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Hidden Express City 16 – Level 152 Scene – Sunhouse


  1. where is the axe ,devils tail ,

    • red tail is in the right down corner, like a red arrow.. and the axe is between the recycle icon and the boomerang>> up the mexican hat
      But where in the hell is the umbrella !!??

  2. the umbrella is part of the greenhouse structure. It is in the second post in front of the dove….right about the rabbits butt.

  3. Can’t find the heart or propeller.

    • the heart is on the chair left down the scene, white, over the dollĀ“s head

    • Propeller is on top of rock..just to the right and underneath the green apple

  4. Where is the cable???

    • Cable is on the spool just to the right of the shovel

  5. The cable is on the spool on the floor and the propeller is on the back wall

  6. were is the ambar, calave, pelota de rugby

  7. ambar esta sobre la cabeza del perro entre las flores

  8. Can someone please tell me where the drumstick and football are? Thanks!

  9. The football is in a planter at the top left of the screen and the drumsticks are on the ground in front of the stroller.

  10. Looking for the grenade, pail & dagger. Help much appreciated. Thanks!

  11. grenade is in the plant below the rabbits butt, pail is on the table directly below the birdhouse. Anyone know where the dagger is and the boomerang?

    • The Boomerang is on the sombrero and the dagger is between the green snake and hamster wheel

  12. Where’s the Rock Art?

    • rock art is on the front of the rock in red under the broom

  13. Where is the amber?

    • can someone tell us where the amber is please???

  14. where is the drumsticks, I don’t see a stroller.

  15. it’s not a stroller I don’t think it’s a chair with the doll on it and the drum sticks are in front of it, on the ground by the shovel/spade whichever. they call it the shovel

  16. where is the skull please

  17. found the skull, it’s on the rock above the clock, but cannot find the rope

    • The rope is in the orange pail on the ground beside the gloves.

  18. where is the amber, star and grapes?

    • found the amber and the grapes, still can’t find the star. Do not see it by the chair and doll.

  19. Star on wall by crescent moon

  20. Where is the slingshot

  21. looking for the barrel and the amber pleeze

    • amber is on right of screen above dog in with the orange flowers. It looks like the uppermost “flower”

  22. Barrel on the bottom of the chair, next to the red mushrooms.

  23. Slingshot is under the granade, close to the shoe. It’s difficult to see.

  24. I believe the amber is on the yellow flowers in front of the bird cage. Not so sure.

  25. Still cannot find the amber…..help please

  26. Where are the lady shoe and the pruning shears?

    • The ladies shoe is on the rock above the rubber chicken and Confucius. The shoe is pink.

      The shears are on the left side of the screen up at the top, just a little to the right of where the football is in the planter.

  27. Where is the keyhole?

    • Found the keyhole on the birdhouse

  28. Could anyone tell me where the goggles are? Thank You

    • Goggles are on the table – green in color

    • Above the table where the sandwich is – green in color

  29. Am I the only one who can’t find the hamster wheel?

    • Hampster wheel is tiny and at the bottom, semi-middle of the screen. In the between the orange bucket with the rope in it, gloves, and dagger.

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