Hidden Express City 14 – Level 132 – Garage Scene


  1. Where is the padlock? Thanks

    • The padlock. It is tricky to find. It’s hanging from one of the hot air balloons. Hard to see.

    • The padlock is hanging from one of the balloons

  2. cannot find clover in 132

    • Clover is directly on the vehicle (shadow), it’s above the compass, to the left, and directly below the horn.

  3. Where is dove?
    Where is snake?

    • Dove is on center balloon and snake is on the map ~ it is blue.

  4. Where is the skull medallion?

    • The skull is the center of the rear wheel of the skateboard

  5. level 132… where is the toad?

    • The toad is behind the steering wheel (Stuffed toy one)

  6. Where is the letter “a” and clover?

  7. The letter a is behind the rear wheel of the bicycle up on the shelf

  8. where is the peace sign ?

    • above the barber pole and below the map with snake

  9. Where is the spade and the fish?

  10. The spade is on the right just above the map with the snake. The fish is under the shelf with the bike, in the blue area.

  11. Where is the thimble please?

  12. The thimble is on the wheel hub ext to the boomerang, the peace sign is just above the barber pole light.

  13. folding ruler?

    • The folding ruler is the yellow device on the bicycle. Right beneath the seat and handle bars.

  14. Where is the wooden shoe and apple? Thank you

    • The wooden shoe is on top of the tire hanging on the wall that’s beside the map. The apple is gold and is on top of the bucket with the fire logo on it, beside the skis and the racket.

  15. Can’t find red bow

    • The red bow is on the stuffed turtle on the bottom right of the page.

  16. tic tac toe i cant find it


    • tic tac toe…see the safari hat? just above to the right.

  18. Can someone please tell me where is the pizza slice it’s driving me bananas

  19. Pizza is inside left of the wheel hanging above the bike :)

  20. Where is the British flag ?

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