[Level 146] Country Kitchen

Hidden Express City 16 – Level 146 Scene – Country Kitchen


  1. where is the lighter?

  2. It’s touching the left leg of the turkey between the corked bottle.

  3. Does anyone know where the axe is?

  4. it is on the right of the knitting needle.

  5. Where is the umbrella?

  6. umbrella is next to the milk with the gold fish, left side of the fish. I cannot find the knitting needle or axe. and where the heck is the eye of horus? thanks

    • horus is in the eye of the fish

  7. safety pin?

    • safety pin is on turkey breast near its right leg

  8. Where is the candle in Country Kitchen 146

    • candle is left to the owl right above “FRESH”

  9. where is the oil can ?

  10. where is oil can and hammer

  11. where is the old compass

    • Bottom right of cubby hole cabinet

  12. Where is the thermometer and hammer? level 207

    • thermometer is in front of big fish on counter ~ can’t find hammer

  13. Oil can is above wok on back wall. Hammer is on back counter left of Santa

  14. anyone find the handprint in 207? (similar to 146)

    • handprint is on the stove hood above the butterfly

  15. where is the paintbrush?

  16. paintbrush is hanging by the pans above the left side of the backdoor

  17. I still
    cannot find the knitting needle or axe

  18. The ax is not in this picture but it is located against the wall to the left under the hanging pots. The knitting needles are also not in this picture but I think they are standing in the basket next to what looks like a small bear.

  19. I can’t find the bear.

  20. Where is the lantern and the feather??

    • the Latern is near the brrom
      the feather is hanging on the wall
      I cant see it in this pic

  21. Where is the tennis ball, please?

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