Hidden Express City 13 Scenes Walkthrough

Here is the complete walkthrough list of objects/hints and scenes in big resolution screenshots of all Hidden Express City 13 levels. If you simply cannot find an object on one of the scenes below, simply request it leaving a comment and we’ll reply back with a quick picture indicating the location.

Hidden Express City 13 Scenes.

Level 116 – Patio
Curio Cabinet
Level 117 – Curio Cabinet
Trip To Italy
Level 118 – Trip To Italy

Level 119 - Classroom
Level 119 – Classroom
Level 120 - Lavender
Level 120 – Lavender
Level 121 - Library
Level 121 – Library

Level 122 - Sunhouse
Level 122 – Sunhouse
Level 123  - Theater
Level 123 – Theater
Level 124 - Wine Cellar
Level 124 – Wine Cellar

Level 125 - Bakery
Level 125 – Bakery

29 thoughts on “Hidden Express City 13 Scenes Walkthrough”

  1. I am in the classroom, level 119. I have searched many times and still can not find the hourglass and baseball bat. I am r3eady to give up…no fun anymore

    1. It is a very faint drawing on the wall just above and a little to the right of the colored pencils on the shelf, I hope it’s still fun for you

    1. 2nd row from bottom, 3rd box on the left. There is a woman’s face, a gun and the word “jumior” written out. It’s right above the oil well.

  2. Can’t get the third star in levels 116& 117even when I’m at the third star and the train is still moving. Hoping this can be fixed.

  3. I need 1 more star for level 13, treble beach. How do I get the final star? I cant seem to do any of the previous fast enough!!! GRRRRR

  4. Looks like it’s getting too convoluted. Too many things going on in the game. Used to really like it, but giving it away now. Better games to play.

  5. City 13 – I need 4 more stars to move to City 14 but when I get 3 stars they are not showing up???? I got 3 stars on at least 4 or more of the levels but they don’t register. My screen just freezes up so I can’t do anything??

    1. the 11 is on the piano under the keyboard the apple is at the bottom on the right by the chair

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