Hidden Express City 11 Level 102 Bakery


  1. where is the kabocha and siphon?

  2. The Kabocha is the big pumpkin behind the french loaf. Also not sure about the Siphon

  3. the siphon is the green bottle beside the ladles on the shelf with the “seltzer” looking top.

  4. Where is the heart in this level?

    • along the front of the counter just beneath the fork and spoon

    • I click the “heart” on the counter under the wooden spoons, but nothing happens. Is it somewhere else?

  5. where is the pepper?

  6. The pepper is the Red Pepper next to the tomato.

  7. Where is the key holder??

    • The key holder is on the wall just to the right of the door near the top.

  8. where is the jams

  9. where is the meat cleaver?

    • The meat cleaver is on the big wooden cabinet top right of the screen.

  10. the jams are behind the bread.

  11. Where is Octopus?

    • the octopus is above the tray with the lobster on it

  12. Where is the meat grinder?

  13. corn?? the grinder is by the door looks like a tool

    • Corn is the yellow corn,in the window side shelf,second next to the pickles.

  14. I still cant find the corn …

    • Look at the window. It’s on bookshelf, second shelf from the top, right in the middle. It’s a cob of corn.

  15. Please some one add me up for additional gate tickets. My name is ashiqa z salim. Thank you

    • I want to add some one but don’t know how

  16. where is the demijohn

    • The demijohn is the red and white stripped looking bottle on top of the drawers

  17. the demijohn is next to the peanuts left on the table

  18. where are the ladies?

  19. Where is the cheese grater?

    • The cheese grater is to the left of the door, on the wall and is silver.

  20. can’t find the cheese grater either…can someone give me a hand finding it

  21. The salt is the yellow container on top of the drawers
    The butterfly – on the large pot on the right side of the screen
    the onion – is behind the tomato
    the book – is on the shelf by the window
    oranges – top shelf above the raspberries

    • Still can’t find the book can someone explain a little more what Im looking for. I can only see the lobster on the top shelf by the window.

  22. I can’t find the octopus

    • The octopus is in the window – a silvery curly thing
      The book is on the bottom shelf under the window, towards the bottom left of the screen, to the right of the walking stick

  23. Where is the salt, please?

  24. can not find eggs….

    • Eggs are in a basket all the way to the right, on the counter. They are rather large.

  25. Where is the hammer?

  26. The hammer is by salt and demijohn

  27. Where is the heart? I see the coin beneath the wooden fork and spoon but I can’t find the heart

  28. Where is the heart? Beneath the fork and spoon, is the coin.
    Can’t find the heart.

  29. where are the ladies?

  30. where is olive oil?????

    • Olive oil is in a cruet on the counter under the wheat.

  31. It’s “ladles”, not ladies. There are two hanging from the ceiling. I have made the same mistake.

  32. donde esta el zapallo??

  33. where are the zapallo

    • The heart is just alittle to the left of the cutting board, hard to see

  34. Heart: Directly below the fork and spoon, stay to the right of them and click right below. I found it when I clicked on the fork and spoon and it lit up the hidden heart for a second…that’s how I found it.

  35. Could someone pl is?s tell me where the siphon

  36. level 102 bakery. Does anyone know where the mortar is?

  37. Where is the dustpan?

  38. Mortar is that bowl on the table with the little grinder thing sitting in it.
    The dustpan is green and is by the door on the floor.

  39. Where is the notebook?

  40. Where is the apple?

  41. Where are the pickles?

  42. donde estan los pepinillos?

  43. Where is the lemon please ?

  44. Still cant find the clever?? Please anyone

  45. donde esta el llavero??

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