Hidden Express City 11 Level 98 Library


  1. where is the “paper” in the library?

    • The “paper” is above the “honey dripper”, it looks like a light-colored thick book.

  2. Where is the wooden heart in the library?

    • it’s on the wooden man

  3. Where is the wooden heart?

    • What is a hang loose?

    • Tot\ the left of the colored cube. It is a hand sign with the pointer finger and pinkie extentended

  4. looking for the wooden heart, help please.

  5. Where is the ‘omega’ in the library?

  6. Omega on lampshade, where is the acorn??????

  7. The acorn is on the bottom lower right ,in front of the crocodile.

  8. The wooden heart is on the wooden puppets chest.

  9. where is the persimmon

    • It is on the lamp next to the globe. it looks like a tomato

  10. where is the apple??

    • The apple is big and gold. It’s on the left hand side of the screen right above the crocodile.

    • Sorry, that should be on the far RIGHT side of the screen. I was at the theatre all day, and I’m thinking in stage left, stage right terms again. LOL

  11. where is the musical note, and ribbon

    • The musical note is on a page of a book, in between the skull and the ship. The ribbon is in the lower right had corner beside the trophy. It’s a prize ribbon

  12. Where is the Spoon?

  13. where can i find a capricorn

    • the capricorn is on the right of the moon, on the left of the start

  14. Where is the VHS tape and the spoon? Thanks

    • Spoon is between the two teddy bears on the left of the screen (It is brown)
      VHS Tape is on the very left of the screen beside the umbrella

  15. Spoon is between the two teddy bears on the left of the screen (It is brown)

  16. VHS Tape is on the very left of the screen beside the umbrella

  17. VHS tape on far left shelves, beside the umbrella.
    Wooden spoon in middle teddy bear’s hand, behind owl & below trumpet

  18. where is the puppet with wooden heart

  19. Where is shark fin and spoon please?

    • The fish has the The Fin.. it is on the right side of the wooden man.

    • Shark fin is behind the tiger and to the left above the fish

      Spoon is between the two teddy bears that are close to the lamp

  20. Help – looking for the plane and chess piece. ty

    • The plane is behind the yellow lamp on the left side of the table. Chess piece is on the books to the left of the boat.

  21. where is the key guys?? tnx

  22. Where are the wooden heart and the chess piece?

  23. where is the butterfly

    • The butterfly is the red thing next to the acorn on the bottom right of the screen.

  24. where can i find wing?

  25. The wing is on the horse on the bookshelf

  26. where is the beret

    • Behind the Eiffel tower is a stack of books with a little doll on it. The doll is wearing the beret; it’s red.

    • The beret is on the head of the wooden mannequin. It is a green hat.

  27. Where is the wooden heart? On the puppet’s case…but where is that?

    • The wooden heart is on the wooden mannequin (which in at the bottom middle of the screen) The mannequin is wearing a green hat (beret)

  28. the key is on the shoe, far middle right just to the right of the orange slice

  29. Where is south america?

    • South America is on the globe.

  30. I can not find the plane. Can anyone tell me where it is???

  31. I am looking for the pitcher?

    • Where and What is a honey dripper

    • pitcher is at the left side with gold color (near the teddy bear)

      honey dripper at right side , above the orange slice

  32. Do you know where is the picher please? Thank for help.

    • The pitche is the gold ptcher at the left end of table towards the front of the screen

  33. Does anyone know where the shield in level 98 is? thanks

    • beside the false teeth?


  34. aaaargh….cant find the chess piece….please

    • Chess piece is on top the the books to the left of boat

  35. Where is the tassel

    • The tassel is on the chair on the left side of the screen

  36. Tassel is on the left side of the burgundy chair back

  37. Where is the guitar pick?

    • I can’t find it either.

    • The pick is on the tiger’s nose on right side of screen…not in this picture…

  38. Where is tarot in level 91 library

    • On the bookshelf to the left of the bagel, just above the lampshade with the omega on it.

  39. I know this is going to be so obvious when you explain it to me but, where is the CAT? Thanks for your help. :)

    • on the floor, left of the screen

    • Anyone found the guitar pick yet?

  40. Found it on the tiger’s nose!!!


    • the dogs are to the right of the lamp, in front of globe. it is a statue of a brown dog and white dog

  42. Where is the trophy?

    • Sorry, don’t know why I said trophy. I know where that is. It’s the belt I’m having trouble finding.

    • The belt is on the waist of the wood figure near the dagger

  43. THe dogs are on the desk in front of the globe where is the star

  44. where is the fleur de lis

    • on the leather chair to the left of the trumpet.

    • The fleur de lis is on the back of the chair. The chair is under the moon.

  45. what is a capricorn

    • Capricorn is one of the signs of the zodiac…it is a bull’s torso with the tail of a fish…located upper left in the cabinet to the right of the moon on the map

  46. Can you read the content of the page first pls before you post cos the answers quite often are already there, making it frustrating for others
    trying to find other objects

  47. hwere is the key pls.???

    • The key is on the far right of the screen in the very middle on top of the shoe

  48. where is the key pls.???

  49. Where is the hourglass, please?

  50. porfa donde esta la pollera hawaiana y el caqui

  51. where is the comb

    • The comb is at the bottom of the screen in front of the tiger’s head.Where is floppy disk?

  52. floppy disk is above the orange slice on the book shelf

  53. in city 11 level 98 where is the moon, I can’t find it Thanks

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