[Level 155]  Fiesta Feast

Hidden Express City 16 – Level 155 Scene – Fiesta Feast


  1. cant find pinata ,hot sauce bottle

    • pinata is a star, up and middle, at the window, just under the edge of the scene and hot sauce bottle is on the table, left from the church near the skeleton doll

  2. What basket?

  3. Anybody know where the fruits are?

  4. The basket is in the shelf next to the big red skull on the left side of the frame……

  5. Where is the crown?

    • the crown is on a card close to the pinapple

  6. the fruits are in the green bowl by the fish

  7. where’s maroinette

    • The marionette is this doll by the shelf with big eyes and a hat.

  8. Please tell me where the revolver is. Thank you

    • The revolver is pink and it is on the dish of beans and tacos. It doesn´t appear in this picture.

  9. where is the house?

    • I think the house is on top of blue and flowered can above the shelf.

  10. Where is the statue?

    • to the left of the donkey

  11. Where is the watermelon?

    • The watermelon is a card on the blue plate.

  12. Level 155 – can anyone tell me where the palm tree is, please

    • Palm tree is on the bottom right between the clothes pin and the bowl.

  13. Where Is the Clay piper?

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