Hidden Express – City 15 – Level 137 – Circus Scene


  1. where is the ribbon

  2. The ribbon is on the basket/cage behind the rabbit and above the hose.

  3. Where is the shotgun?

    • The shotgun is above the word Circus.

  4. where is the elephant?

    • The elephant is on the left hand side of the picture, behind the train cart under the lantern.

  5. Where is the magic wand?

    • The magic wand is the black & white rod to the right of the bear mask. Where is the padlock?

    • padlock is in front of the white shutters between parrot & clown

  6. Found the padlock on the notice on the cart

  7. Hi! Anyone know where the torch is? Thanks…

    • The torch is hanging on the wall beside the clown.

  8. Torch is to the right of the clown. Looking for the 12 cents please

  9. 12 cents is under and to the left of the bear mask in the upper right corner of picture.

    • where is the wineskin and pennant?

  10. Where are bandages?

    • Bandages are in an “X” below the word Circus

  11. Where is the star?

    • The star is to the left of the ladder just under the hay bale

  12. where is the loudspeaker?tnx

    • it’s yellow, above the ladder

  13. Where is the carnival mask, please

    • The carnival mask is the little black mask that is on top of the white canister or barrel type thing with the lightening bolt on it.

  14. The carnival mask is the little black mask that is on top of the white barrel in the front middle of the screen that has the lightening bolt on it.

  15. I am looking for the bell please. I found it once and now I can’t find it, thanks.

  16. bell is in front of cannister

    • Ou est le papillon ?

  17. Ou est le papillon ? Merci

  18. Where is the saw please? Level 37 –
    Thank You!

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