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    1. red tail is in the right down corner, like a red arrow.. and the axe is between the recycle icon and the boomerang>> up the mexican hat
      But where in the hell is the umbrella !!??

  1. the umbrella is part of the greenhouse structure. It is in the second post in front of the dove….right about the rabbits butt.

  2. grenade is in the plant below the rabbits butt, pail is on the table directly below the birdhouse. Anyone know where the dagger is and the boomerang?

  3. it’s not a stroller I don’t think it’s a chair with the doll on it and the drum sticks are in front of it, on the ground by the shovel/spade whichever. they call it the shovel

    1. The ladies shoe is on the rock above the rubber chicken and Confucius. The shoe is pink.

      The shears are on the left side of the screen up at the top, just a little to the right of where the football is in the planter.

    1. Hampster wheel is tiny and at the bottom, semi-middle of the screen. In the between the orange bucket with the rope in it, gloves, and dagger.

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