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  1. I have played this scene numerous times and can get down to 1 item left. What is the one item you think I am overlooking. I don’t want to list all the ones I see – but if it’s quite obvious – I’ve found it. I’m missing something!

  2. I have played this level numerous times too. Always getting to 1 item left, I think you have to buy tickets to get out of this one. What a ripoff!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So frustrated. I cannot get past this level. I will not move on until I get 3 stars. While I have gotten two, there seems that most of the time there is always one item that I am missing. The bone on the number 31 was one that I missed until recently but there has to be another. HELP!

  4. I’m having the same problem. I get down to one and have searched 100 times or more and can’t seem to find it. Help!

  5. I’m having the same problem. I get two stars, can’t find the last item then I’m bumped down to one star over and over again. This is the only level I need to get through the gate and it’s really ticking me off. Hope they fix it or I’m out of here. SO fed up!!

  6. The domino and the fold the bear is holding are the two I often forget about. The bone instead of a 1 in another difficult. I can’t get more than 1 star. frustrating! I’ve found mustache, bowling hat, King, coins, doll, love birds, bone, salt shaker, car, hand cuffs, lizard, apple, tv, hat on monkey, colorful jacket, and the list goes on.

  7. el tenedor q esta en la mano del oso en la silla al fondo del lado izquierdo ese es el que te falta MADELLINE Y SHERRI

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