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  1. I am playing level 110 the fish tank, I have reached 2 stars target but the train is stuck and I cannot continue to the next level. I have done this twice now and there is a problem…

  2. Serious issues with this level. It does not matter which object I click on, I do not get credit for finding it plus I get the too many clicks message. How am I supposed to get passed this level if it isn’t working???????

  3. Is that a common problem in the level where you have to find the differences? I have often felt that I have found all the objects and not gotten credit for them. Just asking so I know what the real deal is.

  4. I have found that if you don’t get all the differences in a certain amount of time that they add more to it…I have been down to one and find it and I still have one left to find and realized that they had added stuff…

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