Beachcomber's Boutique

Hidden Express City 12 Level 113 Beachcomber’s Boutique


  1. where is the hook?

  2. above the wind
    chimes by notice board

  3. Where is the pipe? :3

    • It’s in the bird’s beak – below & to the right of the hat.

  4. Where is the Y. Stamp?

    • It’s the lady in the white dress picture on the desk just below the wood saber.

  5. Where is the fishing hook?

    • Below the dolphin ~ hanging from map, bottom left

  6. Can’t find the tennis paddles>

    • Far right ~ left of Chinese letters ~ blue

  7. Peacock?

    • Left of Lighthouse

  8. Where is the camera?

  9. Straining my eyes trying to find the necklace?

  10. Camera is between the windchime and the hat

  11. The necklace is above the envelope.

  12. Where is the Dollar Sign?

  13. The dollar sign is to the right of the blue butterfly and above the toucan’s beak

  14. The Oyster – is the shell on the table beside the guitar

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