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  1. the puller is directly below the BLACK HAT … it leans vertically against the leg of the wooden wagon — it is a “nail puller” with a wooden handle ….

  2. Im struggling to get three stars on this level. Have done it loads of times and am still just that wee bit short for the third star, Any tips?

    1. The hen is on the wall below the ship’s wheel. The ruler is the top slat of the wheel barrow by the shovel’s handle. The pencil is behind the building, it’s one of the ship’s masts to the right of the weather vane. The gas lamp is between the leather and the torches. You won’t find those items on this pic you have to go to I believe city 12 to find them. Hope this helps.

  3. I have no chance to complete this level with 3 stars. The highest score that can I reach are 199,000 points. Does anyone have an idea? I’m very frustrated …

  4. I can not get 3 stars on level 130 or 131.. I know where all the objects are and I get all the bonus objects.. Just can not get 3 stars.. Wth!

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