Hidden Express City 2 Scenes Walkthrough

Here is the complete walkthrough list of objects/hints and scenes in big resolution screenshots of all Hidden Express City 2 levels. If you simply cannot find an object on one of the scenes below, simply request it leaving a comment and we’ll reply back with a quick picture indicating the location.



Lighthouse Steps

Lighthouse Steps

Fisherman Folly

Fisherman Folly

Objects in City 2 – Level 6

Objects in City 2 – Level 7

Objects in City 2 – Level 8





Fish Tank

Fish Tank

Objects in City 2 – Level 9

Objects in City 2 – Level 10

Objects in City 2 – Level 11

Celtic Room

Celtic Room

Taxidermist Lab

Taxidermist Lab

Tea Parlor

Tea Parlor

Objects in City 2 – Level 12

Objects in City 2 – Level 13

Objects in City 2 – Level 14

Curio Cabinet

Curio Cabinet

Objects in City 2 – Level 15



  1. City 2 Level 8- Fisherman Folly. Where is the Satellite dish and the Tentacles?

    • Tentacle is in the wooden bucket behind the red fire extenguisher and I think the satellite dish is behind the seagull in the background if I remember correctly

  2. City 2 Level 6 is No longer the Vineyard its Happy Hearth
    Level 10 is no longer the Class Room its . Curio Cabinet
    Level 12 Is no longer the Celtic room its – Ticket Office
    Level 13 Is no longer the Taxidermy Lab its – Happy Rails
    Level 15 Is no longer Curio Cabinet its – Happy Hearth

  3. Can’t find the keychain in City 2, lvl 13 “Happy Rails.” There is a set of 2 keys on a ring sitting on a table but repeated clicking does nothing….

    • the keychain is on the bookbag zipper.

  4. Level 13 is Happy Rails. Cannot find ruler. What do they mean by “bar.” A pry-bar, drinking bar, candy bar? What? I don’t want to know where it is, just what the heck it is.

    • Its the word BAR it wants

    • Bar is a sign over the door beside the surfboard.

  5. cant find chinese fan in city 13

    • what do you have to do in city 2 level 10???

  6. Where is the ruler in the Ticket Office City 2 Level 12?

    • in the ceiling

    • On the door — in the middle

  7. world 5 level 43 happy hearth where is the candy bar?

  8. The candy bar is above the mantle on the fireplace – right side

  9. Where is the red bat in the hearth room?

  10. Red bat in happy hearth ?????? Grrrrrrrr

    • Red bat is on the patterned wallpaper to the left of the fireplace

  11. City 2, level 15, happy hearth, been stuck forever, can’t find anymore than 5 differences. what am I doing wrong….harp, club, key, fan, etc.

    • Me too – I’ve played it at least 50 times – is there a site that lists what is suppose to be there?

  12. Where is the moth in Happy Rails?

  13. Need a Picture of Happy Rails. Thank you.

  14. I’m stuck in the Tea Parlor.
    Can’t find the Key, Star, String of Pearls and what is a Winkle?

  15. I cannot find pictures of Happy Hearth in City 2

    • Me either. Frustrated as I can never find more than 5 differences.

  16. Cannot find pictures of happy hearth where is goatee and red bat?

  17. cannot find the ruler or the suitecase in the train carriage….sooo frustrated

  18. Where is the ruler in Happy Rails

  19. Happy Hearth, Level 15: spot the differences.
    These are the differences i often find:

    poster above the single lamp;
    the frame with the bird sometimes changes its image;
    the bowling pin, the fan, the the frame next to it;
    the diamond card on the glass;
    the harp;
    spade on the chair’s backrest;
    an object on top of the chair (i don’t know what to call it);
    notice also the design of the red tapestry beside the chair;
    the baseball;
    signature on the music sheet;
    golden trophy;
    red flower, owl figurine, magnifying glass;

    I don’t know what else. There must be a couple items more.

  20. I can’t figure out what to do on level 10 curio cabinet when the train comes with the number 5 on it. And nothing else

    • You’re supposed to find what’s missing between the two almost-identical pictures

  21. The Vineyard – I can’t find the chicken

  22. What do ya do in city 2 level 10. Just a #5 and 6 stars ????

  23. Cant find cheats for Happy Hearth level 103

  24. Level 5 Level 43 can’t find the 5

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