[Level 149] Relic Room

Hidden Express City 16 – Level 149 Scene – Relic Room


  1. Where is the ying yang in the relic room?

    • on the wall under the picture

  2. it is under the painting etched into the wall

  3. where is the pencil, fang, & hand mirror. Please and thank you.

    • The pencil is on the bottom right-hand corner of the picture frame with the bow and fish on it.

      The fangs are on the mask to the right and under the dart.

      The hand mirror is on the gold fabric above nefertiti.

  4. Where is the padlock, ruler, and paintbrush

  5. Where is the ruler please help!!!

  6. The padlock is in the chest to the right of the star. The paintbrush is in the top right corner. I can’t find the ruler or the crescent moon!!

  7. Crescent moon is in the picture in the upper right hand corner….it is very faint. Where is the bleeping axe??!! lol

    • up and right from the picture, between candles

  8. The ruler is under the red trim around the picture

  9. where is ruler

  10. where is lamp plz tell me

    • in the back above the human skull

  11. Can’t find golden frog?

    • bottom of scene in middle

  12. I appreciate all the help but I really must be color blind cuz i still cannot find the ruler under the red trim of picture.

    • The ruler is just under the maroon trim of the picture.

    • Commentla regla esta en el cuadro del centro de la escena la parte de abajo

  13. The golden frog is bottom centre – has its mouth wide open.

  14. I cannot find the stamp or the axe :\

  15. I can’t find axe but stamp is on the top left of the picture frame on the left side wall

    • The Axe is really long and leaning against the back wall between the middle and last Candle.

  16. I know what the eye of horns looks like but I can’t find it, help please.

  17. Make that Hornus, stupid spell check.

    • eye of horus is on the lamp shade to the left

  18. where is the dragon please?

    • Dragon is behind the open chest beside the statue with Santa’s hat

    • The dragon is in front of the figure with the santa hat

  19. eye of hornus is on the upper left side of scene. in the pyramid

  20. please, where is the colorful bust/

    • colorful bust, just below 2 black statues that are under right corner of red/gold pic frame

  21. where is the face mirror

    • The mirror is under the pic w/ burgundy trim. It is sitting ong the yellow fabric to the left of the 2 black statues.

  22. The Axe is really long leaning against the back wall, between the middle and last candle.

  23. I have found just about everything but this forum helped me find pencil, and ruler but I still can’t find crescent moon! Is it in the picture w/ the bow and cookie? I don’t see anything that looks like a moon. The axe handle is very long. It is just to the left of the carved masks. I clicked on the head of the axe many times but it was never accepted, then I clicked on the handle and it worked.

  24. Thanks to this forum, I was finally able to complete the scene! Still cant find that crescent moon though!

  25. Cheryl, the crescent moon is in the other picture, above the person stamped on it.

  26. where is the onion?

  27. where are the medals? found the onion, thanks

    • medals are directly above the butterfly about 1/2 way up left side of picture

    • So WHERE did you find the onion???

  28. where is the amber and radiation symbol in level 149 relic room.

    • The Radiation symbol is on the black jar that is on the floor next to the chess piece and the dice. The amber is on top of the other jar/bottle just beside the black one.

  29. Looking for Amber and Cookie pleeze

    • The cookie is on the side wall, close to the bow, above the umbrella.

  30. cant find the onion and hairbrush

    • the hairbrush is being held by one of the little black statues, centre-right

    • the onion is in the bottom left corner, as part of the gold stand

    • onion is at the base of the gold lamp on left of pic just above the lions head …. hair brush is just to the right of the bright colored statue & to the left of the elephant … love everyone’s help!

  31. Hi everyone, I can’t find the human skull… Thank you for your help!

  32. The human skull is in the middle of the image, it is red

  33. Can’t find the bracelet

  34. bracelet is on the left hand side of the lid of the jewellery box

  35. Do not even know *what* the golden bouquet is let alone *where* it is LOL..help please?

    • Imagine a bouquet covered in gold. It’s on the bottom right of the scene, to the right of the binoculars and just below the snake.

  36. I can’t find the falcon or the hook. Help please!!

  37. City 16 Relic room. Please tell me where the bullet, wine glass and compass rose are. Thank you.

  38. Hi, City 16, Level 149. I cannot find the bullet, wine glass and compass rose. Please help.

    • Sorry, didn’t mean to send it twice.

    • where is amber & paintbrush

  39. Where is the purse please???

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