you to buy stuff to make it work? That sucks!!!

    • It’s not just you, I fell the same way! lol Oh well, it ok!

  6. The handkerchief is on the pole right near the woodpecker on the right side, it’s red and looks NOTHING like a handkerchief. Looks more like 1/2 of a butterfly!!! The fang (if it’s the nautical puzzle) is near the near the fireplace on the floor…kinda points up.

  7. Where is the chalice, dolphin and sea snail on Level 22 please?

  8. where is the comb in City 2?

  9. City 3 Level 17 is no longer The Sun house its – the Circus

    • Where can we find Circus it is now Sun house!!!

  10. City 3 Level 22 where is the Bow Tie?

    • the bow tie is on the diving helmet on the bottom left

  11. I am unable to find the bow tie in city 3 level 22 it is the fish tank… Any one know where i might be located? Thanky you.

  12. how to get the keys to get out of city no 3

  13. How do I get the three keys to enter Default City 3

  14. Stuck on City 3, level 15, Cannot find the last 2 HELP !!11

  15. I cannot find lettuce on Hidden Express Level 18, City 3.

    • it is in the box next to the milk bottle

    • what are the names of the last 2

  16. I cannot get the 3ed star on some if the games. no matter what I try. I know where everything is but if I go fast or slow no matter. I just can’t get the 3ed star. I’m about ready to delete the hidden express game.

    • I am with you I cannot get the third star either

  17. where are the horse, the barbed wire and the belt?

  18. the horse is on the shelf, barbed wire in bedspread side and belt around the figure on the right…..where is the triange?

    • The triangle is in the lower part of the window.

  19. Where is the Cuttlefish and the bottle on level 22? Thanks!

    • The cuttlefish is about a third of the way from the right, just above the plants. Shaped wavy and real strange, about a beige color. Bottle is near the center of the bottom, just above the rocks. Standing up in the middle.

  20. I still can’t find the clothes pin on Level 25.

  21. Can’t find Snorkel on level 22 City 3……….. Please help…

  22. Kurt, Bottle is behind crab next to heart, and cuttlefish is right above crocodile.

  23. where r the last 2 keys to move on to city 4. that is where iam stuck at. and if it by a milk bottle where is that at

  24. Hi, where is the penny and the feather at level 24 please?

    • the penny is on the drawer at top, the round circle, I can’t find the feather either

    • Its green by the cabbage,

  25. In level 122 where is the hamster wheel and the peach?

  26. PLEASE tell me HOW to get 3 keys to get out of City 3 and pass through the GATE? I refuse to BUY/purchase tickets! THIS IS A GAME!!! Why does energy run out sooo fast and they tell you to ask your friends for energy and send you a key???? NON of my FB friends play this game… sooo how can I do this??? Very frustrated! Maybe this is WHY NON of my FB friends play this game!!!!

    • I have the same problem…I do not have a lot of FB friends because I purged all my farmville/pioneer trail “friends” because I no longer play those. I can’t afford to buy tickets. but I only have 2 friends that are listed as playing this game! If you wish to add me I will send you a key. Diana Marczak from Mayer/Cordes Lakes AZ.

    • I play at least twice a day. Friend me and join me. Always want more. I live in Oklahoma.

    • How can I get keys do you have to have 3 stars on all ot the scense to get them

  27. Facebook is version 2.4, coould you please update the pics and clues? Thank you!

  28. where is the frog on level 202 please

  29. Where is the ribbon and the wineskin in the circus?

    • where is the penny in 24

    • On the right top drawer of the dresser

  30. In city 3 level 23 where is the frog and the seven

    • The seven is on the wall on the right hand side and the frog is on the table.

  31. cannot I find spider web hang loose Horn in level 24

  32. The paintbrush in level 169 Country Kitchen is shown in the game on the cheats site, but is not in the picture when I am playing the game. I have played the Country Kitchen for weeks and still can’t get more than 1 star even when I get all the trains, all the yellow cars, etc.

    • I read somewhere that the only way to get 3 stars is to get all of the cars that randomly light up.

  33. Plus, the sooner you get the engine train the higher your score.

  34. I cannot pass city 3 no matter what. I get 3 stars on the levels but it never shows up. Still need 5. Stars.love the game but am getting fed up. Help!!

  35. Where is the snake,caterpillar and duck in laity three vineyard scene?

  36. In city 3 scene 23 where is the star located . I just can not find it.

  37. In treasure hunt.. WHERE is RULER from 13 to 19 Stages? Which stage we can find ruler?

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