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    1. the demi john is the red and white striped bottle on the top of the shelf closest to the door where the salt and pepper is

  1. The salt is the yellow container on top of the drawers
    The butterfly – on the large pot on the right side of the screen
    the onion – is behind the tomato
    the book – is on the shelf by the window
    oranges – top shelf above the raspberries

    1. Still can’t find the book can someone explain a little more what Im looking for. I can only see the lobster on the top shelf by the window.

    1. The octopus is in the window – a silvery curly thing
      The book is on the bottom shelf under the window, towards the bottom left of the screen, to the right of the walking stick

    1. The salt is on the top shelf to the right of the window it says salt on it and the demijohn is the red and white striped bottle to the right of the salt shaker

  2. Heart: Directly below the fork and spoon, stay to the right of them and click right below. I found it when I clicked on the fork and spoon and it lit up the hidden heart for a second…that’s how I found it.

  3. Mortar is that bowl on the table with the little grinder thing sitting in it.
    The dustpan is green and is by the door on the floor.

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