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    1. I actually found it! To the left of the lamp, directly in front of the white porcelain pitcher that the diamond is sitting on. The sheep is all white.

    1. On top of the desk just to the right of the pen, almost under the cat’s paw. It’s face down, cream colored with a dark flap.

    1. I have clicked all over and around that hat where the bow is and the part of what should be the ribbon that hangs down, and nothing happens. Even if “Hat” is one of the items and I click it and it disappears, I still sometimes get “Ribbon” as one of the items and there’s nothing to click. Is this a bug or am I just not seeing something? It is the only item I am not able to get in this round. thanks!

  1. I still can’t find the bell — someone said it’s in front of the elephant, but I still don’t see it.
    Also can’t find the card.

    1. la campana no es una campana normal, sino una campana como las que hay en los hoteles para llamar al maletero.

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