Lavender Study

Hidden Express City 11 Level 99 Lavender Study



    • The diamond is on the top of the vase next to the piggy bank

    • The diamond is in the vase on the table next to the pig

  2. Could someone please tell me where the umbrella is?

    • The umbrella is in one of the picture frames on the wall behind the chair. It’s tiny.

  3. Anyone know where to find the sheep?

    • I actually found it! To the left of the lamp, directly in front of the white porcelain pitcher that the diamond is sitting on. The sheep is all white.

  4. anyone find the star?

    • The star is on the front of the vase to the right of the ring.

  5. Where is the fruit basket?

    • The fruit basket is in front of the elephant.

  6. Where is the ice cream please

    • The ice cream is below the lamp, pink porcelain.

  7. Anyone no where the Clef is?

    • Found the Clef on the draw now cannot find the heart

  8. The heart is near the corner of the table front of screen near the russian dolls and the shell.

  9. Could someone tell me where the bell is? Thank You

    • the bell is in front of the elephant

  10. Where is the mouse?

    • Mouse is on the desk just behind the dentures and in front of the house

  11. Where is the sun

    • patch on the right shoulder of the sweater

    • the sun in on the right side of the cardigan on the chair..

  12. Where is the rung and the sun? Thanks

  13. I meant ring.

    • Were is the ENVELOPE???

    • On top of the desk just to the right of the pen, almost under the cat’s paw. It’s face down, cream colored with a dark flap.

  14. Does anyone know where the stamp is, please?

    • The stamp is on the bottom right hand corner, next to the heart

  15. Where is the golden symbol?

    • It is the fleur de lise on the table near the ring.

  16. Does anyone know where the hat is, please?

    • The hat is on the lamp on the far right. It has bow hanging off of it.

  17. Where is the snake please ?

    • The snake is small, it is on the tea cup

  18. Does anyone know where the clef is plz..

    • It’s ok I found all

    • so where is it?

  19. where is the pink thread in level 99 please

  20. The lipstick is on the far left beside the elephant

  21. The ribbon is tied in a bow on the hat (right side of screen)

    • I have clicked all over and around that hat where the bow is and the part of what should be the ribbon that hangs down, and nothing happens. Even if “Hat” is one of the items and I click it and it disappears, I still sometimes get “Ribbon” as one of the items and there’s nothing to click. Is this a bug or am I just not seeing something? It is the only item I am not able to get in this round. thanks!

    • The ribbon is on the chair. Its silver.

  22. Ok two people here asked about the clef, then they found it but didn’t tell the rest of us where it is!

    • the clef is on the pulled out drawer of the desk

  23. The clef is on the partially open draw

  24. where is the ring

    • The ring is behind the knife in a red case

  25. where is the bow

    • The bow is on the picture to the left of the lamp

  26. the pink thread is to the right of the domino

  27. Where is the deer please

    • The deer is just to the left of the ring box on the front table. It is alla white.

  28. were is the padlock plz

  29. The padlock is in a frame on the wall. Where is the whistle?

    • The whistle is on the table lower left side.

  30. the ribbon is on the back of the chair its an award ribbon

  31. Where is the card?

  32. Where is the seven?

    • the 7 is on the wall toward the right, between the white hat and a gold frame.

  33. Where is the die please help?

  34. donde esta la llave

  35. The die is on the desk, right behind the cat statue.

  36. I still can’t find the bell — someone said it’s in front of the elephant, but I still don’t see it.
    Also can’t find the card.

    • Found the card on the side of the building on the desk.
      Still can’t see the bell.

    • The bell, for anyone else who’s having trouble, is gold and under the grapes in front of the elephant.

  37. Could someone please tell me where the star

    • the star is on the vase that is
      holding the monkey

  38. where is the nail polish please

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