[Level 154] Safari

Hidden Express City 16 – Level 154 Scene – Safari


  1. cant find lighter

    • down, left, on the suitcase

  2. Hyena??

    • lol…just found it in the upper left hand corner!!

  3. can’t fine ant or axe???

    • Ant is on the red curtain on the right, axe is silver on the zebra pillow on the chair

  4. where is the pencil?

    • pencil is on the left candle stick holder

  5. No encuentro la escultura Vudu, ayuda por favor!!!!

    • la escultura vudú está arriba del paraguas, es el cuadro que esta en blanco y negro

  6. cannot find the hippo

  7. The hippo is the strange-looking animal in the fireplace. It really doesn’t look like a hippo.

  8. Where is the elephant?

    • the elephant is on the left of the pelican

  9. where is the sword and the umbrella?

  10. the umbrella is on the left of the clock,the sword is just over the fireplace.

  11. I do not find the statue voodoo… please help!!!

  12. where is the shield please ?

    • the shield behind the monkeys and left hippo

  13. Where is the lion?

    • Top middle of fireplace wall, it’s red. :)

  14. where is the beetle?

  15. beetle is between figurine holding umbrella and clock. (it is picture)

  16. what do you mean website I am 74, give me a lesson, I cant find chameleon

  17. Betty, the chameleon is on the column above the tiger’s head.

  18. where is the lighter

  19. Tassel?? I’ve clicked on the tassel on the red cushion, and nothing happens.

  20. Ther are two tassels on that cushion, and neither works. I don’t see any other tassels

  21. Tassel is on the curtain

  22. Please help! I can’t find the butterfly.

  23. the butterfly is in the picture above the fireplace, three butterfly click on one

  24. just a hint, you can click on the picture on this page and it enlarges it so you can study it, when i come to a new picture i have never played i study the picture first and it helps

  25. Where is the hunter, please?

  26. Donde esta el encendedor?

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